Original Iwihub.com transcript by Whitney Henson and  proofread by Zane Maser

Towards Peace
1962 Los Angeles Private Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357B

 357B Towards Peace

Now, one of the greatest crimes in the history of the world has been this belief that somebody or other has a God, that is, that there is a Hebrew God, or a Protestant God, or a Christian, a Catholic God, or an Oriental God, or a series of them when it must be clear to everybody—and it is becoming clear to everybody—that there is but one God. And, it really makes no difference what your concept of God may be. There is still only one God, whether you visualize that God as an impersonal principle, or as a gentleman on a cloud, or as a man on a cross, or whether you visualize that God as Mother Kali, or Brahma. Nevertheless, there is but one God, and it is always the same God that you have in mind in your worship, regardless of how that God may seem to you or appear to you because of your previous conditioning. In other words, we only think of God as we do, regardless of how we think of God. We only think of Him as we do because of our conditioning. We have been conditioned as Hebrews, or conditioned as Protestants, or conditioned as Catholics, and so we make our particular mental image of God. And, the first thing we ever were taught was not to make an image of God, not to have an image, not to have a thought of God, not to have a mental picture of God; because God cannot be limited to the mind. And, nobody ever can know God with their mind or nobody can ever draw a right concept of God.

And so it is that it is only when you come to the place of recognition that God IS that you are beginning to understand God aright. The moment you let your mind go to what God is, or how God is, or who God is, or where God is, you are immediately losing God. You are immediately losing your contact with God, because now you are entertaining a finite, mental concept; and this never can be the infinite Deity. When, however, you clear your thought of the idea of God in the acknowledgment that God IS…. Ah yes, fortunately, Scripture has given us three words that make it possible for us to know God aright and yet still have no image in thought, no picture, no finiteness. Scripture has given us Omniscience. Anyone can think of Omniscience, and that is the all wisdom, the all knowing, without finitizing God, without trying to bring God down to human comprehension. To know that God is the ALL—all knowing, all wisdom, all intelligence, all law, all life. This is not drawing a picture of God. This is acknowledging the infinite nature of God’s Being.

In the same way, Scripture has given us Omnipotence. Anyone can take that word Omnipotence into their consciousness and realize the all power of God, not the power of God over evil, not the power of God over sin or over disease or over death. Ah no, Omnipotence, the All Power, a power which is not a power over anything; because there is nothing, no other power, that can exist in the presence of Omnipotence, All Power.

So, it is possible to take Omniscience and Omnipotence into your consciousness and perceive the nature of God and yet not finitize. And, watch what I’m coming to. We still have the word Omnipresence. “Here where I am, God is.” But, remember, “the place whereon thou standest is holy ground,” because God is there; and this must apply equally, remember, whether at the moment we are in sickness, in sin, or death. Regardless of where we may be, Omnipresence reveals that here and now God IS.

Now, what I’m trying to show you is this. Take these three words and see if it makes any difference to you whether a Hebrew takes them, a Protestant, a Catholic, a Vendantist, a Taoist, a Zen Buddhist. See whether it makes any difference, if God isn’t the same in all of these. In every teaching, God is Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence. And, therefore, when you come to this Infinite Way, you cannot separate it from any of these other teachings.

One of the most wonderful things that happens is that from Zen Buddhists I get messages like, “Oh, The Infinite Way is Zen, with a lot of love.” That’s marvelous, but it’s also wonderful that we are hearing from ministers of many churches that The Infinite Way is setting forth God, not a God, not a concept of God but setting forth Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, which anyone and everyone can accept.

A very interesting thing happened in England a few weeks ago. I think most of you know that the Church of England, a couple of years ago, received eighty sets of Infinite Way writings for its chaplains in England and fourteen sets for its chaplains in New Zealand. And, a couple of years ago, the Church of England removed from its catechism the “devil.” No more devil in the Church of England. Well, it so happened that some ministers and lay members found they couldn’t operate without a devil and insisted that it be put back; and temporarily the devil is back in the Church of England. But, the fact that it was removed must prove to you that the higher-ups have discovered that there is no devil. Now, let us see for a moment what that means, because the devil is the opposite of God or the opponent of God, the enemy of God. And, with the removal of the devil, God becomes Omnipotence—that which has no opponent, that which has no opposite, that which has no enemy. And so, we have the God of the Infinite Way striding the world without any devil or power in evil.

Well, they became a little bit suspicious of Dr. Fisher, the man who just completed his term as Archbishop of Canterbury, and so they had him on television a couple of weeks ago to see something about this strange, new teaching. And, the first question they asked him was, “Now, Dr. Fisher, really, you do believe in God and devil, don’t you?” And, Dr. Fisher very quietly answered, “You know, I think of God as infinite.” And, that just about stopped it. It stopped it short, because who could question the fact that God is infinite? Even those who wanted to believe in the devil couldn’t quite disagree that God is infinite. On the other hand, if you agree that God is infinite, you’ve wiped out your devil.

Now, this is what I mean when I say that The Infinite Way isn’t really and truly an independent teaching, a private teaching, anyone’s discovery. It’s really just the presentation again of infinite God, and all it’s doing is calling to the attention of those who already know it, but because of this conditioning, because of this loose acceptance of God and devil, or rituals, and so forth, have temporarily forgotten that God is infinite.

Now, our hope in The Infinite Way is and has been that the entire world will awaken to the fact that God is infinite; because once we do, we not only wipe out all. We don’t wipe out the church. Remember that. There is no need to wipe out the church. You can have 10,000 churches, 20,000 sects, if you like, or 50,000. It makes no difference, as long as they all have one God. Why? The moment you have one God, you’re compelled to say, “Call no man on earth your father, for God is your Father.” And then, do you see what you’ve done to bias, bigotry? You’ve wiped out all of these so-called distinctions. You’ve wiped out every bit of bias and bigotry, because you’ve said that all mankind is my brother. Now, if he wants to attend the Hebrew synagogue, let him. If he wants to attend the Protestant Church, let him. If he wants to continue in the Catholic Church, let him. He’s still my brother, and I’m his brother; and there can be no enmity between my house and thy house, because we have one Father.