Original Iwihub.com transcript by Whitney Henson and  proofread by Zane Maser

Towards Peace
1962 Los Angeles Private Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357B

 357B Towards Peace

Isn’t it a more wonderful thing to bring forward in this age on Earth the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man than it is to give to the world another new-fangled religion to quarrel over, to disagree about, to be biased about? So that, in preparing for work in The Infinite Way, it’s not an organizational work that we are to prepare ourselves for but healing work; because, in our healing work, we are proving Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience. And, we are showing to those who are seeking it that spiritual healing is possible.

Now, we’re living in a very strange age. Most of the churches are seeking spiritual healing. Most of the churches are trying to inaugurate spiritual healing inside their own bodies, and there’s only one thing delaying it. At the present time, in most churches, the only ones capable of healing are those who have received, in some manner, the spirit of God. In other words, as the Master said, “The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, and I am ordained to heal the sick.” Now, there are a lot of people in the ministry, not only in the Protestant ministry, in the Catholic ministry, who are so ordained and are able to heal. There are some ministers operating in the order of Saint Luke in the Episcopal Church who are doing very fine healing work. The difficulty is they cannot teach it, because they do not know its principle. They have the Spirit. They have the Grace. They have the assurance of God in them, but the difficulty is in making it universally possible to have spiritual healing, because they have no way of passing on this gift to others. And, this is the one thing that the message of The Infinite Way can do.

As long as we are not organized, as long as we are not a separate institution, our books are acceptable inside the churches; and they are now on sale there. And, they’re now being read there; and as many of you know, I am invited beginning next May to lecture inside the Protestant Church, so that they’re ready. They’re not ready to take on a new religion. They’re not ready to acknowledge that somebody else knows more about God than we do, but they are ready to have explained to them the “healing principle” that does not call on God to remove somebody’s sins or diseases but accepts the Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence of God and thereby acknowledges no devil, that is, no evil, no power in that which is called sin, or disease, or lack.

Now, think what a contribution you make to the world when you can reveal to your neighbor, no matter what their religion is, that God is infinite. And, therefore, this that is appearing in the form of some sin, some disease, some lack cannot be power, cannot enforce itself, cannot have a law, even in the presence of their God. They don’t have to adopt an Infinite Way God. In the presence of their God, evil has no power. There is no devil.

You know, I’ve been a traveling man for 52 years, and traveling men get around, and they know lots of things—awfully wise. Makes no difference whether they’re traveling men in the business world or traveling men in the religious world. As long as they’re traveling men, they become wise. Now, I don’t mean wise in the sense of knowing a lot of jokes, because, very frankly, as a traveling man, I haven’t heard many of those so-called “traveling-men jokes;” and I don’t believe there are as many of them as they claim there are, nor do I believe there are as many traveling men interested in them as the world seems to think. No, traveling men get a different kind of wisdom, a different kind of knowledge. And, the one particular form of knowledge that I have picked up that I believe is the outstanding “wisdom” that I’ve observed is this: that there is no way to bring peace between you and me except to bring it spiritually.

I don’t believe that passing more laws is going to make you and me more friendly to each other. I don’t think having more policemen or giving us permission to carry a revolver is going to make greater peace between us. There is only one way in which you and I individually are going to learn to be at peace with each other and that is when there is a spiritual bond between us, when there is a bond that is based on the fact that the same God that is my Father is your Father; and, therefore, we really are of the household of God. We really are one family. Oh, it’s true families have their differences. Families have their little quarrels, but that never changes the love that exists between members of families, regardless of what their petty disagreements may be.

I don’t foresee the day when we’ll sit on Cloud 9 and just sort of sing hymns to each other. I believe, from my experience in traveling this world, that there will always be human differences for us to patch up, come to agreement on, because we’re all different states and stages of consciousness. We’re all conditioned, to some extent, by where we have lived and under what circumstances we have lived, so that there always will be a need for coming to agreement on certain points. But, it doesn’t change the fact that once there is a spiritual bond between us, there is a love that makes it possible to come to agreement over any disagreement, for us to make adjustments in our human experience that will make for peace, for happiness, for mutual prosperity.

Now, the lesson that I’ve learned in international travel is this. No one is ever going to establish peace by committees. No one is ever going to establish peace by passing laws and having rules, and no one is ever going to have peace by carrying revolvers or carrying bombs in their hips. It may overcome a temporary disagreement, but it’s not the producer of love; and love is really the only power and the only presence that can make for peace. But, love isn’t something that you can generate. Love isn’t something you can teach. You can’t say to a person, “Love thy neighbor,” and make them do it. You can’t say to a person, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” and make them do it. There is only one way in which the world can come to that place of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” and that is when there is this spiritual bond, and when we agree that we are all of the same household; that we are of one, spiritual family; that what affects one affects all.