Original Iwihub.com Transcript.

Holland Class 1956
by Joel Goldsmith
Tape 8803-1

  Key to Heaven – Tape 8803-1

The love of God is equal in the small and the great. We can know love, by the universal sense that we entertain. In other words, if we can consciously review the wrongs that we have suffered, through individuals or nations, and come to an absolute place of forgiveness, we’re experiencing love. Now, I don’t mean lip service forgiveness, just saying; “Oh, I forgive you,” or “I forgive them.” I don’t mean that. I mean, coming to an actual feeling in your own heart of complete release, to where you would wish to see no punishment, but full forgiveness given unto all; then you’re entertaining love. When you have the same desire for all the children on earth, that you have for your own children, that is a feeling of love. But it can’t be lip service, it has to be an actual demonstrated activity of your consciousness. In the same place – in the same way; as you are in your daily meditations, and find occasionally prejudices, biases, bigotries, coming up in your thought, they have to be met. They have to be overcome. Because, certainly there are none in God’s thoughts. And so you’re not in tune with God’s consciousness, while you are entertaining ideas or ideals, other than those which you would attribute to God.

Now, that has been set forth by the Master in a statement which has become a cliche; “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. We say that now, as if we are actually doing it. Or, as if by saying it very much, it really makes it so. But it isn’t. Loving thy neighbor as thyself, means taking many many periods of meditation, contemplation, and searching one’s self, and asking one’s self; “Wait a minute. That love thy neighbor business, you know, that’s a commandment. Am I reciting it, or am I obeying it?” And then, as you search within yourself, you find out where you have set up some neighbor other than yourself. Some neighbor that is not receiving the full degree of love that you give unto yourself. Then, as love is permitted, an outflow from you, then healing comes into consciousness, and into the soul, into the mind, into the body. Then, the body changes. But, only through the principle of love.

Now, I’m going to tell you of another principle, that is not embodied in any of the metaphysical books or teachings that are being used in these days. And yet, until you and I individually come to some place of recognition of this principle, we will not even be at the beginning of spiritual healing. Now, let me tell it. The principle is known to us in The Infinite Way, by the word “One”. Capital O – n – e. And, let me tell you what it means. Since God is law, it would mean, in that connection, that there is only one law. And, of course, God being Spirit, that would be a spiritual law. Well, you say; “Yes yes yes, we’ve always known that.” And now, we’re going to ask you if you really have known it. Did you know that that rules out all possibility of there being a material law, or a mental law, or a law of heredity? Did you ever stop to think of that? That if there is only one law, and that one law is spiritual, that there are no laws of matter, no laws of time. Did you know that that makes it impossible to age? Did you know, that makes it impossible to deteriorate, if there are no laws of matter? Did you know, that that makes it impossible to have an accident, if there are no laws of matter? Oh, but you say, there are such things in this world. Of course there are. Of course there are. That’s the world that the world is living in. But that isn’t the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom of God, there is only one law. So that, if you wish to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth, you have to consciously nullify, or realize, the non-existence of material law, heredity, time, space. Do you see that? If you annihilate space, you could be sitting here in the Hague and healing anybody you like in South Africa, California, the North Pole. Because, you will have overcome space. And the healing could take place now, and you will have overcome time. And it could be a very aged person, and you will have overcome age.

Now, these churches, these organizations, that are starting these healing principles, not one of them has this principle. Do you know what mistake they’re making? They’re trying to influence God to overcome sin and disease. There is no sin and disease, since God is One, and God is Only, and God is Spirit, and God is Infinite. And so, the minute you try to use God to overcome error, the minute you try to use Truth to overcome evil, you’re back in old theology again. You are not in Spiritual healing. Spiritual healing doesn’t turn to God to heal a person, or to heal a disease, Spiritual healing is the realization that God is individual you and me, God is individual Being, already perfect. Do you see that? You watch all of these people in their work, they are using God, or they are using Truth. You can’t use God. You can’t use God. You can’t use Truth. You can let God use you, or you can let Truth use you, but you couldn’t use God. It would be impossible for the Infinite to be used. Well, in our principle of one, we come to the word; “power”. We say there is only one power. You’ve know that ever since you were in metaphysics. But have you known it? Have you accepted it as a principle? If you had, you wouldn’t be worried about your diseases. You’d say; “Well so what? What difference do they make? They aren’t power. They can’t do anything, or be anything. Since, if God is one, and God is power, there is only one power and that’s spiritual.” There can’t be any power in sin. There can’t be any power in disease. You know, there can’t even be any power in death. So why not die? What difference does it make, if that’s what’s called for? What difference does it make? Why stand aghast at the idea of death, if death isn’t a power? Who knows? We may find it to be a gateway to a greater sense of life. And, we may come to that transition without being forced into it by disease. Because, everybody will make the transition. No one will avoid it. No one will stay on Earth forever. Because, it is no more intended by divine plan, that we should stay on Earth forever, than we should stay twenty years of age forever. If such a thing as living on Earth were divine plan, I’m sure it would include that we all only live for ten years; from twenty to thirty. But that isn’t the divine plan.

The divine plan is that we should outgrow our infancy, and our childhood, and our adulthood. We should leave behind our childbearing age, and advance into the age of spiritual realization. And, we should advance beyond spiritual realization, into demonstration. And, who knows what wonderful transformations of body there will be. We have already witnessed ourselves transformed out of that size body, into that size body, now we’re in this size body. And, how do we know what new forms await us, if we stop trying to hold on to that 20, 30 year old frame, or that 40, 50 year old frame, and are willing for the spiritual unfoldment to take place, to transform our body in accord with the divine plan. Do you follow that? Now, there’s only one way you can do that. And, that is by coming to a realization of One. “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” “Thou shalt have only one God.” That means one power. You can not say that you have one power, if you are putting power in disease. And, if you’re trying to get rid of it, you’re putting power in it. But, if you would say; “Why, disease, I can’t give you power. I just can’t give you power. God alone is power. I can not honor God supremely, and fear disease.” Do you see that? Or lack. Or lack. There are people in holy terror because of some lack. Why? Why, why, why? Why not rest and let the divine plan pick us up, and we’ll find out there’s no lack in the divine plan. But we’re putting such a power in it, trying to fight it, that we’re making it a power to destroy us. When we give up the struggle; “Agree with thine adversary. Agree with thine adversary. Alright, lack. Limitation. Alright, disease. So, here you are. Now what? What can you do? Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from the Father. There is but one power; that power is God.” But, you see, all of these people are trying to overcome with the power of God. They first accept this sin, or disease, or lack, and then they say; “Now, we’re going to get God to do something about it.” And, you see, they must ultimately fail. They must ultimately fail. That’s why so many of the metaphysical movements have failed. Because, they’ve all been based on truth over error. And that isn’t it. That isn’t it.