Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcribed by Whitney Henson and proofread by Zane Maser

Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure
1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467B

 467B Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure

So it is that we accept intellectually that Christ, the Messiah is not a temporal power, but you’d be surprised that when a great temptation comes up how we all try to grasp some God power to do something for us and use it in just the same way that we’ve been taught has failed for thousands of years. So it is that the work really is not establishing peace on Earth, not even establishing peace in your home. It’s really establishing a new state of consciousness within your self and then watching that new state of consciousness appear as a harmonious universe.

Now, what we have to do at this stage of our enfoldment and really it is in two parts:  first of all, we must never lose sight of the basic principles with which we’re working. We must go back over and over and over again to this impersonalizing and nothingizing. We must go back over and over and over again to this realization of withinness. I’ll come to that again in a moment. But, now we must add to this:  What is my goal? What is it I’m trying to attain or achieve? And, then you come down to the actual experience of “not by might nor by power.” I’m really trying to come down to the realization of non-power. I’m really trying to achieve the realization that since there is no power in evil, since there is no power but the One, I’m really not looking for any other power. I’m not trying to attain, or use another power, or bring another power to bear. I’m living in the realization of one Power.

Let us say, for instance, this is just a bud. We’ll visualize this flower as only a bud and then stop to think that each minute, each hour, this bud is unfolding, eventually to disclose itself as a full-blown rose; and now let’s see why is that happening. Invisibly, something is operating in, or through, or upon this bud that is opening it. We may call this the “power of nature, a law of nature.” You can call it God, if you like. It makes no difference. Be satisfied that a law of nature is operating to open every rose bud into a full-blown rose. And, then let us ask ourselves, “Now, is there a power that could stop a rose bud from unfolding into a rose? Has nature provided some kind of a power to stop it in the middle of the process? Has anyone created a power to stop the normal force of nature operating to bring the bud to fruition?” And, of course, the answer is “no.” There’s only one Power operating, one Power of nature, and that is to fulfill Itself. The moment you have the rose bud in water, it will become a flower, a full-blown rose. The moment you plant rose seeds in the soil in which it should be, the climate in which it should be, its natural element, a law of nature will start working in the bud and bring it finally to a bush—or rather in the seed—and bring it finally to a bush, and then to a blossom, to a bud, and eventually to a flower.

There is a law of nature providing for that, but there is no law of nature to stop it, no law of nature. You say, “Ah, but influences have prevented these things from coming to fruition.” Of course they have, not because nature provided for that but because human nature introduced this belief in two powers; and now we have in human experience, even in our gardens, we have a belief of two powers operating. If you need proof of this, all you have to do is begin to live in your garden from the consciousness of one Power. And, with every bit of work that you do in the garden, consciously remember that regardless of the human belief in two powers, the human belief in the power of destruction, whether it’s bug destruction or any other destruction, that this represents only a universal belief but not a law, and that your garden is encompassed in the law of Spirit, not even the law but the Grace. Remove your garden from under the law and bring it under Grace. But, you have to do it consciously, because everything that takes place in your experience has to be done consciously. It is your consciousness that becomes the law or the Grace.

And, therefore, where is this flower? Where is your garden in consciousness? What consciousness? My consciousness. What is My consciousness? My consciousness is the one, spiritual Consciousness that knows but one Power. Therefore, my garden is embodied in My consciousness of one Power, of one Presence, of one Substance. And, now My consciousness is the law or Grace unto my garden. Household, the same way. Is a household a piece of matter? Is a household comprised of human beings? Of course, of course, in the consciousness of two powers, in the consciousness of mortality. But, since this is my home, it is embodied in My consciousness.

Now, here’s the step I want to carry you today, because this is the step that we attained in our 1962 Los Angeles Class. That word “My” has a capital “M.” Every time you say, “My consciousness,” please have a capital “M” on it. You have outgrown the metaphysical stage of two consciousnesses—a human one and a divine one. You have, in this 1962 class, made a transition in which you no longer look up to the I of me but look out from the I of me. You no longer look up to Jesus saying, “My peace I give you,” or “My kingdom is not of this world.” You are now saying, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Your own kingdom is not of this world, because you are now capital “M” and capital “I.” You can’t speak to your friends, and neighbors, and relatives in that language, and be careful that you don’t. But, you can certainly look out at your garden and say, “You are embraced in My consciousness, and My consciousness is Christ Consciousness, because it has only one Power, one Substance, one Reality.” You can look at your home, you can look at the members of your family, and you can say, “Oh, you are embraced in My consciousness. You are not out there in time and space. You are embraced in My consciousness.” And, My has a capital “M,” because My individual consciousness is not made up of two powers. I couldn’t say to you, “My peace I give unto you,” if my consciousness had two powers in it, because you wouldn’t be getting anything but cold words.

If you are to be the source of peace that means health, harmony, wholeness, completeness, supply; if you are to be this unto your garden, and your household, and your family, and your patients, and your students, how can you be if your consciousness isn’t Christ Consciousness? How could you be any better or more effective than the tradesman down the street or the janitor downstairs? Why not send all your patients and students to the gas station on the corner and let the gas attendant, who’s very polite and kind, why not let them give the help? Because they are still in the belief of two powers, and no matter how loving or kind or serviceable they would like to be, they can’t be, because their consciousness is made up of two powers. Is yours? Is your consciousness made up of two powers? To some extent, yes, but not to the degree of your neighbor, your patient, your student. Some measure of My consciousness must have become your consciousness. Some measure of Christ Consciousness must have become your consciousness in these years of your study and practice. You can’t any longer be saying to yourself, “I am human consciousness, but Jesus is divine Consciousness.” At some period, the two must unite and become One, and you must be able to say, “My consciousness is Divine.” What makes it Divine? Only one fact that in some degree you have overcome the belief in two powers, two substances, two laws; and you have come to see that “My grace is thy sufficiency.”