Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

Doing Greater Works
1961 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 411B

 411B Doing Greater Works

Now, I understand the limitation of language, so that I know that I could never put into words absolutely and correctly what I’m trying to convey. Therefore, there has to be room for your grasping something that you’re not hearing with your ears. But, as near as I can come to expressing this, I would like you to place yourself now in the position of wanting to give someone help. You have received the call for help, and in your capacity as practitioner you have to give it. The first thing that should be clear to you is that you do not know how to give it, that you have no personal powers, and that your knowledge and your wisdom is as nothing, since God is All, and then maintain within yourself an atmosphere of receptivity. If you like, you might remind yourself that, “Man shall not live by bread alone” or his human knowledge, and that his memory of statements of truth is not a spiritual power; that we cannot live on yesterday’s manna, regardless of what form that manna appeared in. And, that it is only when He utters His voice that the Earth melteth; and, therefore, we are receptive and responsive to the Divine, the Divine, which is our true nature, our true being.

Now, we are not dependent on the fact that we’re an Infinite Way student. We’re not expecting that to save us or our patient. We’re not dependent on any books we’ve read, because now we’re face to face with a need for God, not for statements about God but God, Truth. What we need now is Truth, and Truth is God. Nothing less than Truth will meet this need, and Truth is God. Truth isn’t a statement in a book. Truth isn’t a statement that I remember from yesterday. Truth isn’t something that healed somebody last week of something. Truth is God, and now we must have Truth. We must have God. We have no dependencies of any nature. We’re clinging to nothing. We’re holding ourselves completely free, receptive, and responsive to the still, small voice. And, in that attitude, something must be given to us. And if it isn’t, we must continue in this way until it is, because that is our function to stand fast until Truth reveals Itself.

Now, Truth is Omnipresence. There is no place where Truth is not, and Truth is as omnipresent with you as it is with me. Truth is as omnipresent with you as it was with Jesus Christ. Therefore, you don’t have to go to a holy mountain to get this Truth, or to a holy person, or to a holy temple. This Truth is within you, and you’ve got to open out a way for this “imprisoned splendor to escape.” This Truth is within you, this Truth that is God. This God whose presence assures liberty, “In Thy presence is fulfillment.” “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom,” liberty. Therefore, the spirit of God must be realized here where I am.

And, you see, by The Infinite Way keeping you free, you have no dependency, no reliances—nothing. You have the kingdom of God within your own being. You have access to the kingdom of God within your own being; and, regardless of the name or the nature of the claim, if you work faithfully with it, the highest of your understanding, until you bring forth the spiritual life, Truth, you must prevail. And, it doesn’t mean that this whole world will disappear with an abracadabra. It doesn’t mean that we will make that rapid progress toward the full and complete realization of our identity. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean either that it’s a matter of time, because none of us can know what minute is “our” particular minute. But, we do know this that we can delay our progress by living on yesterday’s manna. We can delay our progress by thinking we know something and believing that what we know is spiritual power. It isn’t. It isn’t. What we know is merely developing spiritual power within us. It is just like when we went through the memorizing period of the multiplication table, the memorizing of two times two, and three times three, and nine times nine was not mathematical wisdom. It was merely developing our “mathematical consciousness.” That’s all it was doing. The mathematical consciousness is always independent of the processes that bring it forth into expression. So it is.

The kingdom of God is within you. Actually, that I, that spiritual I, which I am, is that very God. It is for this reason that every individual can be the full and complete showing forth of God—show forth the fullness and all-ness of God. But everyone on the face of the globe can do that in proportion to their attainment of it. But their attainment of that consciousness comes with this realization of a non-dependence on anything that’s in the realm of the manifest, even if it’s in the realm of manifest thought. In other words, we do not rely on thoughts. It is true, then, in the world that is made up of the physical and the mental thoughts can become things. You can work on the mental plane of existence and bring forth a lot of wonderful demonstrations. But, it’s in the same relationship that was explained in the Old Testament in comparing the magicians to Moses. The magicians could do everything that Moses could do except one. There was always that one, last thing they couldn’t do; and that last thing isn’t material. It’s spiritual, and that’s the realm they couldn’t reach into.

So it is that on the mental plane there are many, many wonderful demonstrations to be made. It is possible to do it. It’s possible to use the mind for both good and evil on the human plane. The only thing is that if you try to use it for evil, where there is a metaphysician involved, one who knows one Power, you’re apt to find yourself in a lot of trouble, because there you bring about self-malpractice. In other words, it’s safe to malpractice a person who doesn’t know truth, because they’re accepting it. But, if it happens to be someone who knows there’s only one Mind, be assured it’s going to bounce right back at you and do all manner of things with you.

Now, the purpose of this should be clear. When we sit down to this “world work,” we’re really expecting demonstrations of the nature of the greater works. You might say the lesser works were just the healing each other’s ills. The greater works is when we begin to bring this spirit of God into the wider sphere of commerce, government, and the more universal sense of health. If you’re going to undertake work of that nature, you are not going to go far if you’re relying on yesterday’s manna, if you’re relying on the statements of truth you learned yesterday, if you’re going to rely on whatever it was that did healing work for you yesterday or last year. In other words, the Spirit is a spontaneous action. It isn’t one dealing with memory. It isn’t bringing things out of memory that produces miracles. It is a spontaneous Truth flashing into consciousness at a specific moment that really does the greater works. And, it is for this reason that we at all times must be completely empty, completely empty of reliances, so that we can receive the activity of Christ, the spirit of God at any given moment by being still. “Be still, and know that I.” There you have the word, I. “Be still, and know that I am God.” Now, be still, because I is God—not me. I. And then let. Then let God spontaneously express Itself and see the earth melt.