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Living Daily By Meditation
New York 1956
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 178B

178B Living Daily by Meditation

I have this tremendous urge that drives me around the world, not trying to make converts, not trying to attain memberships, trying merely to say, “Oh, my brothers and my sisters, come on. Please believe me. There is a kingdom of God within you. There is a God center within you that you can reach. There is a divine Presence within you. There is an Angel of the Lord within you. God formed you in your mother’s womb. It wasn’t man who did it. It was God to create Itself on Earth, to manifest Itself on Earth, to show forth Its glory on Earth. That’s why you were born. You’re not fulfilling that. Oh no, you’re far from fulfilling it in these earthly things, but that is your destiny; and you can come back into fulfillment once you make contact with It. And, then do you know what you’ll find? You never have to steal from anybody. You never have to lie to anybody. You never have to cheat or defraud. You don’t have to beg or plead. You have access to a divine Source and never again do you need man whose breath is in his nostril.”

We had one of those wonderful experiences in Hawaii some years ago when a group of students came to me and said, “You know, you ought to have a place here, a home with a lot of ground around it. And then, when your students want to come, they have a place to come to. They can visit you. They can be taught. And, they can go away refreshed.” And, you know, speaking far too quickly, I said, “Oh, well, if there is ever a need for such a thing, I’m sure the students will provide it, and I’ll be glad to sit there.” And, you know, I awakened in the middle of the night, and the Voice said to me, “You taught them wrongly.” “What did I do?” “You taught them incorrectly.” “What do you mean?” “Students don’t provide a place for a teacher. A teacher provides a place for a student, and thereby proves that God’s Grace is sufficient, and he doesn’t need the students. It was the Master who fed the multitudes, not the multitudes who fed the Master. It was Paul who supported seven churches, not seven churches who supported Paul.” “Oh.”

So, the very next day, I sent for those same students, and I said, “Uh-oh, this is all wrong. If ever a place is really needed like that, I’ll provide it; and you’ll be invited to come.” And, we have it. We have it. We have a little home that is just room enough for one person to live in, but there’s enough ground around it for lots to visit there, and a beautiful garden to sit in, and groves of coconut trees to sit under, and prayer gardens. Everything that’s possible is there for that purpose, and the students never had to provide it. Incidentally, I didn’t either. It just appeared. It just appeared, and God’s Grace said, “There it is.” And, there it is.

You see we must learn this lesson. Man doesn’t support the church, nor does man owe an obligation to support the church. The church is God’s instrument for supporting man, spiritually. It is God that imparts Himself to man through the instrument of a church, or a churchman, or a churchwoman. And so, it is always the teacher’s function to support the students and not the students to support the teacher. It is the teacher’s function to show forth that God’s Grace is sufficient to feed multitudes. Then, the students must go likewise, do it in their experience, in their families, in their community. And, they must learn that since God planted Himself in the midst of you, God planted His infinite abundance in the midst of you; and you must be willing to go out and share it with all those who have not only legitimate demand upon you but those whom at the moment you may think have no legitimate demand upon you. Do you see how this reverses everything? Nothing must come to you or to me. Everything must flow out from us. And, by means of what? Please listen. That Presence. That Presence in me heals, supplies, multiplies, teaches; and that Presence in you will perform every legitimate function of your life, in business, in the home, or in the spiritual relationship with each other. You can’t do it, and I can’t do it. But, this spiritual Presence realized within us, It will do it. It will always do it. You will always be able to say with the Master, “The Father within me doeth all things,” or with Paul, “I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me. I live; yet not I. Christ performeth that which is given me to do.”

None of this can come to pass in your life, unless you bring it to pass by the consecration to the activity of meditation that is the state of humility by which you empty out yourself and make room for the “imprisoned splendor” to escape. It is already within you. It doesn’t come to you. Even this divine Presence is within you. You must make room for that Presence to escape and perform Its functions in your experience.

Now, heretofore, we have heard of meditation. Heretofore, we have known that there were benefits to be attained through meditation. Now, I am in great hope that these two books, “Practicing the Presence” and “The Art of Meditation,” will fill the function of making practical the art of meditation in the experience of all those who wish to dedicate themselves to that purpose. It is a dedication. Please believe me. It is a dedication and a devotion. It isn’t something that you can treat lightly, because it won’t come to you in that way. It is something in which, first of all, you must make the agreement, “Yes, life would be wonderful if there were a divine Presence within me to go before me and make the crooked places straight; if there were something within me that I could rely on to support me, to maintain me, to sustain me, to guide me, and lead me, and direct me. Yes, I can acknowledge that life would be beautiful, if I had a divine Presence within me to do all of these things.” Well, there is. But, it will take devotion. It will take practice and consecration, so as to remember a dozen times a day to make no move without It, make no move at least without acknowledging It.

You know, there are three or four times a day when we eat that provide opportunities for saying, “Thy Grace has set my table.” That is an acknowledgment. “Thy Grace.” It isn’t that I went out and earned a living. It isn’t that I have somebody to support me. Behind all of that is “Thy Grace has provided it.” There isn’t a moment in the day when we cannot find some reason to say, “Thank you, Father,” for something.  And, very often we have nothing to thank the Father for, except perhaps that the sun is shining but even that is an acknowledgment of something. And, that will lead to a second one.