Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcribed by Whitney Henson and proofread by Zane Maser

Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure
1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467B

 467B Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure

Probably, it couldn’t be measured mathematically. It would be so infinitesimal, but you do know that the adding of one rock to a lake must increase the something or otherness of that lake. Throwing one handful of dirt into a barrel of water must add some dirt to the water. Taking out a teaspoonful of dirt out of a barrel of water must make the water that much cleaner; and, therefore, by removing from our consciousness the hate, fears, animosities, we are at the same time removing it to that measure from the universal, because we’re all part of that universal.

Now, the specific work, whether you’re doing it in relationship to some item of weather, or a forest fire, or a threat in storm, or smog, national or international conditions, you must remember that the only thing that makes the spiritual path seem difficult is that we understand these truths intellectually, and we understand them very quickly. You don’t have to read these writings for many weeks before you know that you are reading truth. Ah, but then comes the agonizing part. You can’t prove it. You can’t demonstrate it. You know it’s true, but you can’t prove it. Naturally, the temptation comes, “Well, how do I know it’s true then, if I can’t prove it? What makes me certain that it’s true, if I can’t prove it?” And, so we have doubts and suspicions, and we begin to wonder are we emotionally aroused to believe it or are we just the blind following the blind? Then, all of a sudden, some small little demonstration comes along, if you can call it that, and we have hope again. We say, “No, no, maybe, maybe we’re on the right track. Let’s not give up yet.” And, we fall down, and we have failures, and we watch some of our students fall down and have failures, and we wonder. And, it would only be if you could really look out at the field as I do and see the day-by-day and year-by-year progress and unfoldment that you could say, “No, we are on the right track. Let us be sure we stick to it.”

This really is the reason, the main reason, for my continued travel the extent that it is. I know, as far as I’m concerned, I could stop traveling; but I see signs on every trip that by traveling it is becoming more and more real to more and more students. They don’t doubt the truth of it in the reading. It is only as weeks and months go by and they don’t have sufficient proof of it, they’re apt to wander away from it. And, by making these trips, I’m bringing to light each time more and more of the spiritual realization of it. They’re witnessing, as we have the last two months, more and more actual healings taking place right in the room while we’re working, right during the classwork we’re watching transformations in each other. And, therefore, we have a greater incentive to go forward and each time greater light. And, I’m only in hope that if I travel long enough, it will not only be so rooted in consciousness but that there will be so many students develop who can carry on the work and do the same thing that I’m doing; follow it up by proving in their experience with students that they can intensify consciousness.

Otherwise, there would be no need for me to travel. The books have about as much as anyone can take. The tapes have it all, all except one thing and that is the depth of consciousness that has evolved through these centuries that is manifested all in one, concrete lump. And, therefore, I can bring that concentrated consciousness wherever I am traveling and hope that it will take root, so that when I don’t travel so much it will be strong enough to live by itself. Now, that can only be if in every location, every city, every country, if those develop who can also be that lump of concentrated consciousness and can carry on and show forth fruitage.

All right, the way, then, we know. It is this working on problems of every nature, small and large. Remember that it’s as important to us to work on problems of cats and dogs and birds as it is on the problems of world war, because it is only in proportion as we can prove that spiritualizing of consciousness meets every problem that we will meet the larger ones, as well as the smaller ones; and it is true that because of its simplicity children can do some healing work. But, I have never yet met the child that has done healing work in cancer, or consumption, or polio, or alcoholism, or drug addiction. In other words, it is the depth and degree of our working with problems that gives us the depth and degree of consciousness necessary to remove warfare and storms from human consciousness.

Now, there is a point—I’ve witnessed this in the past year, and I’ve stressed it a great deal in our current work—and that is this ancient Hebraic belief that when the Messiah came that he would be a great and mighty king and general and that he would free the Hebrews from the slavery under Rome and probably even free them from the horrible influences of their own temple, their own ecclesiastical hierarchy. When the Messiah came, he said as Jesus, “I have overcome the world,” and this must have been terribly mystifying to the Hebrews, because they were still under Rome; and they were still under the hierarchy of the Temple. And, as far as they could see, the world was just about as wicked as it had been before, and certainly it was just as rough on them as it had been before. The only thing that he showed forth at all in his ministry to them was some individual healings and two or three feedings, which isn’t a really great demonstration over a three-year period if you are judging by these outer changes.

So it is that we are very apt to think of God or the Christ as a temporal power and then try to send it out to do something for us like changing the weather, or stopping fires, or bringing peace on Earth. The longer we look in that direction, the longer we fail. The function of the activity of the Christ is to transform consciousness. The outer world is only the product or the added things of the change of consciousness. In other words, if we in this room have come to a place of peace with ourselves, between ourselves, if we have attained a state of consciousness in which we manifest love to each other, joy, gratitude, cooperation, it is only because we have had a change of consciousness to that degree. There could be no peace in the outer experience, except in proportion to whatever change has taken place in our own consciousness. In other words, if instead of looking out and wondering what truth will do for us or what this one or that one will do for us, if we are looking out in the sense of gratitude that we have a contribution to make in this spiritual sharing, we have had a transformation of consciousness; and the product of that in this room will be peace, and love, and gratitude.

But, do you not see that this could not exist without a change of consciousness? And, that is why very often you have peace, peace where there is no peace. Very often you may find in families or groups that there is some temporary improvement in that direction—less of fighting, less of arguing, less of greed, less of lust. But, the moment some strong temptation comes up—wang—we’re right back at the old state of consciousness with the same old fights and furies, showing that we had merely improved humanly. We’ve merely decided not to fight, or we had seen that it was good to be more generous or more sharing; but we actually hadn’t attained the consciousness of it, or there would not be a reversal. So it is, one of the first effects of our spiritual work is to improve us humanly, and we decide to be better, consciously or unconsciously, and we really try to act better; and we do, but it is not demonstration yet, because we can revert at any moment to what we were before, because we have not yet attained this consciousness of Love, of Oneness.