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1960 New York “25” Practitioner Class Cont.
1960 New York Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 362B

pdf-49px 362B 1960 New York _25_ Practitioner Class Cont.

Good morning.

Of course, this tape will go all over the world where we have the groups of “25,” and so it will bring to all the realization that there is a need for a greater degree of consecration or dedication on the part of all of you because of the unfoldment that is going on in this message of The Infinite Way. As you know, it is quite an unusual thing that publishers should not only want a book every year—that itself is unusual—but where publishers want two books, or three books, and four books at a time, you know that something is going on in this unfoldment. And, all that this means is a greater need of workers in the sense of practitioners. Since we have no organization, we don’t need any other type of workers than practitioners and teachers. The very few temporal activities that we have we can always manage to find someone to do, but the work of healing is a difficult matter.

Now, some of you know, of course, through the experience in Chicago some years ago that had we gone on television when we were invited to that overnight this would have been a national activity of tremendous scope, because we were offered 52 weeks on both radio and television. And, as a matter of fact, from that one day on television as many “Infinite Way” copies were sold as in an ordinary year. So, you know what would happen if one touch of publicity ever came to this work.

Now, we’re not much danger of that, because we’re discouraging everything that might tend toward it. But, the growth that’s going on from within itself, the seed unfolding from within itself, just the word of mouth traveling, or whatever measure of healing is being done is sufficient now that we must have those who are dedicating themselves and can dedicate themselves to healing work.

Well, healing work can be done from a mental plane and standpoint, if one wants to do it. Probably, some of you do know that there was a Christian Scientist who became the best-known healer in the entire movement. And, of course, he had a secret, which he didn’t divulge until such time as people were coming from all over the world for healing and receiving it when they couldn’t get it from any other practitioner. And finally, he had to divulge his secret; and that secret, of course, was that he had the first edition of “Science and Health” and had learned how to give mental treatments. And so, he started his own movement. He left the Christian Science movement, started his own, and within a few years he had a movement with a hundred thousand followers all over the world. I know of one class he taught that had five thousand students in it that came together from all over the world, and he charged five hundred dollars each person in that class.

Now, it was very successful healing work, because it was based on the giving of treatments, and he cautioned his students never to take more than five or six cases in a week, so that they could give to each patient five, or six, or seven treatments every day. And, of course, if you keep up that kind of mental work, you are bound to have results. The reason is that, on the human level, the mind is the substance of matter, and, therefore, the activity of truth in the mind in the form of a treatment will produce harmonious results, just the same as hypnotism will produce the opposite. Hypnotism will always produce a destructive condition in the human who is hypnotized or who is hypnotizing. Even though it may temporarily appear as a healing, the ultimate result will be destruction. And the reason is that hypnotism—the control of one mind by another—is a destructive force. But, by using that force in a milder form called suggestion, “You are well, and you know it;” “You are God’s perfect child;” “You are spiritual,” you do not have the harm of an out and out hypnosis; and because the motive is good, you do have temporary healing and benefit on the human level. But, we are not engaged in that activity. That is not our function, and, therefore, it requires dedication of a different nature; and the dedication comes in your devotion within yourself. It isn’t a devotion to somebody or to something. Don’t misunderstand me. It is not a devotion to me, and it is certainly not a devotion to The Infinite Way. It is a devotion to gaining a realization within yourself of the name, nature, and activity of God.

The difficulty that presents itself to you and that acts as a barrier to you is that you have all had some kind of religious training or background. And, you must remember that there is no religion known on the face of the earth that presents God to the world. At this moment, there is no religion, no organized religion. There are independent and individual mystics, but there is no organized, church religion that presents God. Every one presents “karmic law,” and you only need five minutes of thought to prove it. Any teaching that says that God rewards or God punishes has no relationship whatever to God, because God neither punishes nor rewards, only karmic law does that. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” has nothing to do with God. It has to do with karmic law. It has to do with “ye.” If you sow to the flesh, you reap corruption. If you sow to the Spirit, you reap life everlasting has nothing to do with God. It has to do with you. In the same way, any teaching that gives you a rule for fast day, or a feast day, or a sacrifice, or a holiday, or a Holy day, none of this has any relationship whatsoever to God. The Master made that very clear, very clear. You’ll find that in the New Testament. None of this has anything to do with God. It has to do with your particular obedience to a man-made rule. And, of course, if you obey even a man-made rule, there’s good karma in it. If you disobey, it’s bad.

Now, in the same way, any teaching that sets forth punishment, either on this plane of life or the next plane of life, is not dealing with God. And, Jesus made that very clear that in God there is no punishment. “Neither do I condemn thee. Neither do I condemn thee.” Even if you’re the woman taken in adultery, “neither do I condemn thee.” Even if you’re the thief on the cross, “neither do I condemn thee.” In fact, “I’ll take you into Paradise this very night.” Therefore, you must remember that punishment comes only from karmic law. Now, there is an important reason that you must never forget this; because when you are asked for help, it is none of your business whether your patient is a saint or a sinner. It is none of your business what their past is or what their future may be. At this very moment, “neither do I condemn thee.” There is no condemnation to them who have turned to the Christ for salvation, redemption, forgiveness. And, therefore, you must be quick to realize that, in almost every case, your patient is suffering from a guilt complex of some kind or another, from some act of omission or commission; and you must free them. Within yourself, not outwardly in the spoken word, but within yourself be quick to realize you are not under any condemnation of God or the Christ for the sins of the past, the present, or the future. Having turned, in this instant, to the Christ, “Though your sins were scarlet, you are white as snow.” And do you see that that has no provision in it, then, for future punishment in this life or the next? In that very instant, when you turn to the Christ, in that instant, “Though your sins were scarlet, you are white as snow,” and there’s no more punishment.