Impersonalization of Good and Evil in Human Consciousness
1959 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 294B

pdf-49px 294B Impersonalization of Good and Evil in Human Consciousness

Now, with that recognition, the thought comes, “But how are we going to destroy human consciousness, material sense, or whatever the enemy is discovered to be?” It was with the, with part at least of the Christian Science teaching, that the world first was given something of the impersonal nature of evil, the modern world. You’ll find in many, many passages of the Christian Science writings that in the early days Mrs. Eddy saw some of the impersonal nature of evil; and there’re even passages which indicate that she recognized that these were not to be overcome by might or by power. There are marvelous glimpses of absolute Truth all through her writing, but they never were consistent, because even where we find in one passage that “all error is impersonal,” we find later that you have to “protect yourself from it,” or you find it personalized. You find it personalized. It’s XY-ism in this page, and it’s Judaism in another teaching, and it’s Orientalism in another teaching; and then it’s all of the practitioners and teachers who left the movement. It’s always personalized, and there’s always a devil in personal form, actually denying those glimpses of Truth that she had. And, in the same way, there are glimpses of the fact that you don’t overcome these errors by might or by power but by knowing the Truth.

Then again, you go off onto a tangent and find that we have nothing to fear but sin and so forth and so on. And so the principle, as a principle, doesn’t exist in Christian Science, even though you can find confirming passages. But what has happened in the unfoldment that has come to me is number one:  a revelation of the impersonal nature of evil as a very consistent teaching without any contradictions; without any ifs, ands, or buts; without any accepting the Russians, or the Germans, or the Japanese, or the Jews but an absolute revelation of the impersonal nature of evil as human consciousness—a consciousness made up of good and evil. Here we not only have a consistent principle, which was originally indicated in Christian Science, but we go a step further and show you that what makes human consciousness this devil or enemy—and the only one—is the fact that human consciousness is made up of both good and evil and in some cases good or evil. So that we can pinpoint the entire evil of the world by saying, “Human consciousness is the only evil,” and what makes it evil is its belief in two powers, its foundation on two powers. We, as humans, believe in some things being good and some things being evil; therefore, we are human consciousness. Therefore, the evil is within ourselves.

Now just think, you don’t have to go around the world now trying to find the origin of evil. You know the origin of evil. It’s human consciousness made up of the belief in two powers. The moment you recognize that you know the answer, and the answer is knowing the truth that there aren’t two powers. There’s but one. The moment you come to that realization, you have started destroying your enemy. It’s the belief of good and power in you, which constitutes your human consciousness. Now, in proportion as the belief in good and evil—two powers—is overcome in you, you have that much less of human consciousness. Until, should it ever prove possible for an individual to wholly rise above the belief of good and evil, you would have the pure mind that was in Christ Jesus. You would have the pure mind of God, the pure consciousness, which is God; and in that sense, you would be God. All that constitutes being spiritual, or being Christly, or being a Son of God, or eventually being God is the degree of overcoming of the sense of two powers within an individual. The only thing that could make a person, and I’m thinking of the book of the teaching about how to make friends and influence people. That’s the most simple thing in the world how to make friends and influence people. Begin to look out at them as if Christ were their true identity; and they can’t help falling in love with you, because they know you have really detected them, the “them” that they know but nobody else can see.

You see each one of us, in our heart and soul, knows that we are absolute, pure Being. We all know that we have no faults. We all know that we’re perfect, but we also know that there are imperfections, which really are not our own being, which we hate, which we dislike, which we’d like to overcome and get rid of. You see no one could feel that way if they didn’t have a measuring rod, and that’s their own perfection. So each one knows the degree of their own imperfection, only because they know their own absolute perfection. Now, there’s no question about it, I know in my heart and soul that I am a perfect, spiritual individual. I’m a perfect, one hundred percent good human. But, I also know that there are traits, habits, natures, which operate as me, which I would love to be rid of, because they are less than what I am. They are superimposed upon me. They’re like, well, the dirt, the soot that gets on the face, and you know it’s not your face. But until you can get to that soap and water, you’ll have to bear with it. And so with us. I know that the traits, the characteristics, the human degree of imperfection that’s in me, I know it’s there. I’m very conscious of it, but I’m conscious of it because I have something to measure it with, and that’s me as I really am. And so, I would like to be rid of these other things. And I live just as you do for one purpose to free myself of these, so that I can live or could live as I really am inside.

Now, you’ve heard me joke about it a lot that I sing beautifully inside, only that won’t come out that well. And you know I’m always playing piano on a table. And that’s because I know what’s in me, and I can’t bring it out. It just will not come out. But it’s there. It’s there, and I know it. And it’s beautiful, and it’s perfect, and I love it, and I can’t get it out. And so it is that I know myself. I know that in my heart and soul and in my inmost being, I’m the most perfect individual on the face of this globe; but I’m sorry I can’t always bring it out and show it to you. But, I know that you’re the same. I have worked with people for thirty years, and I know how hard they strive, how hard the alcoholic strives to be rid of alcohol, how hard the liar strives to be more truthful. I know. I’ve watched their struggles. I’ve helped so many in the overcoming that I know each one has that same perfection I have, and the mere fact that they want to be healed shows they are trying to get back to their Christhood; and they have an awareness of their Christhood, otherwise there’d be no desire to get back there.

Now, this brings us to the fact, then, that we are divine, and that this human consciousness, this belief of good and evil is not our nature. It is something superimposed upon us in what was called the Garden of Eden that caused our expulsion from the Garden of Eden. And so, just as you know that if all of the evils and errors within you, all of the deflections could be removed from you, you’d be that perfect Christ, which you must have been in the beginning. So then, let us understand the principle that is revealed in The Infinite Way. The origin of evil is human consciousness, a consciousness made up of two powers. And that’s all there is to the evil of the world, and we don’t have to heal it in somebody else. We have to heal it in ourselves.