Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcribed by Whitney Henson and proofread by Zane Maser

Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure
1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467B

pdf-49px 467B Christhood Attained, Even in a Measure

Good morning.

It would be impossible to study, practice all that has been given on the tapes of the “25” group without having attained some change in consciousness, and by now you know that that is the object of our work, whether it is lecture work, class work, private work, “25” work. The object of it all is to bring about a transformation of consciousness within ourselves, not to do anything to the world, not to do anything to anybody else but to bring about this transition in consciousness within ourselves. And, the reason is that we have nothing to offer the world, except in the measure of the transformed, or renewed, or reborn consciousness. As human beings, it would make no difference how good we are morally, honestly. It would make no difference how intellectual we are, cultured, refined, whatnot. This only adds to the sum total of the human good in the world, which naturally is to be greatly desired but is not the goal for our work. The goal of our work is the transformation of our own consciousness, whereby the world may be changed from the material sense of existence to the spiritual.

If you watch the religious history of the world, you will notice that certain names stand out—Confucius, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jesus, John, Paul, Nanak, and if you come up to the modern days to Mrs. Eddy. And, you will notice that each one of these changed the consciousness of the world to some extent. Each one of these added a spiritual value to the world that before their time was unknown. Each one made a specific, spiritual contribution and mighty great ones at that, mighty, mighty contributions in advancing the world spirituality. And, of course, it is often said that there is nothing practical about this, and, as you know, that is not true. The most practical advances in all of this world have been the spiritual advances, because it is out of the spiritual advances that the others have come.

In the same way, can you not foresee the day when disease, as a whole, will begin to vanish from the Earth? Unless you can see that you can hardly see that there’s ever going to be peace on Earth, because there is not going to be peace on Earth while there is war in the consciousness of mankind. There is not going to be peace on Earth while there is this greed for the dollar or for fame. Therefore, while it is good to encourage every activity, even of an organizational nature, that leads to pacifying the beast in human consciousness, you can well see that the full effect is not going to take place until warfare, greed, lust, mad ambition is removed from human consciousness. And, in that degree, human consciousness becomes divine Consciousness, because all that makes it human is the pairs of opposites that operate. Once the pairs of opposites do not operate in human consciousness, it isn’t human consciousness. It’s Divine.

Well, if it is possible by any means at all of eliminating warfare in human consciousness, that must at the same time remove disease; because what is disease but the product of the warfare that is going on between good and evil in our consciousness? What is disease but the fears that we have—fear of another war, fear of another depression, fear of a long period of unemployment. These are all making people ill nervously and physically. You can see then that if there were no such fears in their consciousness there would be that much less disease. Again, what is it that is causing and perpetuating disease but the belief that there is power in germs, in infection, in contagion? In other words, that there are two powers.

Now, if you watch in the activity of our own Infinite Way work, it must eventually become clear to you, as it is to me watching my mail from all over the world, that there is far less of sin and disease going on in The Infinite Way than there is outside of it—far less of fear of war, or fear of unemployment, or fear of lack. Certainly, a whole new consciousness takes place, not born in a minute. It’s a gradual evolution of consciousness, but just notice the two months that we’ve been here together and see how few have been absent because of illnesses or how few illnesses that we have witnessed in the work being together practically day and night for two months. And, remember, that I’m seeing this in the mail from all parts of the world; and some of you who are actively practicing must certainly be noticing that after two or three years of your work the students who have been with you two or three years are calling less and less for physical, mental, moral, or financial healing; and that your activity is mostly in the new ones that are being led to the work and the few brief things that come up day to day in all our experiences.

Now, since we are dealing with the carnal mind as a belief in two powers and as we are meeting this belief so that the effects of the belief in two powers shows forth less and less in our own experience and in the experience of those who come to us, it must be clear to you that this is the way of wiping out of human consciousness—all human consciousness—the belief in two powers and its effects. You can only do this if you yourself have approached a state of consciousness in which there is no condemnation or judgment. If you are still in the state of consciousness that’s blaming somebody for their particular evils or accepting the fact that really they are as evil as they appear to be, you are not in that state of consciousness that can help to eliminate it; and you have to work more and more with yourself. You never have your head in the sand and say there is no evil. You never say there are no evil persons or no evil conditions on Earth, but you are able to look at them and see their origin in this universal, human belief in two powers. In other words, you are able to impersonalize and then finally nothingize.

Now, all of this you have through all of the “25” group tapes; and with every study, with every practice, you are transforming your own consciousness. You are yourself attaining the state of consciousness that looks out and says, “Neither do I condemn thee; thy sins be forgiven thee,” or the realization that there is no power, no spiritual power in this belief in two powers, this carnal mind. By this impersonalizing and this nothingizing, you are yourself being transformed, but with every ounce of transformation of your consciousness you are lessening the power of evil in all human consciousness. In the same way, that if you threw a rock into a lake, you are raising the level of the lake.