Original Iwihub.com transcript by Whitney Henson and  proofread by Zane Maser

Towards Peace
1962 Los Angeles Private Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357B

 357B Towards Peace

This does away with the attempt to have victories over each other.  That was probably the greatest piece of wisdom on the part of the President and the greatest lack of wisdom on the part of some of our Senators when the President was willing not to accept his victory as a victory but as a meeting of minds.  There was a horrible thing when some of our Congressmen began to parade about all our great victories, because the moment you have a victory over someone you instill in them the desire to have a victory over you.

Don’t you see that the very moment….  The Orientals really have the right words for it—“losing face” or “saving face.”  If you have trouble with an Oriental and you want to come out right, you better let them save face.  If you make them lose face, you’re going to have them back at you twice as hard.  They must save face and so with you and so with me.  If we are going to settle our differences, let us do it without crowing over each other, without claiming victory over each other but rather by agreeing that we have found a basis for agreement.

Now, there is really a Spirit in man, not merely because it says so in Scripture, but it is reporting a truth.  There is a Spirit in man, and that Spirit in man is the spirit of God.  There is a spirit of God in man; but because there is only one God, there is only one Spirit of one God in every man, and it is the same spirit of God in you that is in me. Therefore, we be brethren.  Let there be no strife between thy household and my household, because we be brethren.

Now, we are not carrying to the world any kind of a teaching that has to be set aside and that has to have a special group of people to claim that they have discovered the one, true God.  All that it means is that every student of The Infinite Way accept the fact that there is only one God, that we are of the household of God, and then when we are talking to our neighbor, who may be Hebrew or Protestant or Catholic or Vedantist, let us reveal that we are talking about their God; their God, the one God, that which makes of us brethren, and then watch what happens when this spiritual bond exists between all of us.

Now, it has been a joy to me on these Infinite Way travels to find myself accepted by Hebrew rabbis and Protestant ministers, and people of no religious teaching and find how readily they accept this, how willingly they accept this.  More and more, we are getting mail from doctors of the materia medica field asking questions about The Infinite Way and studying The Infinite Way.  Why?  Not because The Infinite Way is competition for materia medica.  It isn’t and can’t ever be.  It doesn’t operate on the level of materia medica but because it brings to the medical thought the one thing that has always been needed in medicine, and that is the healing influence of the presence of God.  What difference whether a doctor carries it into a sick room or a minister brings it into a sick room, as long as the spirit of God is being carried?  Eventually, it can do away with all of our medicines.  I don’t even think the doctors would object to that.

All that anyone is seeking in this world, regardless of their approach to life, all that anyone is seeking who has within them a spiritual nature, all that they are seeking is this common bond, this revelation of a spiritual bond that exists between all men everywhere at all time.

So you see that as we begin to break down this difference in churches and religions and find an acceptance of the one God; as we break down this, sometimes superstition that exists in some parts of materia medica, almost that there is no God; as it becomes more and more evident to everyone, to the educators, that there is this one Spirit, you find this miracle; and this I’m finding all the time.  I am meeting so many people who have prejudices against religion, prejudices against this belief in God; and this prejudice is broken down in the very moment that you can make it clear to them that you’re not talking about a separate God, a personal God, a personally owned God, but this universal Principle or Spirit that exists within everyone.

In the same way, a great deal of prejudice is broken down in the very moment when you can bring to light that you haven’t found a God that heals, other than the God that is their God, but that rather what you’ve discovered is that the one, universal God maintains and sustains His image and likeness, regardless of whether they have a religion or haven’t one.  Watch how prejudice is broken down the moment these who have prejudice begin to see the universal nature of God—the Omnipotence, the Omnipresence, the Omniscience.

So it is with prayer.  You break down prejudice the moment that you can convey to an individual that it isn’t your prayer that heals separate and apart from their prayer, but that anybody’s prayer will heal, if only it carries with it the realization that the God they’re addressing is the Father within themselves.  You know, it’s a strange thing that sometimes we believe that certain forms of prayer will do healing work.  Well, of course, I think one of the main discoveries in my particular practice that resulted in The Infinite Way is that there are no formulas and no forms of prayer that really heal; that it makes no difference what form of prayer you use, if only you end up with that feeling, that awareness of this inner Presence; because, in the end, it isn’t the form of prayer that does the work.  It is this inner awareness of the Presence that does the work.

The very moment that you have this feeling of a Presence within, you have a healing treatment or a healing prayer.  The form, the way you arrived at it, is of relative unimportance.  We have stressed for so long in the metaphysical world that it mustn’t be a prayer of petition.  It must be a prayer of affirmation or a prayer of denial.  Well, as a matter of fact, I don’t think any of them are worth the time they take, except as a preparation to us to bring us to the place of recognizing Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, the spirit of God within us; and then that listening attitude, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth;” coming ultimately to that place in consciousness where we feel the Presence or hear the Word.

Now, can you imagine whether you heard that Word in English, or French, or German, or Sanskrit?  It would make no difference.  It would make no difference if you heard it in a synagogue, or you heard it in a temple, or you heard it in a shrine.  If you hear that still, small voice, if you feel that Presence within you, the work is done.  The healing takes place, and that is why many of these people who are doing healing work you find it hard to understand at first how it is that they’re doing it.  They’re saying all the wrong words, and they’re having all the wrong thoughts, and yet people are getting healed.