Original Iwihub.com transcript. Proofread by Zane Maser.

Meditation and Its Function
1961 Stockholm Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 424A

pdf-49px424A Meditation and Its Function

Now, to me, as this became clear, I caught a vision; the vision I would like to give you now. And that is this. There is a Father that is a divine Presence, by any name, that is within us, within our own consciousness, closer to us than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, closer than breathing. Way down deep inside of us is this God presence. Call it by any name you like—the presence of God, the presence of the Christ, or the presence of the spirit of God. But, first of all, remember that it is within us. Secondly, that if we are to be in the presence of God, if we are to benefit by the power of God, we must make contact with this Presence within ourselves. Again, this Presence that is within us cannot be fooled. It has no interest in how holy we are externally. It has no interest in what laws we obey externally. It has no interest in our pretensions, in what we seem to be or pretend to be outwardly. This Father within, this divine Presence absolutely knows what is taking place in our hearts. It pays no attention evidently to what we say with our lips, because you will have noticed that throughout these past thousands of years most of all the praying that has been done with the lips has gone unanswered and unrewarded. The people of this world have been praying for peace, for prosperity, for health, for safety, for countless thousands of years; and they’re facing just as much war, and just as much accident, and just as much disease, just as much sin as at any time in all history.

So that the lesson that was shown me in this was that there is no use of saying anything, thinking anything, trying to pretend to be something. That which is within us knows. It searches our heart. It searches our mind. It, the light of Truth, is flashed inside of us; and every hidden thought, and every hidden secret, and every hidden deed is known even if our nearest and dearest never suspect us. This that is within us knows. “Your Father that seeth in secret, rewardeth openly.” It knows the intents and purposes of our hearts. Therefore, prayer need not have any words or thoughts, because anything we would say or think the divine Presence knows all about, even before we ask, even before we speak. Therefore, it’s folly to waste time thinking thoughts and speaking when all we need to do is be silent and let this Light that is within us search the joints and marrow, search the mind, and heart, and soul. And, be assured of this. We are rewarded in accord with that which we really and truly are, not that which we are pretending outwardly.

“Therefore,” he said, “the Father that seeth in secret, rewards thee openly.” “Therefore,” he said, “pray not to be seen of men but pray in the inner sanctuary of your being.” Then, when we close our eyes in meditation, and that is what we do in this Infinite Way work; we teach our students to begin with at least three or four meditation periods every day, each period to be three, or four, or five, or six, or seven minutes; and then gradually as meditation becomes easier, more natural, to increase the amount of times we meditate and even increase the amount of minutes that we spend in each meditation; because the meditation really becomes our communion with God. Now, our meditation is not made up of words and thoughts, because we can’t fool God. We might as well just be still and let God search around inside of us and know what is going on.

Our meditation, then, is an inner communion. First of all, it has to be the recognition that the Father is within me. Therefore, when I close my eyes, I’m shutting out the outside world; and I am, even if I don’t say it or think it, I’m meaning, “Here I am, Father, coming to you within me for communion that I may know Thee aright. Scripture tells us, ‘To know Thee aright is life eternal.’ To know God aright is life eternal. And so, I’m coming, Father, to become acquainted with you.” “Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace….” “Lean not unto thine own understanding….” “Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace….”

How can I acquaint myself with God? First, by recognizing that the Father is within me. Then, by going within:

Now, here I am, Father. I in Thee and Thou in me, and we are one here where I am. It may be a public building. It may be my home. It may be some church with an open door. It may be a library. It may be in my automobile, or on a train, or bus. But, wherever I am, Father, Thou art, for Thou art here within me. I am in Thee, and Thou art in me, for we are one. And so, I’m here. And the purpose? To know Thee aright. I am not seeking favors. I’m not asking for favors. I’m seeking to know Thee aright, to commune with Thee, to feel the assurance of Thy presence. Why do I need this? Because I have lived too long without Thee, and I have not made too much of a success of my life.

Sometimes, my understanding hasn’t been up to my problems. Sometimes, my virtues have not been up to that which is demanded of a man in this world. Sometimes, my strength has not been sufficient for the problems of the day. Sometimes, my fears have been too great. Sometimes, my doubts have gotten in the way with harmonious living, and this only means that I have been living separate and apart from Thee. And now, I seek to know Thee and to feel Thee within me. If only I could feel Thy presence, I would have the courage to face any situation in life. If only I could feel Thy presence, I would be able to fulfill my obligations to my family, to my business, to my nation, to the world. Alone, I cannot achieve this. Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things. But, I must have the assurance of Thy grace. I must feel Thy presence. I must know, not merely declare it because it is written in a book, I must feel it. I must experience it.

That is why the Master taught, ‘I, of my own self can do nothing. The Father within me doeth the works.’ It is like Paul taught, ‘I live, yet not I. Christ liveth.’ And that’s why I’m meditating. I am not sufficient unto myself, except that I have Thy presence, Thy grace, Thy wisdom. Thy wisdom is infinite. How, then, can I rely only on my wisdom? Thy strength is perfect. How can I rely on my strength? And, here we are taught that, ‘Thou art closer to me than breathing, closer than hands and feet.’ And, I have been living without this assurance of Thy presence. So, I am here in meditation to know Thee aright, to acquaint myself now with Thee, to feel an inner oneness with Thee, even as the Master knew it, ‘I and my Father are one.’