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Impersonalization of Good and Evil in Human Consciousness
1959 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 294B

pdf-49px 294B Impersonalization of Good and Evil in Human Consciousness
Now, whatever benefit the world will derive from the message of The Infinite Way is dependent on whether or not the students catch the vision of impersonalizing the evil and seeing it as carnal mind or human consciousness—the belief in two powers—and then with no hate in their heart, with no favoritism, without any waving of the red, white and blue, or the union jack, or the tri-color impersonalizing the good and the evil. This, I can assure you, will not make machines out of us or robots. Don’t think for a minute that it will prevent you when you do see a man of ability come on the scene, it won’t prevent you from recognizing that ability. The same as when you see a man of evil come on the scene you won’t invite him into your home to have free access to your silverware. But, it does mean this, and, with due respect to our visiting overseas guests, let me say that from the moment that we came in contact with the work of the Prime Minister of England, Mr. Macmillan, it was so evident to us that we were meeting with a man of destiny, a man of ability, a man who, wrapped up all in his own consciousness, had the understanding and the power to bring order out of chaos. We saw that before he even had a chance to do it in England. We saw him operate first in Australia, and what that man did in three days time hadn’t been done by anybody in the previous ten years or twenty. He did more to restore law, order, harmony, and love in three days than his predecessors in twenty years. And that was evident.

And then, as we followed him into Canada, back into England, and saw always the magic that followed wherever he went it was evident that here is a man of destiny. And not the kind of Hitler destiny that will rule the world by force, but a man who will be outstanding because of an inner ability, which must in some way be connected with integrity, because it involved the realization of the rights of others. So, we won’t become automatons and just say, “Oh, that’s an impersonal power.” It is an impersonal power. We will recognize the individual in the same way that, in the November letter, you are shown never separate Christ from Jesus. They’re inseparable and indivisible. And, if great good should come into the world through the works that are going on today, let us never separate that impersonal consciousness of good from Mr. Macmillan who is the individual through whom it’s being expressed, because the impersonal power of good always existed, but it always needs an individual through whom and as whom to function.

If you could see France today, after one year of De Gaulle, you actually wouldn’t believe it. You couldn’t believe it. A year ago, machine guns lined up on the streets. A year ago, people at each other’s throat. A year ago, people in lack and poverty. And a France today, in one year, that begins to look like its old self again, a feeling in the air, an atmosphere in the air. And, although you will say that it wasn’t De Gaulle, no, it’s this impersonal good, which could find expression as De Gaulle, which couldn’t find expression as his 30 predecessors. See that?

Now, once we begin to nullify carnal mind, mortal mind, this belief in two powers, you will find that that nullification raises up those capable of being the instruments of this; and it is even able to take the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and make them instruments for good. Why? Because you nullify the belief in two powers. You don’t have to nullify it in me, or in you, or in them. You nullify it impersonally in your own consciousness; and because your consciousness is infinite, you’re nullifying it wherever it raises up its head. In other words, you can sit right at home in your big city house, or apartment, or small town and do it right from there. You don’t have to go out into the world and battle the devil. You don’t have to crusade. Sit right home and in whatever direction carnal mind presents itself to you—bad government, bad TV, bad this, bad that—as it touches your consciousness, nullify it. Realize first its impersonal nature. Then, recognize its non-power. And, then, you will find that you have contributed to the world.

Don’t forget that. Would you turn that off [the tape recorder], please?