Original Iwihub.com transcript by Whitney Henson and  proofread by Zane Maser

Towards Peace
1962 Los Angeles Private Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357B

 357B Towards Peace

Well, you know that some of you from your own experience in your own work, whether you were brought up in Christian Science or one of the other metaphysical movements, you must certainly be aware of the fact that many people—in your own approach—were saying the wrong words and having the wrong thoughts and having very good healings, too.  Why?  God is no respecter of persons, and certainly God is not influenced by what words we use in prayer or what thoughts we have in prayer.  The only effect from the presence of God comes in that final moment after we’ve done all the wrong thinking and the wrong speaking and have settled down to be influenced by God rather than to influence God; when we settle down in the last moments of our prayers or treatment to receive the seal—the still, small voice.  God isn’t in the problem, and God is not in the words you speak or the thoughts you think, for God is in the still, small voice.  And, whether you have said the right words, thought the right thoughts or the wrong ones, be assured of this that if they lead you to where you can settle down and say, “I am not trying to influence God but to be influenced by God,” you will then find that the spirit of God works in you.

So it is with our individual relationship, which when we leave here has to be carried out into the world in order that the ten righteous men in each city may bring peace.  So it is that when we are through reading our books, thinking our thoughts, that as we turn to the Father within to be influenced so that the spirit of God in me is recognizing the spirit of God in you that is when healing takes place.  That is when the relationship of peace takes place between us and between all of the world.

In my final class in Cape Town, the subject was “the spiritual bond,” and the whole essence of the hour seemed to sum itself up in this that if I can look into your eyes and realize the same Father is looking out there that looks out of my eyes, I have created a bond of brotherhood with you.  If only I can look out at everyone on the street, in the shops….  Yes, I did say this to them, “Don’t look too directly in the eye.  Somebody may accuse you of flirting; but take a sneaking little glance into the eyes so that it’s not noticeable, and just recognize your Father behind those eyes, your Father and my Father; and see if it doesn’t establish a spiritual bond.”

I say this to you only in the form of teaching.  You never have to say it to anyone that you meet.  You only have to know what’s in your mind when you glance in their eyes and watch the miracle that takes place in your relationship with most people and their relationship with you.  As you begin to perceive that Father, your Father, looking at you out of their eyes, your Father and my Father, and you’ll find that we’re really one in Christ Jesus.  We’re one in spiritual relationship.

Well, you know, if enough of us just travel around the world, there won’t be any possibility of a war.  They won’t even be able to get up an army, because who’s going to go out and fight his brother?  Oh, yes, human brothers are still fighting each other and probably will again if there are civil wars but not spiritual brothers.  No one who has acknowledged his spiritual brotherhood with you will lie to you, or cheat, or defraud, or war with you; and you can’t do it with anyone else.  There is something happens to you, something happens to you in that very moment when you can look at an individual and recognize the one Father, the one brotherhood, the spiritual bond that unites every one of us.

You might think that this would be wonderful if only we could reach those in the high places, and church, and in government and reveal this to them; and what I’m happy to tell you is that because of my practice of this, this is already happening.  Those high in church and those high in government are coming to us.  They are beginning to accept this, too.  You’d be surprised at how much of it took place on this trip.  Not by preaching it, because, as you know, I never speak of it outside of our own lecture and classwork, never speak of this to strangers, never try to sell it to anybody; but I try to live it.  I try to feel it.

I was only twenty-four hours in Egypt when I was invited to meet the President.  I hadn’t said a word about this, not a word, but the one with whom I was traveling, or rather speaking at that moment, all of a sudden looked at me and said, “Are your books in our universities?”  And, I said, “No.”  “Send us sets immediately.  They will be placed in our universities; and you must meet our President, because he is interested in the spiritual approach in government.”  Well, unfortunately, Cuba took place, and the President became occupied—the same as I did—with his approach to bringing peace; and he had some influence in it, too.  The point that I’m trying to make to you is that we are reaching people high in church and high in government and not by seeking them out and trying to influence them or teach them anything, but because this approach of recognizing the spiritual bond is reaching every part of the world.  It is reaching every phase of the world, all kinds of society.

Now, up until this year, it was a calf.  It’s becoming a cow.  Up until this year, our growth was very, very gradual.  Year after year, our work grew.  Year after year, our work spread, but somehow it seemed that I could always carry it.  But, you ought to see it now!  What has happened this year would be beyond your belief.  And, the only way that I can hope to make you believe it is to see what happens to you individually when you begin to realize that you just haven’t found a teaching that is going to meet some particular problem for you, that you have discovered the ancient teaching that is going to establish peace on Earth—the teaching of “love thy neighbor.”  But, while we were told to love our neighbor and while we were told to “love our neighbor as our self,” I don’t think it’s been made clear to any of us how we can do it.  To most of us, it seems to mean just being a little more charitable or giving away a little more money to the poor.

But, you know, it goes far beyond that.  It goes into loving your neighbor, praying for your neighbor, forgiving your neighbor.  It goes further—praying for your enemy, forgiving your enemy, beginning to see the spiritual bond that exists between us even if at the moment we outwardly appear to be enemies, even if we seem to have drastic differences or ideologies or political beliefs.  All of this we are watching how the dissolution of these differences takes place in this recognition of the spiritual bond.  And remember, we are not establishing the spiritual bond.  It was established by God in the beginning.  We are merely acknowledging it.  Just as we’re told in Scripture, you don’t establish God.  You acknowledge God in all your ways.  And, the Master doesn’t say anything at all about establishing God.  Merely abide in God.  Abide in the Word.  Let this Word abide in you.  It’s already established.  We have just been ignorant of it.

It is like the man who went to Victoria Falls in Canada, rather in Africa, South Africa, and on beholding this mass of spectacle said, “Where’s the telegraph office?  Where’s the telegraph?  I must get to the telegraph office right away.”  And, they hurried him thinking some emergency had arisen.  They hurried him to the telegraph office.  And, he sent the telegram to the governor of New York, “Sell Niagara Falls.”  What’s the use?  Here is something greater already established.

And so it is that we’re going to sell our previous concepts of religious beliefs that separated us.  We’re going to sell the finite concept of God.  We’re going to give it away in the recognition of that Infinity, which already exists within you and within me, in the recognition of Omniscience.

You know those three words have been haunting me all of this year.  Omniscience. Omnipresence.  I don’t know how many times you’re going to hear them on tape, because this seems to me to be the true God, the God that you can’t put a label on, the God that you cannot finitize, and the God that you won’t even try to influence.  But, in the moment of recognition of Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, you find it easy to relax and let yourself be influenced by that one, true God—your Father and my Father.