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Living Daily By Meditation
New York 1956
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 178B

178B Living Daily by Meditation

Christ Jesus reaffirms this in the 15th Chapter of John. And that, too, is something to carry with you as a remembrance. It is a pamphlet called, “I Am the Vine.” I don’t know whether it’s available here. It may be, but if not, Miss Steloff can get it. And, it’s based entirely on the 15th Chapter of John in which we learn this, “If you abide in the Word, and if you let this Word abide in you, you shall bear fruit richly. But, if you do not abide in this Word, if you do not let this Word abide in you, you will be as a branch that is cut off and withereth.” Now, many people ask the question over and over again, “Why, if there is a God is there sin, disease, and death?” And, usually, when they ask that question of those trained in religion, they get some answer like was published in a magazine a year or two ago, “We don’t know.” The minister, the rabbi, the priest says, “We don’t know why there is a God, and why we suffer sin, disease, and death.” But, we do know to tell you the truth. We do know. Not only does the Old Testament say that you must “dwell in the secret place of the most High,” but Paul says, “You must pray without ceasing.” And, Jesus says, “If you dwell in this Word, if you let this Word abide in you, you will bear fruit richly, because it is your Father’s pleasure that you bear fruit richly. God is glorified in this that you bear fruit richly. In no other way is God glorified.” But, he makes it very clear, “If you do not abide in this Word, and if you do not let this Word abide in you, you are as a branch that is cut off and withereth.”

And, so it is that my particular work for twenty-five years, twenty-seven years, has shown me that in proportion as I live in this Word and let it live in me, do I have a harmonious, fruitful, human life, and experience. I have some problems, but what of it? What of it? I have God’s Grace, not only to prevent problems ninety percent of the time but to help me through the problems when they arise the other ten percent. And so it is, I don’t believe that anyone is promised complete immunity from the discords of life while they are on Earth living a family life. In other words, while they’re assuming the burdens of others who are not living the spiritual life. There must inevitably arise problems, but what of it? Through these problems, we rise higher in experience. But, this I have learned for me and through so many of our students over these many years that harmony is brought into our daily living, harmony of mind, of peace of mind, of body, of soul, of purse, of business, of relationships, in proportion as we develop just that enough humility to be able to say, “Father, this is Your day, and I am Your Child. Use this day and use me. Thou will perform through me. Thy Will, will be done through me. Let Thy Love flow through me.” That is abiding in the Word.

Now, to do that once a day opens the door for God to enter our daily life, so that it is no longer we alone who are living, but as it would appear to be, two of us, a Presence always with us. When we advance to the place where we are setting aside two or three such periods, even though they may be for two minutes, or three minutes, or five minutes each; when we are setting aside two, and three, and four such periods a day, we are bringing that spiritual Presence, not only into our lives but into our continuous relationship, into every relationship on Earth. We are then really abiding in a transcendental Presence, and we are finding that there is a transcendental Presence abiding in us, a Something that can not be described. Some people have called it the “Christ.” Some have called it the “Spirit of God” or “Presence of God.” Some have called it the “Angel of the Lord.” It makes no difference how you name it. You really come to find that there is an inner Presence. Later, you’ll find It goes before you to make the crooked places straight. You’ll find that It walks right beside you as a constant protection. And, if you look around, It’s walking in back of you to make sure there’s no knife stabs from there.

Yes, the object of this life of meditation is not the meditation itself. Meditation is the means through which we attain an awareness of an inner Presence, an inner Power, an inner Protection, an inner Guide, an inner Guardian. And, eventually, we come to a place described best by Paul, “I live; yet not I. Christ is living my life.” You ultimately reach a place where, without any conscious effort, there is a surrender of the self and a continuous flow, almost as if it were over this shoulder; and you never make a move without opening this inner ear for Its guidance, for Its message, and It tells you which way to go. It is really living a double life. It is living what appears to be a human life outwardly but a life lived by Grace inwardly; a life that we do not live ourselves, but we receive inner impulsions, inner instructions, inner help all along the way.

Those who have been close to me in these last years have witnessed a couple of very strange experiences of that kind. Some of them are of such a nature that you do not look on them as miracles. In fact, you hardly recognize that anything other than your normal life is going on. But, once in a while, something will take place of such a startling nature that you know right well that you’ve been witness to a miracle. And, one of those was, some years ago, sitting at my desk in Honolulu, I heard the Voice within me say, “Go to New York in November, wait there a few days in December, and then go to London.” And, that was a very strange message to hear poured out audibly in words, and that seemed so strange for this reason. I could understand going to New York, because there were some students that we knew of in New York studying the writings, and some had expressed the hope that I would come and give a class. So that was understandable. But, what about London? I had no reason to go to London. None in the world. So far as I knew, there might be twenty, or thirty, or forty people in England who had found The Infinite Way writings; but beyond that I had no knowledge of any work there or any activity. So, why London? Well, the strange part is this that I went right out to the ticket office and ordered my ticket for New York and London.

Well, the work went very successfully here in New York. We had two, no, I think four very fine classes; and they came to an end on November 30th. And, there was nothing to do but sit around and wait. And so, I ordered a passport and had it delivered and then just waited. And, I think it was on the 4th of December that the Voice came again and said, “Go tomorrow.” Over to the office, bought a ticket, and tomorrow I was on the way to London. And, the strangest thing was arriving there and going to a small hotel where they had reserved a suite and sitting down saying, “Well, Father, I’ve gotten to London but now why? What do you want me to do in London? I have nothing to do here, no one to see, no mission; but I’m here.” And, I just waited. I sat in that chair and waited. And then, a thought came to me, “Well, you do have the names of a dozen people who have written you that they found The Infinite Way. Why not drop them a line and let them know you’re here; and if they’d like to phone you or visit you, why, you’re here.” I did. I wrote about a dozen short letters to that effect.