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1960 New York “25” Practitioner Class Cont.
1960 New York Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 362B

 362B 1960 New York _25_ Practitioner Class Cont.

So, any teaching that has in it an element of punishment, you can immediately realize to be a teaching of karmic law. In the same way, any teaching that promises Heaven here or hereafter is karmic law, because there is no such thing as Heaven; and there is no such thing as hell, except in the degree in which we are responding to good and evil. When we are not responding to good and evil, we’re not in Heaven. We’re not in hell. We’re just being. Just being. Just being joyous. Just being free. Just being harmonious. And, as a matter of fact, there is an ancient teaching in which the only name for God is “Being” and in which no one is permitted to use the word “Being” by voicing it. No one can say it aloud. The word “Being” can only be said under the breath within one’s self, just as in the ancient Hebrew days when the true name of God was discovered. Because it was possible to misunderstand the meaning of the name of God, no Hebrew was allowed to know that name, unless he were a priest, and then he was never permitted to voice it, except one day in the year when he could go into the sanctuary; and there he could say to himself, even hourly, the true name of God.

Now, to know him aright is life eternal. And, if you are to be a spiritual healer, you cannot do the healing. All that you can do is bring the actual presence of God to the situation; but you can’t bring the actual presence of God to the situation, if you’re thinking in terms of a God of reward or punishment, or if you are thinking of God in terms of something that is able to do something. God isn’t able to do something, because God doesn’t function in time or space. If only you could remember that one statement that God doesn’t function in time or space, you would definitely know that there is nothing God could do yesterday or tomorrow. God is Being, but God is from everlasting unto everlasting. And, this ancient teaching that had the word “Being” for God also taught, and this was to be only under the breath, “I Am is being. I Am is being. I Am being. I AM Being.” There’s no past to that. There is no future to that. That is only the ever-present now. And, if you search the Scriptures, you will find that one of the secrets in scripture is, “Now are we the sons of God.” Now. The whole of Truth is taking place now. It cannot take place yesterday, and tomorrow is never going to come. It cannot take place tomorrow, can’t even take place an hour from now, for God is the same from everlasting to everlasting. All that God was, God is; and all that God is, God ever will be. So that which was is now, and that which is now will be for everlasting.

And, therefore, in spiritual healing, you can only live in the now, and you can only live in Being and in being now. So, you have no such thing as a treatment that is going to benefit your patient a moment from now. You have no such thing as a treatment that is going to reduce a fever. All you have is your consecration to the idea that God is Being. And, you will find in our writings the revelation that God is individual being. God is the Being of the individual. Therefore, I am being. I am existing. I am is-ing. I am. I AM. And, the great secret of all ancient wisdom, which, of course, should be the secret of religion is “I AM.” And, there is no future to that. There’s no past to that. It’s an eternal now. I AM. And that I AM, which I am, is not dependent upon something or somebody. There is the mystery and the miracle that I am not dependent on food, clothing, housing, raiment. I am not dependent on weather or climate. I am not dependent on money. I just am. I am eternal Being. I am being eternally. All that God is, I am being, for “I and the Father are one.” And, the difficult thing that you face is the cleansing out of the old bottles, the old concepts of God, the old concepts of religion, and bringing really new bottles to receive a new message. The cleansing out of the temple is really the cleansing out of your own consciousness. Cleanse out of it all religious beliefs. Cleanse out of it all theological theories, doctrines, dogma, because not one single bit of this has anything to do with the I that I am.

Now, it doesn’t mean that an individual might not enjoy a church service or the attendance at church. Many do. There is something about it that gives them an uplift. But, others find that in Shakespeare or good poetry. In other words, all of these things are probably wonderful as a part of human experience. But, when you are thinking in terms of God, you have to separate yourself entirely from that. Very often students wonder why we have no music in connection with our work or do not permit an organ or piano to be played before, or violin, before or during some part of our work. And, it isn’t because I find anything wrong with music. Inwardly, I love it. But, it has no connection with the realization of God, because music very often does arouse the sentiments, the emotions. And when the emotions are aroused, it becomes almost impossible to actually tabernacle with God, because we’re tabernacling with our emotions.

Now, there are some people who can rise above that, and there are types of music, which do not awaken the sentiment, but that’s not church music. Church music does, and it’s aimed at that specific purpose of arousing sentiment and emotion. And, once there is the emotion awakened, there is always the idea present of, “Oh dear God, do something,” or “Let me sacrifice something,” or… And this takes us away from the I that I am, the Being, which I am and which you are. You are Being, but you are not separate being. You are Being, but you’re not finite being. I am that I am. I am that very I am. I am that I am, which God is; because there is only one I am, and there is only one Being. It might even be helpful to take a large dictionary and look up the word “being” to gain from it the realization of the nature of being, that which is is-ing, that which is, is, is eternally, is.

Now, by the ability to separate oneself from theological beliefs and begin to ponder the nature of the I that I am, an experience takes place. Remember, this doesn’t remain in the realm of the intellect, because if it does, you are not making spiritual progress. It really would make no difference how much you know that I am I am. It really makes no difference how much you know I am being. As long as it remains in your mind, you have not touched the throne of God. You have not touched God realization. You have not touched the transcendental consciousness. It is only that in pondering the truth that I am, the truth of Being, the truth of nowness, that gradually a new consciousness is being formed, a new bottle. And then, into this new bottle, into this new consciousness, God Itself rushes in and reveals Himself. In other words, in the transcendental consciousness, you become aware, consciously aware, of God, of the I that I am. You are never aware of God with your mind, and don’t ever believe that you can be aware of God with your mind. You can only be aware of the truth about God, of the knowledge of God, but you can never be aware of God. God is only made evident in and through transcendental consciousness, through a state of consciousness that is beyond the reasoning, thinking mind. The reasoning, thinking mind can only be used up to a certain point, and then it must come to a stop, so that this higher consciousness dawns.