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Holland Class 1956
by Joel Goldsmith
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I received in the mail today, this article from a magazine, and the title is; “On Healing By Faith”. And it starts with a little verse; “There was a faith healer from Deal, who said although pain isn’t real, when I sit on a pin and it punctures my skin, I dislike what I fancy I feel.” (*Laughter*) “This limerick finds an echo in the acute and continuing embarrassment of many modern church men, when faced with this phenomenon. In spite of the central role spiritual healing played in the church’s early ministry, they view faith healing as a primitive, unsophisticated caricature of religion; an intrusion of the medicine man into Christianity’s respectable temples.” And then this whole article goes on to show, that in this present age, they are so terribly embarrassed, because in spite of themselves, they have to acknowledge spiritual healing. And so, two discussions have come up; a symposium on spiritual healing, and new concepts of healing, in a new book for the churches. And, even though some modern-minded believers may not like it, they must recognize that a significant revival of spiritual healing is now taking place in practically every Christian denomination.

Now, I bring this to your attention for this reason; first, you must understand that you are pioneers in spiritual healing. Even the fact that we have had spiritual healing now for seventy five years, those students who have only become interested in the last ten years are still pioneers in something that has not received worldwide recognition, and is only commencing now to be suspected and investigated. The churches can not have success with spiritual healing, unless you have success. Unless we have success. And the reason is this; they have no text books. They have no principles on which to heal, or with which to heal. They have no knowledge of how spiritual healing is accomplished. So that, all they can do for the next twenty five years is make blunders. There isn’t a church, I’m speaking of the regular denominations, even those who are investigating spiritual healing, who know where to investigate or how. And, at the present time, they are being victimized by every type of mistaken healing principle that has been written.
In other words, there are people in the psychological, psychosomatic, and psychiatric fields, who have written on spiritual healing, and they are as far wrong as white is from black. There isn’t even a trace of rightness in any of the principles that they enunciate. And, the reason that they are enunciating, is because they are experimenting. You see, what the world is up against, is this; the original text book of spiritual healing, both mental and spiritual healing, is “Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures”, by Mrs. Eddy. And up to this date, with the addition now of “The Infinite Way”, “Science and Health” is still the only one that’s any good. None have ever been added that are worth the paper they’re written on. The only one that may be considered to have virtue, is “Lessons in Truth”, by Emilie Cady, and that was based on “Science and Health”. The rest are not textbooks. The rest are treaties on spiritual healing. The rest are writings on spiritual healing, but no text book.
If you want to know, and find out how spiritual healings are accomplished, you have to go back either to “Science and Health”, or Emilie Cady’s “Lessons in Truth”, or the Infinite Way books now. All these other books that have been written, have merely been writings on a subject, but not text books. And that is why so little is known on the subject of actual spiritual healing. Because, the people have not had the books to work with. You see, the difficulty with “Science and Health”, is that unless you become a Christian Scientist, and begin to see what is around it, you don’t really catch the principle from the book itself, although you can. But it’s a very difficult thing to live with that book, separate and apart from Christian Scientists. And, everybody doesn’t want to be a Christian Scientist. So that, those who leave that book out, have a great difficulty.

Now, all of these people who are beginning in the churches, they naturally won’t take the Infinite Way – I mean, they won’t take “Science and Health”. And, it probably wouldn’t do them too much good if they did. But, at least it would be better than anything they’re taking now. When they will ever come to the point of taking The Infinite Way, I don’t know. For, they haven’t even discovered it, with the exception of a few with whom I’m in contact. But otherwise, they have not discovered The Infinite Way. And so, when I’m called as I sometimes am, to some of these people who are starting spiritual healing, I’m shocked to find that they’d be far better off if they’d send their patients to a good doctor, because they’re so horribly muddling them with books that combine faith healing, and psychiatry, and psychology, and some of them have even gone so far as to take Dr. Peale’s books. And they are about the Nth degree of horrible. They are really horrible.

Now, Dr. Peale is a minister. And evidently didn’t find God in his church, and so he looked for it in psychology and psychiatry. And he really came out with a horrible jumble. Well, he’s having his day, and some of these people are using those books. And there will come a time when they will awaken. But, if we are not careful, they will lose the progress they’ve made. Because, when they have nothing left to turn to, they will have to watch the example of those who are either in Christian Science or the Infinite Way, and say; “No no, it can be done. These people are doing it, and it can be found.” I know that those others are failing, because I come in contact with them continuously. I’m sent for continuously, and I always bow out of the picture, saying; “While you are dealing with this kind of rubbish, you are not ready for principles. When are you through with it, you will be ready for principles.” So you see, you will have to succeed, I will have to succeed, much more, so that we can give these people principles, principles, principles. Those of you who have watched Brother Mangus’s work, you perhaps remember how in the beginning, he centered his whole attention on healing the people who came to those meetings. But, when the people left there, they still had nothing. Because they got sick next week again, they had to go back to their doctor. Now you watch Brother Mangus, and in his editorials, and in his writings, he is pounding away at principles, and insisting that the people who get healed, learn those principles, so that if they do get sick next week again, they don’t have to go back to their old ways, they can continue through their principles.

Now, that’s the secret. Everybody must eventually learn principles of healing, and not just a faith that God is going to do something. Because, God isn’t. God isn’t going to do anything. God’s work was done in the beginning. God isn’t inventing telephones, and telegraphs, and televisions, these days. God’s work in that direction was done a billion years ago. We, today, are coming into the awareness of those principles that always existed. If we didn’t come into awareness of principles that already exist, we couldn’t have tape recorders, or televisions, or telephones. Because nobody could create such principles. They are principles which exist, and have always existed, and now men discover them. They don’t invent them, they discover them. So it is with this. God isn’t going to do anything for us tomorrow, that God didn’t do yesterday. Whatever God is going to do for us tomorrow, God did for us billions of years ago. But, we are going to come into contact with God’s principles. Now, of course, the very first principle is love. And so, you can see that no healing is really going to take place in anybody who has the same disposition today that they had yesterday. No, no. There must be a transformation take place within them, that would bring them into harmony with love. For, love is the principle of healing. And, if there is no love in one’s consciousness, there’s no healing. But, love doesn’t mean that emotion or sentiment that you feel for your family. That isn’t love. That isn’t love. That is sometimes selfishness; personal sense. At its best, it isn’t love, because love is impersonal. In other words, love is a quality of God, and when God loves, God loves the saint or the sinner. God loves the right or the wrong, the poor or the rich, the white or the black. When God loves, the love of God is the same in a dandelion as it is in an orchid. We may set a price of a penny on one, and a dollar on the other, but God doesn’t.