Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcribed by Whitney Henson and proofread by Zane Maser

Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure
1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467B

 467B Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure

Now, do you see the advancing step that we took in the 1962 Los Angeles class and that we must now take even further in our “25” work in acknowledging My consciousness and putting a capital “M” on My consciousness? Put a capital “L” on My Life. Put a capital “S” on My Spirit, so that we can silently—never outwardly or openly—silently say, “My Spirit is upon you.” Put a capital “M” on My presence. My presence is with you and not be thinking of terms of some 2,000 years ago but My presence. My presence is with you, and My presence is Divine, because My presence is devoid of fear, devoid of two powers, devoid of self-interest; and that’s what makes it a capital “M” presence, My presence, and a capital “M,” My peace I give unto you. Capital “M,” My spirit is upon you. But, just be sure that in your soul and in your spirit, there are not two powers, that you’re not fearing any power, that you’re not holding any personal sense. Then, silently and sacredly and secretly, you can say, “My peace give I unto you. My presence is with you. My presence goes before you to make the crooked places straight. My consciousness is Grace unto you.”

And, then, everybody that brings themselves to your consciousness find themselves blessed, whether they bring themselves into your physical presence, whether they telephone to you, or write you, or cable you. The very moment your name appears in their consciousness, they are in your consciousness. They have united with you the minute they’ve thought your name. And, from that moment, they are in your consciousness, but what consciousness is that? Now, it’s capital “M” consciousness, My consciousness. Do you see that? And, that is why, even though you may not answer the telephone and you may not receive the cable, they will still receive the fruitage, because they didn’t have to enter human consciousness to get a spiritual healing. They entered My consciousness. But, look what we did in the class this year as we reviewed the exercise of going from head to feet, feet back up to head and found that I am not in my body. Now, where am I? I can only exist as Omnipresence. There’s only one I, and that’s God. And, I am I; therefore, I exist as Omnipresence.

So, every time you think the name “Joel,” you have already entered My consciousness, even if you are in your home, even if you are in the mountains, or the desert, or on the sea. The moment you have thought my name, you have entered My consciousness, because I am where you are at all times. I am closer to you than your own breathing at all times, because I do not live as a person seeking to make a personal life. I seek, I live only in the realization of one Life, one Mind, one Soul, one Consciousness; and I am that. And, I am the I that is closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, in proportion as I have no fear of sin, of disease, of lack. The moment fear of sin, disease, or lack enters my consciousness and that means criticism, judgment, or condemnation of it, I am no longer capital “M,” My. In that degree, I’m no longer a healer. See that?

The moment that personal sense would enter my consciousness and I want personal benefit, I would no longer be I. I would no longer be capital “M,” My. No, personal sense must be absent; and fear of sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation must be absent. And, in that degree, My consciousness is the divine Consciousness. And, so is yours in whatever degree you attain of this impersonality and this lack of fear.

You see this work brings us into a whole, new Consciousness where we do not look up at any I, or God, or Messiah but look out from the consciousness, which I am.

That’s it. Thank you.