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Living Daily By Meditation
New York 1956
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 178B

pdf-49px178B Living Daily by Meditation

Those of you who have been with us the past two nights have observed that our work always begins with a meditation. In our classwork, we go to a greater length in meditating, since we have a fifteen-minute period before the class begins for a solid meditation, and then sometimes we have meditation during the class and sometimes after. And, the reason is this. Without a period of meditation, and remember that a period of meditation may be as little as ten seconds, but without that it is as if we were going to do something of ourselves; whereas, by pausing briefly, a few seconds or a few minutes, it is as if we were saying, “Father, this is your lecture or your class. Our students have come here, not to hear Joel, but to hear God—the word of God—and Joel is to be the instrument. And so, I am open and receptive, and let it flow, just giving us those things that are necessary for our work.”

Or, you can interpret this in your daily living. If you jump out of bed in the morning, and make your physical preparations for the day, and then run out of the house to get to your office, or marketing, or shopping, you virtually are saying, “I guess I can live this day all right. I can take care of this day for myself.” And, you neglect the opportunity of admitting a divine Influence into your experience. Whereas, if you were to pause, “Father, this is your day. You made this day. You have made the sun to rise. You have given light, and warmth, and the rains, and the snows in their season. This is Your day, and You created me. You created me in the womb right from the beginning, and I am yours. Use me this day. As the heavens declare the glory and the Earth showeth forth His handiwork, so must I show forth the glories of God. Let me glorify God today. Let God’s Will be made manifest in me. Let God’s Grace flow from me, through me to all those whom I meet.”

Or, another day, in that brief pause for inner communion, “Father, it is Thy intelligence that I need today, not my limited wisdom but Thy infinite Wisdom. And, I need all the love that You can fill me with today. Give me Thy Wisdom, and give me Thy Love.” You see, a great humility has taken place within you, that great humbling of Spirit that says, “Father, without Thee I can do nothing. Without Thee, I can be nothing.” Again, another day and you may have very serious problems to face this day, things that may be beyond your own ability, beyond your own understanding, beyond your own strength, or even beyond your own financial capacity. And, in turning within, you might remember this, “He that is within me is greater than any problem in the world.” Or, “He performeth that which is given me to do. He perfecteth that which concerneth me.” You see, in our work, the Bible is our basis. While I could give you similar passages in all of the Scriptures of the world, and you can find them for yourself, nevertheless, there are enough in the King James or other translations of our Bible for everyone’s need.

I always recommend to our students in class that they own a red-letter edition of the New Testament in which all of the words spoken by the Master are printed in red ink; because, by referring to them everyday, they become engrained in consciousness. It isn’t that we memorize them. It is that after reading them often enough, they remain with us. In the same way, there are other little helps; Runner’s Bible and Bible texts in which people who have studied the Bible seriously for years have selected many marvelous passages under different headings. And, to refer to those is helpful, remembering that vain repetition will get you nowhere. Vain repetition is of no value, but to refer to these scriptural passages and accept them as promises—God’s promises to man—gives us an inner confidence, an inner assurance to carry with us during the day.

Eventually, you would rise higher in meditation than this earlier form. This form that I am giving you now is the very simplest form of meditation in which, for a brief period, it may only be a few minutes, you close your eyes, much as the Master said: Go within. Shut the door. Get into your inner sanctuary and pray. Don’t pray asking for anything. Pray in recognition of “Son, thou art ever with me. All that I have is thine.” That’s a divine Promise from God to His Son. You become a Son of God in proportion as you fill your soul, your consciousness with these promises and learn to rely on them. “All right Father, thou hast said that I am ever with thee, and all that Thou hast is mine. Just grant me that assurance today that Your Love is with me, Your Wisdom guides me, Your Presence upholds me.” That’s enough to start you out on your day.

And, another day, “Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things. Thy Grace. I pray not for dollars or donuts, just for Thy Grace. Thy Grace is my sufficiency. I’m satisfied if I know, Father, that Thy Grace is with me. That’s all I ask. I know it will be tangible as manna from the skies, if necessary, as a cruse of oil that never runs dry, as loaves and fishes that keep multiplying. Whatever my need, Thy Grace supplies.” And, so it is, another day, “He performeth that which is given me to do. Father, I have great tasks today beyond my understanding, or beyond my strength, or beyond my financial capacity. And so, I must rely on Thee. Thy, Thy will be done. Thou performest that which is given me to do.”

And so, each day you will find some scriptural passage or promise that you can take into meditation with you to give you an ever-assurance that you’re not alone in this life, that since God…. And, you know, one of the greatest, one of the greatest joys in our whole life is to be able to remember that God formed us in the womb; because, you see, with that assurance we can know that God knows us, knew us right from the beginning, and will never let us out of Its sight. That, since God has created us, even in the human sense, right from the womb, God will be with us in the valley of the shadow of death. There’s no greater gift that we can have than a constant assurance that God knows us and that God cares, but no one can have this who neglects the continuous, conscious realization of it. No one can have this by neglecting. Always, Scripture says, “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.” Whose mind is stayed on Thee, whose thought dwells in God. The 91st Psalm doesn’t promise immunity to this world. In fact, it says a thousand shall fall, ten thousand shall fall; it shall not come nigh. Whom? Thou, you who dwell in the secret place of the most High. Remember that. The promise of immunity isn’t a man whose breath is in his nostril. The promise of immunity isn’t to the men and women of this world. The promise of immunity from evil is to those who dwell in the secret place of the most High, who live, and move, and have their being in God awareness, God consciousness.