Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

Attain That Mind First
1961 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 411A

411A Attain That Mind First

It’s the difference between divine love and human love. Human love always has an object, and most usually the object is a person but not divine love. When you experience divine love, you’re not loving a person or a thing. It’s just a feeling of love, and it embraces the whole world impersonally; and it doesn’t embrace every person in the world, because that would be personalizing again. It embraces the world, which includes all the persons. In other words, divine love is never divine love, if it has an object, if there’s a person or a reason for it. Divine love has no person and no reason for being. It is like spiritual joy, the joy the Bible speaks of. The joy that the Bible speaks of—spiritual joy—is not a joy that you feel because something good happened to you. It is a spontaneous joy that makes the heart sing; and if you were asked for an explanation, you couldn’t give one, just because I feel like singing. It’s just because I feel joyful. Why? And there isn’t any answer. It is the same conviction that sometimes comes to a practitioner when the patient may seem to be at their worst, and the practitioner says, “Jump in the lake.” They have received the assurance of harmony, of peace, of joy, and they don’t have to see the healing. They don’t have to see the improvement to have their release from concern. It’s taken place without any physical evidence and afterward the evidence comes.

“My joy no man taketh from me.” What kind of a joy could that be? “My peace, no man taketh from me.” What kind of a peace could that be? It couldn’t be one that had anything to do with people or things, because you can take people and things away. And, if your joy was dependent on people and things, then your joy could be taken from you. But the spiritual joy that cannot be taken from you has no object. Now, very much like that is this whole idea of our spiritual work. If you hear there’s going to be a tidal wave, don’t try to dissolve it. If you hear that an epidemic is on the way, don’t try to stop it. Turn completely away from it and seek the realization of God. Seek the awareness of the presence of God; and then when you come back to Earth, you will find that the condition is dissolved.

Very often the students in this work wonder if the work is being effective, whether it’s really producing any results, whether it’s worth keeping on. Well, let me tell you first of all that the main object of the work is developing our own spiritual consciousness, because without that it can’t be successful; and it won’t be, so that the main thing we have to worry about is this work deepening my consciousness, enriching my consciousness. Is this work making it more possible for me to impersonalize and nothingize? Is this work making it more possible for me to listen and to hear the still, small voice? That’s the first fruitage.

Then, there is not always the possibility of knowing to what extent your work is fruitful on the outer plane, because supposing that we have a most beautiful day today, and you assume that that is the way this day would have been. Now, how do you know that this day would have been this way had it not been for the work that was done before? In other words, how can you tell to what degree your consciousness might be changing the weather, or preventing a storm, or preventing a bolt of lightning or thunder? How do you know? You never will know. You never will know. In the same way, supposing we have an epidemic of flu, and it has less of disaster in its wake, less power than normal. You couldn’t really claim, could you, that this work was responsible for it. On the other hand, how would you know that it isn’t? In the same way, suppose there is no war, and you say, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful they solved it.” How do you know that it was solved without work of this nature going on? As you know now from the July Letter the work that is going on in Japan right in their Defense Agency, in their Army, Navy and Air Corps. How do you know to what extent those thousands of men in meditation each day earnestly, earnestly seeking God realization, how do you know to what extent that is molding the consciousness of the world and the history of the world?

And so it is, don’t for a minute try to gauge the value of your work or the importance of your work by the things that you could definitely say were the fruitage, because then there’d be no occasion to go into it at all. If what we’re looking for is just credit, if what we’re looking for is just loaves and fishes, then there’s no need to be in it. But actually, we know that if there are ten righteous men they can save the city. We know that in the degree of spiritual consciousness there must be greater harmony in our experience. And so if our work is bringing some measure of harmony in the health of the world, and the supply of the world, in the more harmonious relationships in the world, and governments in the world—and who is to say that it isn’t—then let’s go on. And let’s go on with even a greater degree of devotion, because the fruitage is going to be in proportion to our own growth, just like a beginning practitioner will have quite a lot of success with a lot of minor cases and not do so well when it comes to the more severe ones. It is the constant practice, the constant living in the Word that deepens and enriches the consciousness and makes it possible to do the greater works.

And so, that’s that for tonight, and I know we’re going to meet tomorrow night.