Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

Doing Greater Works
1961 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 411B

 pdf-49px411B Doing Greater Works

Now, here’s the difference. If I say, “He performeth that which is given me to do,” and I keep repeating it and repeating it, first of all, I believe that the repeating of that statement itself is some kind of magic that’s going to make something happen. Secondly, I’m going to develop in myself some kind of a reliance on a “He.” If, however, the same idea is presented to us in this way that, “He performeth that which is given me to do;” “He perfecteth that which concerneth me;” “He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world;” “He that is in the midst of me is mighty;” if that’s presented to me in six or seven different statements so that I do not memorize any of them or rely on them but catch the idea that there is an invisible. There is a transcendental. There is a something greater than my humanhood. It is not something separate and apart from me. It is not something up in the Heavens, and it’s not an externalized something, but there is an invisible. There is a something greater than our humanhood, which when we are free of outer reliances does perform, does guide, does lead, does give us Its wisdom. It is not an acknowledgement of “two-ness,” as it seems to be. It is not an acknowledgement of duality. It is an acknowledgement of a some part of us that is transcendental, that’s greater than our limited, human mind; greater than our education; greater than our own experience; something that transcends everything and yet is not separate or apart from us.

Now, it is legitimate to understand that there is a part of us, which is infinite and immortal Being because of our oneness with God and to relax our human effort so that this spiritual capacity, which we all possess, can come forth into expression. Now, see the difference? Instead of relying on some external savior, instead of relying on the fact that you’re a Christian or whatever you might believe yourself to be, instead of relying on a group membership, instead of relying on a legal entity or corporation, you have nothing to rely on except the fact of your transcendental nature. In other words, you have nothing to lean on. This really happened some years ago, although it wasn’t very popular at the time, but a Christian Science lecturer did say this one night that the statement, “To those leaning on the sustaining Infinite today is great with blessing but be sure you don’t lean too long, not even on the sustaining Infinite.” In other words, the real essence of leaning is the ability to lean on nothing. “He hangeth the earth on nothing,” says Job, the ability to lean on nothing; and that means that we are relying on the divinity of our being.

Now, anything that would cheat us of the opportunity of relying on nothing would really be cheating us of the opportunity of spiritual attainment. And, it is for that reason that, over and over in the writings, I say, “Be sure that you understand and convey to the younger students that these writings are aids. They’re bridges. They’re helps, but they’re not God. They’re not Truth. I am the only Truth there is, whether I am me or whether I am you. Nothing but I is Truth, but Truth is God, and Truth is I, and I is God.” Therefore, if I am relying on anything other than the I that I am, I have an external. And whether that is in the form of the something we call a savior, or something we call a statement of truth, or something we call a book, or something we call a church, we’re wrong. We’re wrong. We’re not wrong if we’re the people out here. You can’t take the crutch away from them until they are ready. And yet, as they come to be students, sooner or later, you do have to take their God away from them. And that’s one cry you hear over and over again, “You’ve taken my God.” Well, until someone says, “You have taken my God away from me,” they haven’t even understood this message; because, and again, ah yes, you will read this in “The Thunder of Silence” that not only do I wish never to leave anything behind me that anyone can rely on, but I do hope that in my span on Earth I will be able to take from man his reliance on everything he has ever relied on including his God. Yes, because he’s had a false God forever. A false God that hasn’t done much for, and until he loses that he is not going to find that “I and the Father are already one,” and that there is nothing to rely on except the emptiness that permits the transcendental to announce Itself, to express Itself, to Be.

We have, and we can use this as an example, Moses with the Red Sea in front of him, and Pharaoh’s army in back of him, and no human help available. And now what is he to do? And the only answer is that there’s nothing for him to do except stand still. Just stand still and wait, and then something from within his own being must come forth and perform the miracle. And that is my understanding of what is meant in that old hymn, “When all material streams are dry, Thy fullness is the same.” What fullness? Not the God that people have been worshipping all these centuries. There’s no fullness there, because the world is a barren place. The world is a dangerous place. It always has been. It is now, and as long as there is a reliance on any of the gods that have been relied on, the world will be dangerous.

Now, what happens when, as has happened in this past hundred years, not only that a Jesus Christ can heal the sick but that many thousands of practitioners have been developed to the point of ability to heal the sick. Does it not indicate that it isn’t a God that works through them, but that it is the divine state of their own consciousness, which has been realized? In other words, if there were such a thing as a God to heal the sick, why shouldn’t It heal it through everybody? If there is such a thing as a God that heals the sick and prevents disease and accident, why isn’t it universally on Earth? Why is it that only those of a certain degree of consciousness can bring forth spiritual works? The answer is this. God is infinite, divine, universal Consciousness, which means your consciousness and mine. And, when we attain the awareness of that Consciousness, we are consciously one with God, the Source. When we are not consciously one with It, we are the human consciousness, the house divided against itself through which no spiritual miracles ever come.

Now, should we have a reliance on some thing or some relationship, or should we attain the realization of God as the very nature of individual being? And then, letting the mind be still, let that transcendental area of our consciousness announce Itself. In other words, then we cannot have faith in person, place, or thing, nor images, nor mental concepts of God, nor somebody else’s idea of God, but rather we must give up all ideas of God, all concepts of God, so that whatever is God can manifest and express Itself as us and through us. God IS. If ever there is Truth in statement form, that’s as close as we can come to it. God IS. For anyone to attempt to assay what God is or how God works would be to try to lift his ego and make himself God, which can’t be done. But, in the absence of ego, personal ego, in the absence of a sense of self that claims knowledge or power, that which is God manifests and expresses.