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1960 New York “25” Practitioner Class Cont.
1960 New York Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 362B

 362B 1960 New York _25_ Practitioner Class Cont.

Yes, what difference does it make if you say, “I am Christ” or “I am Judas,” when what I am I am. What difference does it make whether you say, “I am immortal or mortal,” when what counts is what I am. And so what difference does it make what statement that you make about your patient, whether it’s a true statement or a not-true statement. What counts is what he really is. And so it is that just to abide in that word “is” or to abide in that word “Being” is really a treatment that goes on endlessly and endlessly. Being. If I just look at you and realize Being, “I am Being, and I am you.” As I abide in that, the time eventually comes when I don’t even think about it, because it is the state of my being. It is the state of my consciousness, and I no more have to think of it than I have to remind myself that I am honest.

So, just remember that the more you find the need to remind yourself of who you are and what you are, the more the signal it is that you haven’t attained the realization that you are it; because when you have that realization that you are it, that is it. We don’t go around saying, “I am Joel Goldsmith.” Why should I? Well, I am. Yes, I am. But, because I am, I don’t have to go around saying it. Because I am and I know that I am, I don’t have to go around… Probably, you have to teach a child its name and to go around remembering it, because it doesn’t yet know its name. But, when I know that I am and that I am is my name, I don’t have to go around remembering it. I am being it. I am living it. And that is the meaning of what you come across always in all spiritual writings, mystical writings, that you must live the truth, or you must be the truth. And all that that means is you must stop declaring truth. You must stop affirming truth. You must actually come to the state of consciousness in which you are being truth. Then, the only time the Master says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” is when he is imparting it in instruction. But, I’m sure that, otherwise, he doesn’t walk up and down the Holy Lands declaring, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” No, he’s merely revealing his identity, the same as if someone says to us, “What is your name?” You reveal it, and you reveal it because of your awareness that it is your name. And that’s the only time that you would reveal it is when you’re being called upon to impart it.

So it is, I know that I is God. And I know that that I embodies within Itself all of which I shall ever have need unto eternity. It has my life. It has my bread, meat, wine, and water. It has the power of resurrection. It has life eternal. It would make no difference really whether I was what the world called “dead or alive,” because neither life nor death will ever separate me from the I that I am. If I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I will go with me. I have been in sickness, near to death. I have been in lack and limitation. I have been in sin. But at no time that I can remember has I ever been separate and apart from me; and, in its due time, that I lifted me above the sin, the lack, the limitation, the fear, the disease. Therefore, I know beyond all question of doubt that I can never be separated from my Self. I can never be separated from the God, which is my Self, the infinite Life, which is my Self. And, therefore, this world or the other I will always function as individual being, and I will always have an activity commensurate with my state of consciousness. Whether it be less or more, it will always be commensurate with my state of consciousness. And, if at any time in the past, or present, or future, I should sink beneath my present state of consciousness, the I which I am will lift me up out of it and restore to me the lost years of the locust.

My only need is the realization of God, not the God who punishes or rewards. That’s not God. That’s just a law. But the God that really IS. The God that is closer to me than breathing, that does not have to be appealed to, does not have to be asked for what I shall eat or drink, wherewithal I shall be clothed; the God that I will never find in a holy mountain, or in a holy temple, or any holy city; the God that has no pleasure in my dying; the God to whom I need not sacrifice, who has no pleasure in my sacrificing. This God, the I of my being, is my eternal life; and It is the infinite abundance of my life in every direction.

Now, you in this activity, as practitioner or teacher, must remember this for one purpose. If you have an idea that you desire gratitude or recognition from your patients or students, you will be starting off on the wrong foot. You are to look nowhere but to the I of your being. What you do you do not do for thanks, or reward, or gratitude. You do only as a fulfillment of your nature.

Now, it is said that we still need money, and food, and clothing, and office rent. But, I say to you that if that should be true that you already have it within you. You don’t need anyone to give it to you. And, your recognition of this sets everyone free who comes to you, free of the need for any other obligation than to love one another; and it opens the way for your supply to flow from within your own being. It will seem outwardly to come through patients or students, and yet you are leaving them so free that if there are some who today have no money at all, you can give just as much attention to them as you can to your rich patient or student; because from some direction or other, the sufficiency will unfold so that you do not ever have to neglect anyone for any outward reason. Try to understand this point.

And so, thank you until next year.