Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

Attain That Mind First
1961 London Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 411A

411A Attain That Mind First

Now, you see the proof of this quickly when you are doing healing work. If you are doing healing work, it makes no difference what thoughts you may think, what statements of truth you may know. No healing is going to come forth from that. But, after you’re through with that and you’re in the silence listening, then if a word of truth comes to you, if a message comes, if a feeling comes, then a healing takes place. Showing that really, then your patient is really living now by the Word that came forth from the mouth of God. The spiritualized consciousness is a state of receptivity to that Word that comes through from God. In other words, our consciousness, when it is in some degree spiritualized and receives an impulsion from within, is the instrument for the release. “Open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape,” and then we find that some fruitage takes place in the outer experience.

What has taken place now? You have not fed the patient medicine. You have not fed the patient, or you have not gone out and become an employment agency for the unemployed. You have merely used whatever letter of truth you know to quiet yourself, to get at peace. Then, you listened and something took place from within. Whether or not it was a message hourly given to you, hourly received by you, or whether it was just a feeling of the Presence, an awareness of something taking place, really makes no difference. What counts is that something took place within you, and that you were aware of it, even if you aren’t aware of what it is that took place. Then, this Word or feeling that came forth from the center of your being this was the healing agency.

Now, you’ll remember that part of our basic work in healing work shows that you must never take the person or the claim into your thought or even permit them into your thought, while doing your treatment work or your meditation work. And, this is the point that I’m leading up to now approach; this is the reason. We actually cannot spiritually heal disease anymore than we can stop a runaway flood. Supposing there’s a flood of water coming down the street, the oceans overflowed, and here it is pell-mell coming down the street. You know we have no power to get out there and stop it physically, and we have no power to stop it mentally. The minute you would try to do something to that mad rush of waters coming down the street you’d be lost. You’d be enveloped in it. And yet spiritually, you can make it really come down to a trickle and disappear into the ground. Just as we have witnessed tidal waves, even where they were due to hit within fifteen minutes, where they were visible to those who were on the watch, where they had even determined the speed of them, the depth and degree of them, and the intensity with which they would strike, and fifteen minutes later announced that the tidal wave had been lost. It had just dribbled away. But, if you were to center your thought on the wave and try to stop it, you would fail.

The only possibility of success you have is as with that statement, “Man shall not live by bread alone.” If you are working with a problem of supply and allowed yourself to think, “Now, how am I going to bring in the supply? Now, where are we going to get this bread, and coal, and meat, and wine, and water? Now, how are we going to bring about an inflow of supply?” You could not spiritually accomplish it. Only by taking no thought for supply and absolutely turning away from such a picture of lack to the Spirit would you find, when you came back, that the supply had been met.

So it is, if you were facing this rushing water, this tidal wave, the first thing you would have to do would be to not want to stop a tidal wave. I think that Van Druten covered that with his story of the blackbirds. You must not think of blackbirds. So it is, if you are going to stop a tidal wave, you must not think of tidal waves. If you are going to demonstrate supply, you must not think of supply or of lack. In other words, you must not think of the pairs of opposites. If you have illness to meet, above all things, you must not try to demonstrate health. It won’t succeed, not spiritually. You just cannot do it. It is very much like, and we have many metaphysicians who say, “Oh, you don’t have to know any truth. You don’t have to know any truths at all. You don’t have to pray. You don’t have to treat.” And why? Well, there is no error. Well, you know, they have something there. There is no error. But have you ever met one yet that could prove it? Course not. We’ve had all kinds of teachings for years based on that very idea—don’t do anything, because error isn’t real.

Now, to human sense error is real. Don’t ever forget that. To human sense, we are dealing; we wouldn’t even be in a spiritual work, if we weren’t dealing with the appearances of sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, and all the rest of the forms of carnal mind. And, as has been proven by years, just walking out saying, “There is no error,” hasn’t yet moved it. There is only one thing that moves error in any form, and it will do it in every form, and that’s consciousness, spiritual consciousness. It is the only thing the Master had when the woman touched his garment in the throng; and without knowing she was there, she was healed, not because he knew error is or error isn’t, but because he had attained the consciousness. When he says to the cripple, “What did hinder you? Pick up your bed, and walk,” he’s given us a beautiful formula. Error has no power, so, therefore, all cripples pick up your bed and walk. Have you ever tried saying that to a cripple and had him do it? No, of course you haven’t; of course you haven’t. And, you wouldn’t be foolish enough to try. And yet, you do know intellectually that there cannot be a God and a crippled man. But, you’ll never prove it by being able to mouth the words of the Master, “Oh, it has no power; get up and walk.” Oh, no, no, no. Behind that statement must be the consciousness of it; and the consciousness is one that either comes by Grace—completely as an act of Grace—or one that comes through our conscious study and work, until an act of Grace takes over and gives us the consciousness we’re seeking.