Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

Doing Greater Works
1961 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 411B

 411B Doing Greater Works

We develop this consciousness step by step through the actual study and practice of certain principles, always remembering that these principles aren’t God. These principles are developers of our consciousness. The statements of these principles will not do anything for us, whether printed in a book or memorized in our heads. It is the development of the consciousness that does the work. And, therefore, we work and work and work with these things, until we arrive at that consciousness where we know that we’re relying on nothing, except whatever it is that spontaneously now is going to announce Itself within me and through me. When the Lord speaks, it is done, but the Lord isn’t something separate and apart from our being. It is the very I of our being, and that I, which we grow accustomed to listening to. When the Master says, “I and the Father are one, but the Father is greater than I,” he was not giving us a teaching of duality. He was merely describing the two phases of our being—that of our humanhood, that of our divinity.

Now, each one of us has proven that our humanhood is not God. Each one of us has proven that our humanhood doesn’t save anybody. Every one of us has proven that our humanhood has failed us. How many times has our human wisdom, or what we thought was our human religious sense, how many times has that failed us? How many times has what we thought was our knowledge failed us? How many times has what we thought was our power, our wisdom, or our goodness, how often has that failed us? Enough times so that we know that either there is something about us, which is divine, or we’re really lost, because it is not our humanhood that is God.

Ah, no, it is not our humanhood. Are there two of us? No, there are not two of us. There is that sense of us, which was born into this world and carries for a while this sense of two-ness—the power of good and the power of evil. There is this that we rely on, for instance, our skills, and abilities, and talents in our human mode of existence. We play the piano so well or only so well. We’re architects to this degree or to that degree, or we’re builders to this degree, or we’re mathematicians. That is not our Godhood remember. That is our humanhood. But, it is only so for one reason that we have neglected from birth to claim that I as our divinity and let it then become our talent and our ability, so that we would be infinite in expression. “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.”

Now, if from infancy up, we had been trained into the realization, “Know ye not, ye are the temple of the Living God;” “Know ye not, the spirit of God dwells in you;” “Know ye not, that God is your divine consciousness;” it is possible that we could have grown up without this sense of duality, this self that must die daily, and so on. However, this could only happen in one way and that is if carnal consciousness or mind can be broken. I don’t know how many of you know that there was a Christian Science practitioner at one time who wrecked the movement; and he had an idea of how this pure, spiritual state could be attained. And, there was a mistaken concept, but he believed in it; and he tried it. He adopted a baby, a newborn baby; and he placed it in a magnificent home, a great big millionaire’s estate; and he surrounded it with women who had been Christian Scientists for years and years and years and years, until they knew truth backwards, forwards, upside down, and across-wise. And, by surrounding them, this child with all of that, this child was to grow up and never know mortal consciousness.

You see the impossibility of that, because these people with all their wisdom were still in mortal consciousness. They were just mortal consciousness highly educated with statements of truth. They had not yet broken the carnal mind, had not yet destroyed it. When it’s destroyed, it will not be destroyed for one baby. It will be destroyed universally, as it is being destroyed onionskin by onionskin right now. Right now in this world, there is a lessening and a lessening and a lessening of mortal consciousness, until within two-to-three generations children should be born without any mortal consciousness, without any sense of separation from God, without any awareness of human identity. They should be born and know themselves as spiritual identity. Why? That can’t be possible with a teaching. That can only be possible by the destruction of the belief in two powers. And, you see, that has been an act of evolution that has been going on for a long, long time and now is going on at an accelerated rate.

The more it becomes widely known that the devil isn’t a man with a tail, and hoofs, and horns, the more widely it becomes known that God isn’t something separate and apart from man that you pray up to, to send rain or to stop rain. Every bit of this wisdom that’s getting out into the world is another onionskin dropping away from mortal consciousness, until eventually it will be realized, “I and the Father are one. All that the Father hath is mine. I am nothing of myself, but by the divinity of my being I’m all.” In other words, no human amount of health is really health. No human amount of wealth is really wealth. It is only in the consciousness of our spiritual identity that there is no such thing as ill health or good health. There is no such thing as lack or abundance, because there is no measuring rod. There are no pairs of opposites. There is only the infinite Being.

It is like taking the word, “love,” and trying to measure it. There’s no such thing. If it’s love, there’s no measurement. There’s no measuring rod. It’s a state of Infinity. If you take the word, “loyalty,” can you have a little, or a medium amount, or a lot? No. Loyalty signifies only one thing and one degree. There’s only one degree of loyalty, that’s all; and it’s all or none. And, there’s only one degree of love and only one quality of love. If it’s love, it’s all. There is only one quality, one degree of integrity. You can’t have half integrity. You can’t have half loyalty. You can’t have half fidelity. You can’t have half of anything that’s spiritual.

And so it is that you’ll find that life is eternal. It is not divisible. Life is not divisible, but you will demonstrate that life while you believe there is a me and life. Ah no, no. That won’t be, because the me always brings to light that which was born, that which ages, and, therefore, that which must die. Only when we see life as the I that I am, or that I am life eternal can we hope to demonstrate life, life, which is not healthy; because the life of God is not healthy. The life of God is a state of immortality, and nothing ever enters that life to defile or make a lie. But is that the life that I am? Of course it is. Of course it is, but it cannot be demonstrated by me except in proportion to the degree of my awareness of the fact that I do not have life. I cannot demonstrate life. I am life. In other words, I cannot say, “I am honest,” because that is me and honesty. But, when I realize I is God, I am the fullness of integrity. That’s a state of Being. But, if I see myself as separate and apart from the life, which is God, then there are degrees of integrity, degrees of love, degrees of life, degrees of truth. It is only when the two come together, and I can see, “I and the Father are one,” and I am that one. In proportion as I can see that, in that proportion can I demonstrate it. But, do you not see that the whole of it is in no reliance, so that you’re not going to go out here and get that which you’re seeking. It isn’t to be gotten, because I am. I am It. Now, if I wish to bring It into the external, and I’m not doing it, or I’m not doing it in sufficient degree, then I must through my meditation bring about that inner stillness that permits It to announce Itself.