Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

Attain That Mind First
1961 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 411A

411A Attain That Mind First

So it is, when we are approaching these major problems, world problems, let us remember this. We are not seeking a solution to the problem. We are not hitting it head on and saying, “Here you are, now let’s find a solution to it.” It isn’t going to be possible, in the same way that even those who are humanly working on it aren’t going to find the solution either, as long as they sit opposite each other, one saying, “You’ll do it my way,” and the other saying, “No, you’ll do it my way.” There’s no solution to that. There never has been. They will have to learn that you must agree with thine adversary before you can find something on which to agree. So it is with us. Let us not make the mistake of just taking opposite sides to disease or war and saying, “You’re bad, and I’ve got to find a way to get rid of you.” That’s not the way. That’s not the way. You’re not going to accomplish anything in that way. The thing is, the point is, to ignore the specific problem as a problem and remember that the object of your meditation is to hear that still, small voice.

I have told this story in some classes that one night the Voice spoke to me and said that I was not to go to bed but to sit up and pray. There was a bill coming up in Congress the next day that would have wiped out our Supreme Court, and I was told to sit up and pray. Now, I couldn’t pray about a bill naturally. I had nothing to do with the bill or what. I couldn’t even be in judgment about whether it should pass or shouldn’t humanly. So, my praying was all in the form of “Speak, Lord. Speak, Lord. When Thou uttereth Thy voice, the earth melteth.” And so, it was really spending hours waiting for something to come through; and at four o’clock in the morning, the Voice came through and said, “It is done,” and I was able to retire. Now, early in the morning the newspapers come out with great big headlines that “If this bill passes, it ends freedom in the states.” And, the bill didn’t pass, and years later the editor of a chain of newspapers told the story that at four o’clock in the morning he was awakened and the Voice in his ear said, “The passing of that bill means slavery.” And, he immediately got onto his teletype and flashed all across the country to a whole chain of papers, “Stop this bill.”

Now, as you can see, there must be no human judgment as to the rightness or wrongness of anything. There must only be the willingness that that Voice speak, that that Voice announce Itself; and when It does, any kind of miracle can happen from an individual experience to national or international. But, somewhere the presence of God must enter consciousness, must make Itself known. And, the function of the spiritual student is to be receptive so as to be an instrumentality through which that Voice, which is the only power, functions.

Again, the moment you would sit in judgment on the rightness or wrongness of a thing, you would miss the way. In the same way, you have all had the experience of counseling in marital cases, discords in the home; and those of you who have had experience know this that it would be fatal to believe either the husband or the wife. It would be fatal to believe them. It would be more than fatal to have any pre-conceived idea of how this demonstration should work out. How, then, do you approach a problem of that kind? By ignoring that problem and becoming receptive and responsive to the Spirit, and when that click comes, it solves the thing in Its way; and sometimes Its way is not our way. I have said this before in that very type of case that many believe that this work should keep the husband and wife together, that this work should prevent separation or divorce. And, very frankly, it doesn’t. I have found just as many times that it separates the couple. And, there’s a good reason for it. All marriages are not made in Heaven, and so some of them should be dissolved. Lots of marriages are made right here on Earth for many other reasons than a divine union. And, in that case, there isn’t any reason why it shouldn’t be dissolved and leave both free to attain a spiritual union, a divine union, or to find their mate. Not that I sit in judgment of it. My function isn’t to sit in judgment or to know when in a case that it should happen one way or the other. My function only is to be the instrument through which the Spirit moves out into the world and performs Its function.

Remember this point. There is no God in this universe. This is a universe that is a branch of a tree and is cut off. “It is not under the law of God, neither indeed can be.” Therefore, the only way that God can be brought into this universe is through consciousness. No other way. There must be a consciousness through which God can find entrance to this world, and in every case of spiritual healing that’s what takes place—where God was absent and there was discord, and inharmony, and sin, and disease, now the presence of God. Well, “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” The moment an individual becomes an instrument through which the spirit of God can enter the Earth then those who have turned now have the presence of God as their experience. God only enters this universe through consciousness and as consciousness and that not human consciousness. God does not enter through human consciousness. The human consciousness is a house divided against itself. The human consciousness is a state of two powers. The human consciousness is made up of good and of evil; and it is only, only as that human mind is still—be still, in quietness and in confidence—not in speech, not in power, not by might; in quietness, in confidence, in stillness; the still, small voice enters consciousness and transforms it. That’s the way of it. That’s the way of it.

That is why when you have a Jesus Christ you have a state of God consciousness. You have an individual consciousness filled with God. Then, anyone who comes near, even near to the robe, finds that the spirit of the Lord is there. And, where the spirit of the Lord is, there is peace, and harmony, and wholeness, and completeness. And that is why only when you have those individuals who are spiritually illumined to some degree do you have healing consciousness. It isn’t too difficult to develop consciousness. I don’t mean by that that it’s a quick process; but it’s not too difficult if we follow Scripture and give up the belief that there are any miracle words in the Bible, or any miracle statements in the Bible, or any miracle people in the Bible that are going to do anything for us. If we will realize that the Bible contains spiritual truth, which if we adopt and practice will develop our consciousness, then we can develop a spiritual consciousness by working with these passages.

Well, it is a matter of enlightened or illumined consciousness when you’ve even reached far enough to impersonalize. You will find that the outstanding trait or one of the outstanding traits of humanhood is our judgments. We judge this to be good and this to be evil, this to be right and this to be wrong. And, we always attach it to a person. That is the nature of humanhood. So, to be able to realize that all evil is impersonal no matter who it seems to be coming through, to be able to take the responsibility from an individual and realize that it is the carnal mind, that indicates right there an advance in spiritual consciousness, because the human consciousness cannot do that. The human consciousness must personalize. It must have an object, just like we had recently in one of our classes that the difference between gratitude and appreciation or thanks. In appreciation or thanks, we have not only a person to thank, but we have something to be thankful for. With gratitude that never takes place. Gratitude has no object whatsoever. When you have gratitude, you have no gratitude toward a person nor is your gratitude for anything. It’s just a state of being, and it has no object. It has no person, and it has no thing. And, if someone were to say, “Why are you so almighty grateful for?” “Do I have to have something to be grateful for? Can I just be grateful?”