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Living Daily By Meditation
New York 1956
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 178B

178B Living Daily by Meditation

I sat down in the chair again, and I said, “All right, Father, what’s next?” “Oh, well, you’ve been wanting to meet Henry Thomas Hamblin. He’s been wonderful to you and his magazine and said nice things about The Infinite Way. You want to meet him. Get in touch with Mr. Hamblin.” So, I got in touch with Mr. Hamblin, made an appointment to visit him down at his home two hours from London on Thursday. “All right, now that’s done. What next?” And, there was no answer. But, Thursday morning, I awakened early, ready to go out to see Mr. Hamblin, and before I left the mail came. And, with it, a letter from Sweden, saying that “a group of fifteen students were studying The Infinite Way, and they had first learned of The Infinite Way from a Christian Science practitioner in London named Miss So and So. And, would I ever think of coming to Sweden to talk to these fifteen students?”

Well, things are beginning to happen. So, I went to visit Mr. Hamblin, and, needless to say, it was a joyous experience and has been ever since. We are very closely united, not only Mr. Hamblin and I but his entire family. And, during the day, I asked him if he knew a practitioner by this name. “Oh,” he said, “yes. She buys copies of “The Infinite Way” fifty at a time for her patients. And, they’re so grateful that we introduced the subject to her that she sends us a check every month in gratitude.” “Well, I must meet this lady.” When I get back to London, I looked up the practitioner and found that she not only wanted “The Infinite Way” but the other writings. “Well, we can’t make them available to you, because you can’t send money to America; except, well, of course, but I can send gifts to you.” “Oh no, we don’t want gifts. We want the books, and we want them on sale.” “Sorry, you can’t have them. Wonder if you would go to this publisher and talk to him about it?” Result? Five of The Infinite Way books are now published by that publisher in London, three by another publisher in London, five more being published in 1957 in London.

Can you imagine all of this coming out of a Voice saying, “Go to London.” It’s almost incredible. And, beside that, through that trip to London, I did make the trip to Sweden. Then was invited to Holland. And, now we have a German edition of “The Infinite Way.” And, we have a Holland-Dutch edition of “The Infinite Way,” and there is a Danish publication in translation at the present time. Oh, what all came out of that little visit to London, I can hardly tell you. Friendships. Student bodies. There are tape recording meetings all over England—London, Manchester, Blackpool, Edinburgh. There are tape meetings in Holland and in Sweden. There are books being published in Zurich, Switzerland, in The Hague, in Holland. It would take too long to tell you all the miracles that have happened, because the Voice said, “Go to London” when I had no business to go there. And, that was that.

The other experience was similar to it when an invitation came to go to South Africa. And, at that time, I had had letters from between twenty and thirty students of Infinite Way writings in South Africa. Now, I don’t have to tell you it’s 10,000 miles to reach there after you get to London. And, it’s 10,000 miles to reach London from Honolulu. And then, it’s 16,000 miles to get back to Honolulu from South Africa. So, you know, we’re talking not only in tens of thousands of miles but quite a lot of thousands of dollars. But, when the Voice said, “Go to South Africa to see thirty people,” believe it or not, I went. And, do you know what I found there? Eight hundred people who were reading Infinite Way writings. Eight hundred. South Africa is one of the very biggest fields of activity for The Infinite Way work. On this last trip—and within six months I went there twice—and on this last trip found in two bookstores over three hundred and fifty copies each in each store of my writings. You know, there’s only one bookstore in all the United States that has that many copies of my writings. It’s a miracle these things that happen when you live by the inner Voice.

Now, remember, that Voice doesn’t always make sense according to the human standard. Don’t expect always that you’ll immediately agree that what that leading says to you that you ought to do. You have to very often train yourself to be obedient, because it sounds so foolish. But, learn to obey, and never be afraid of making a mistake. Never be afraid of a failure. It’s a more terrible thing to go through life without a mistake and having accomplished nothing than to make a dozen good mistakes but really do something worthwhile. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, and don’t be afraid of failures. None of them are fatal. None of them are forever. Success is forever. Harmony is forever. Peace is forever, but failure is only for a day. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake, because life isn’t worthwhile if you don’t accomplish something; and I don’t know how anyone accomplishes something without a few mistakes along the way. But, I find in our experience that most people fear to make a mistake. And, most of all, they fear to have a failure. They don’t want people to think them as a failure. I don’t know why not. At least you must say this of a failure, “They tried to do something.” So, don’t be afraid to follow that Voice, even if at first it misguides you, even if it leads you into mistakes. Don’t be afraid of it. It won’t harm you. You’re mistakes will be forgotten in the end, but the right things will be permanent and eternal.

Now, this whole message of The Infinite Way, and you heard Mr. Starkey say, “We have no organization. We have no memberships.” And, that’s absolutely true, and the reason is this. The Infinite Way is a presentation of this truth that if you find, make contact with the kingdom of God within you, you will be living in and through God the rest of your days. And, you won’t need me, and you won’t need a membership with me, and you won’t need to be under obligation to me. You will have yourself, and you’ll have your contact with God, and you’ll have your friendship with me, or those of us on the path; and if you like you can even be grateful. But, that’s as far as it has to go. The rest is your life with your inner Self. And, if in any way, I can contribute to revealing to this world the great blessings that come when we have no other reliance than on that Infinite Invisible that is within each and every one of us, I will have fulfilled my little mission on Earth, and I’ll be happy and satisfied.

You see, it has been said that in this work there develops in us a sort of I-am-my brother’s-keeper attitude, a desire to help and share with others on the way. And, that is absolutely true. The reason is this. We are not men, as we seem to be. That is only the outer appearance. We are actually divine Consciousness, spiritual Consciousness. We are really God expressing Itself as our individual selfhood. We are really and truly all that the Father is; and, therefore, when that realization comes to us that there is this spark of Divinity, it is It that wants to push it out and bring everyone else into the awareness of It. It isn’t that we have any personal responsibility for each other. It is that this God thing that we have achieved or attained wants to reach out and take everybody into Its grasp and reveal Itself to everybody—and so it is with me.