Original Iwihub.com transcript by Whitney Henson and  proofread by Zane Maser

Towards Peace
1962 Los Angeles Private Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 357B

pdf-49px 357B Towards Peace

Good afternoon.

The main thing that I had in mind in wanting to talk to you today was really to tell you that The Infinite Way is starting on something of a new career. We are told that there’s no use to fight this, because if it is of God, it will avail nothing; and if it is of man, it will fail of its own accord. And, of course, The Infinite Way now has had seventeen years of youthful life, and it hasn’t died. As a matter of fact, it keeps growing; and you who were here at the beginning of this year at our classwork and know the nature of that class, and those of you who may have heard the Princess Kaiulani class that followed, and London, and Manchester, you must realize that something very special has happened this year in this message. It has gone into a new dimension.

But, one thing that took place on our trip that we hadn’t counted on was the fact that the work has grown also in numbers as well as in depth, so that regardless of what programs we had, they never sufficed. And, wherever we had six days of lectures or classes, it turned out we had to have twice that many lectures and classes. This continued all over Europe, and it continued down into South Africa, where it seems almost impossible to believe that there could be that many people seriously studying this message; and yet it is so. There are more tape groups in South Africa than there are in the United States.

The depth of interest is marvelous to watch and also the fact that the message is going in different directions. As you know, all of us, when we come to this work, had only one thing in mind and that is “What will it do for me?” It makes no difference whether we started out in Christian Science, or Unity, or New Thought, or The Infinite Way. What we had in mind was our own problems, the problems of our own families; and The Infinite Way evidently has met many, many problems for many people. But, the beauty of the work is that it has spread into larger activities, like those of industry and government, and lately even churches, so that it would be impossible to tell you today where this work will be next year. And, it makes no difference where any one of us is individually next year. Be assured of this, the work is going very, very steadily forward and in the large way.

Well, you know the story, don’t you, of the family that had a new calf, and one of the children loved this calf so much that it began to carry it around in its arms. Well, of course, a calf won’t stay a calf; and eventually the calf became a cow, but the child was still carrying it around. That is, as long as it could. And, I discovered this year that I’d been carrying a cow. To me, it was still the little calf that began over in Hollywood.

Well, as you know, The Infinite Way—that is, the book, The Infinite Way—had it’s beginning right here in Los Angeles. That is, part of it was written in Santa Monica, and another part out here on the desert, still another part in New York, and then it all came together in book form in this very city and was published here. And, my work started here. My first class consisted of three students: a man and wife and son. And, my second class consisted of four married couples who insisted that I could tell them something about the Bible, although I was equally sure that they knew more about the Bible than I did. But evidently, they didn’t agree, and so the work began. The teaching work began right here in a little office on Hawthorne Avenue.

Now, as the call came to different cities, I naturally began to travel, and the rest of it is all history to you. You know how it is spread into many books, how in the beginning no publisher would publish any of The Infinite Way writings, because they were so beautiful and so impractical that no one would want to buy them. Well, it so happens now that we have some publishers who are also impractical, and they don’t mind not making money, and so they publish all of these Infinite Way books.

Do you know that our new publisher, the Julian Press, has just published four books, has a fifth one on the press, in a few weeks a sixth one goes to press; and before twelve months will have elapsed, they will have published seven books. One publishing house. During this time, four will be published in England and two more in Germany. And, our French book has sold out, and we’ve just ordered a small second printing, so that actually our little calf has become a cow. And, as you’ll discover in these coming months and years, it’s going to be just foolishness for me to try to carry it all alone. And so, more and more of you who have been studying and practicing these writings must prepare yourselves for some activity that will enable this work to go forward as it should.

Now, please remember this. I don’t mean prepare yourselves for any work of an organizational nature, because this work cannot be organized. I must tell you that while that was apparent right from the beginning and while it was told to me from within from the beginning, I can tell you now that circumstances have taken, have become evident that will make it even less possible for it to be organized; because it is being accepted in many, many places that make it impossible for it ever to be a separate thing of itself. In other words, it is becoming more and more accepted as a world teaching, that is, as a spiritual teaching rather than as a separate or independent teaching. And, this is the way it was meant to be.

Actually, The Infinite Way is a principle or a set of principles that could never be bound into an organization and called a separate teaching or separate church. And, the reason is that these principles would be just as much at home in a Hebrew synagogue as they would be a Protestant church or a metaphysical movement. It is true that the writings are written in the language of Christology—Christian mysticism—but actually the books could be rewritten, and the same message could be presented in Hebrew mysticism or Oriental mysticism; and you’d have the same working principles, and you’d never know the difference.