Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcribed by Whitney Henson and proofread by Zane Maser

Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure
1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467B

 467B Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure

Now, if you were a practitioner and a patient came to you for help, do you believe that your consciousness is their sufficiency? And, if you don’t, you have no right to be practicing. If you think you’re going to give them the name and address of a man that lived 2,000 years ago, then you shouldn’t be practicing. In some measure—and this transition did take place in this 1962 class—the realization was consciously brought home to us that My consciousness is Grace unto your experience. My consciousness is a law of health unto your experience. My consciousness is a law of supply unto you, because My consciousness is spelt with a capital “M.” In other words, I have left behind me, the personal life of Joel, that is trying to get anything, or achieve anything, or accomplish anything; and there’s only one consciousness left and that’s the Consciousness of The Infinite Way. There’s nothing personal in it, and there’s no personal motives in it. There’s no fame to be gotten. I can assure you the world is not in our lifetime going to build any monuments to anyone of us. There’s no fame to be gotten. There might be some censure if the work got to be too widely known. There might be condemnation and rough times, the falling away of a lot of students who would rather not take it. But, don’t look for any fame or any fortune. It won’t come.

Therefore, since I have no personal ends to gain, I have a consciousness that is devoid, at least in a great measure, of self or self-interest. That means it must be spiritual Consciousness. Ah, but you are in the same situation when you look into your garden or into your home, you have nothing to gain if you have a beautiful garden or a beautiful home. Those who will witness your garden, those who will live in your household or visit it, they will be the ones to receive the greatest blessing. You will only be an onlooker, and strangely enough you will derive no satisfaction from it. That was brought home, too, during this class when quite a few students wrote and said, “Oh, what great satisfaction it must be to you to witness the work and the improvement in the students and so forth and so on.” And I realized how nonsensical that really is. There wasn’t a sign or trace of satisfaction in it or pleasure; and there couldn’t be, because it would have to be a person there getting credit for something good, and how could that be?

Once you see that all of this is the working of the Spirit, nobody can stand up there and have satisfaction and see what the Spirit does. You might have satisfaction in knowing that the world is benefiting by the Spirit. There’d be no personal sense of satisfaction; and so when you see your garden in full bloom, you won’t be able to take pride in it, because by then you will have realized that the reason it’s in such beautiful bloom is because there was the law of one Power. It isn’t because of you. It was because of a law of one Power. It was because your consciousness was devoid of the belief in two powers but even that you couldn’t take credit for.

Do you see there is a place, there is a time, there is a moment of transition, like there was for Saul of Tarsus when he became Paul or Abram when he became Abraham? You notice that in the spiritual life the name of a person changes with their higher consciousness. It always follows—the name changes—because the name that we identify ourselves with now is not the family name. The family name we drop, because we realize—I mean except for legal uses—because we realize that that was merely a convenience for human experience. It had nothing to do with us, whether our name is Goldsmith, or Jones, or Brown, or Smith. It has nothing to do with us individually. That was just a family name tacked onto us for identification. But, the name that we were given, Joel, John, Mary, Susie, that more or less typifies our state of consciousness, especially our state of consciousness when we were born. That is what, in many cases, indirectly led to our having that name. Then, sometimes as we grew older, an ego took over. We changed the spelling of our name until we had a very fancy spelling that was unusual; and you see that also typified the ego that we had developed that wasn’t satisfied to be Mary. It had to be Marie “something” or other, and so forth and so on. And, if you could see some of the funny spellings of names, you’d know how twisted some personalities must have become in growing up or their parents, if they wished those names on them.

But, as you come to your spiritual life, you will discover either that you were given your spiritual name at birth or that you have no more attachment to the name you were given; and you commence to identify yourself within by some other name. You may not outwardly adopt it. We don’t want to seem queer. Remember, even our practitioners and teachers are still wearing just businessmen’s clothing or housewife’s dresses. We’re not dolling up in robes, even though we may be robed within. But, we don’t display it outwardly; and we may be given a new name within, but we do not adopt it outwardly or openly. We recognize it within ourselves. All of this means, then, that your nature has changed. Your consciousness has changed. And so it is the change consists of the degree of impersonality that has entered your experience, which means the degree in which you can impersonalize evil and nothingize it and the degree in which you no longer have a god of power, no longer a Messiah that’s going to go out and whip Caesar or Khrushchev either.

Now, you have a Messiah—this is important to this particular work—now you have a Messiah of gentleness, peace, so that you are not trying to use it to change outer conditions. Now, you have a communion with It, and in communing with It, you are at peace within yourself; and then you are letting It perform Its function in life. But, remember, Its function is not to destroy Caesar. Its function changes human consciousness, so that no more Caesar’s appear on the scene or the present Caesars end their careers but not by might or by power but by My gentle spirit.

So, you are now thinking in terms of “My peace give I unto this world.” But, you’re not sending your thought back 2,000 years. You now are referring to My individual consciousness, which is imbued with the Christ, which no longer has two powers. My consciousness is the law of Grace unto my garden. I can walk out in my garden up and down among those flowers and say, “How happy I am that you are embodied in My consciousness, because My consciousness is Love.” And, in it there is no fear, no hate, no criticism; and so you take in even all the bugs that are around it, too, and say, “I love you, too. I love you, too. Why I don’t know, but I do, because you’re part of God’s kingdom. You’re here, and, therefore, you’re here to be loved, not to be hated, not to be feared, because there aren’t two powers.” And, when you have your garden embodied in a consciousness of Love, not trying to use a power to destroy anything, you’ve got a beautiful garden. And, when you have your household embodied in that consciousness, you have a beautiful household; and when you have a world, when you can do as we’ve been doing, taking this globe and just holding it in our arms, when you have that globe in your consciousness and your consciousness has in it no hate, no fear, don’t you see that you have a wonderful world?

You haven’t done anything to Caesar. Caesar has dissolved. You haven’t done anything to disease. In the presence of My consciousness, there is no disease. In My consciousness, there is no disease. Why? Because, in My consciousness, there are no two powers. In My consciousness, there’s no sin. Why? Because, in My consciousness, there is no two powers. There’s not a power for good and a power for evil, so we don’t have a good love and an evil love in our consciousness. We only have one kind of Love, and that’s the Love that knows no fear, no hate, no animosity—no fear above all things, no fear, the Love that has no fear. Why? Because all that exists in this world is of God. I know some things and some persons appear differently, but it can’t be. There can only be one God. There can only be one Creator. And, therefore, in spite of appearances, I love you. And, I say love meaning an absence of hate, of fear, of judgment, of criticism, has nothing to do with human affection. Human affection is something different on a different level. But, love is when we are able to behold each other without judgment, without criticism, without fear. Then, we love our neighbor as our self.

It is true, and in our experience when we have that kind of Love we have greater affection for each other, too, on the personal level of life, a much greater affection. Can’t help it, because we can’t help loving these divine qualities that have been aroused in each other. And, the one thing that keeps it within due bounds is the fact that we’re loving our neighbor as our self and allowing no thought or deed of ours to bring unhappiness or distress to another. And, it is that that enables us to hold the affection that we hold for each other in due bounds. Without that, self would come in again with selfishness, self-desire, but that can’t be once we’ve realized the universal nature of life.