Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

Attain That Mind First
1961 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 411A

411A Attain That Mind First

Now, very often I have found that when I have been working on, we’ll use the word “cases”—conditions, patients, students—and have not been getting the fruitage that sometimes it’s been my fault, that I have been trying unconsciously to meet the problem head on. In other words, I’ve known for thirty years that you don’t meet a problem head on. But, attaining the consciousness whereby you don’t sometimes try it, that’s quite different. And, therefore, I have found that occasionally it has come to light in my own thought that I have been waiting for the fever to go down, or for the lump to disappear, or for the supply to come in, or for the employment to take place. Now, of course, that’s fatal, because healing cannot come while we are trying to meet a problem on the level of the problem. I know you’ll find it all the way back that very statement in the original “Infinite Way.” You cannot meet a problem on the level of the problem. You cannot meet a tidal wave by wanting to overcome a tidal wave. You cannot meet a condition of disease by doing anything at all that has for its object meeting a condition of disease. You cannot bring about supply or employment as long as there is the slightest trace in the thought of wanting to bring about supply or employment. Why? Because our only possible attainment is the kingdom of God, the consciousness of God, the realm of God. “Seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed. Seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” And that’s all. The rest will be added to you.

And so it is that when, for instance, we are faced, as we are being faced now, with this European situation that is disturbing everybody on every continent. So it is that when we face that in our world work, let us not try to solve how Berlin shall be solved, because we won’t succeed. We won’t succeed. What can happen is if we attain the realization of God, it may very well be that those who are entrusted with finding a plan will be divinely led to one that will in some measure work. It may well be that some of those that are actively engaged in seeking the human solution will in their own working receive some kind of a human solution as an outer expression of the attainment of spiritual consciousness on the part of those who are doing the work. Just as when the practitioner attains the correct degree of spiritual awareness and that spiritual awareness appears outwardly as the health of the patient, or the employment, or the supply. Actually what has taken place is spiritual realization on the part of the practitioner appearing outwardly as the health or supply of a patient or student.

So it is with this, let us not weary ourselves trying to find a solution to this problem or any other that we work on. Let us not try to find a way to dam up a tidal wave or to find some abracadabra that will make it dissolve, because we will not succeed. Our success will come in proportion as we can turn from the picture, turn from the human scene, and not try to improve it, not try to heal it, not try to increase it, not attempt to have more and better matter but turn entirely from that picture. And to me, of course, the powerful reminder has always been, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Therefore, don’t waste your time trying to patch up this world but spend your time trying to find My Kingdom. Then, as I work not for the purpose of stopping tidal waves, not for the purpose of solving Berlin but for the purpose of attaining spiritual realization, hearing the still, small voice, or the Voice that makes the earth melt; in proportion as I can turn from the human scene and not let it enter my thought, so that I can enter the spiritual scene, then when I come back to Earth, I have the report of improvement, or healing, or employment, or whatever it may be.

The kingdom of God is not directly related to this world. If it were, this world would be harmonious, loving, fruitful, wonderful. In one way or another, this world is something separate and apart from the world of God’s creating. And, the only way that we bring this world under the jurisdiction of God is in proportion as we can turn away from the pictures of sense and receive illumination as to Reality or the spiritual Kingdom. In other words, it is when we have a sick person, and the Voice says, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” that in some miraculous way that divine state of Sonship is made manifest in this human form. But remember, it doesn’t happen just because you and I say, “Oh, there is no error.” It doesn’t happen just because you or I just say, “Oh, all error is impersonal.” Ah, no, no. If those words would do it, this world would be wonderful. Those words have been written so often and voiced in prayers, and in treatment, and in non-prayers, and in non-treatments. It is the consciousness of the spiritual Kingdom that manifests itself as harmonious human experience. It is not any hocus pocus of the human mind. It is not any statement for or against. It is an actual, attained state of spiritual consciousness; and that attained state of spiritual consciousness only comes when, through Scripture or such messages as ours, we have actually worked with these statements until they have become realized states of consciousness.

Let’s see. A person in some great immediate danger, whatever it may be, a shipwreck, an airplane wreck, a train wreck, automobile accident, anything you like, a person in that or witnessing it coming upon them, is it not clear to you that whatever you would say or not say, think or not think, would have no bearing on it? Unless there is an intervention from the fourth-dimensional universe, the kingdom of God, the inevitable would be inevitable. There has to be an actual revelation, unfoldment, something has to come up from the depths, something that a human can’t control, something that’s beyond human knowledge, something that a human can only become aware of. In other words, can be receptive to.

Now, there is an illustration of developing consciousness. Every time we meditate we are making ourselves receptive to that still, small voice. It really makes no difference whether we hear it at the time or not. As a matter of fact, most of the time there isn’t any reason for hearing the Voice or for the Voice to utter Itself. The purpose of the meditation is really to develop that inner ability to be receptive, so that when there is a need, the inner ear will be alert; and you’ll hear the Word. Then, when there’s a need, as in an accident, or when we’re treating or healing or praying for someone, when there is a need, then when we are confronted with an appearance, then we have developed the ability to hear that Voice. It’s a developed faculty. True, there are those who have received it just by a divine act of Grace, but most people develop it. And, there’s no better way known so far of developing it than meditation in which the whole purpose is, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” It’s like opening a channel. “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” And, by opening that channel, opening that channel, when there is a need for that Voice to be heard, then It is heard; and there you have your divine Intervention, because when the Word is spoken, “When He uttereth His voice, the earth melteth.” To hear the still, small voice, it will thunder throughout this whole experience.