Original Iwihub.com transcript, transcriber Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser.

Let It Flow Out
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223A

  223A Let It Flow Out  

It is God’s will that we bear fruit richly. Herein is God glorified that we bear fruit richly. It’s really God’s function that everyone prosper, but it can’t be by running counter to the laws of God. Therefore, you can’t bring the laws of God to bear in your life. You can just make your life conform to the laws of God. And the first and most important part of that is the realization that there are not two powers; and that you do not fight the carnal mind, that you do not fight sin, that you do not campaign against alcoholism or drug addiction. As a matter of fact, those things really are not necessary. I can just tell one instance. You read a great deal in the papers about the evils of drug addiction in this country; and you perhaps, like others, believe that the way hasn’t been discovered to wipe this out. Don’t you believe it. In 24 hours, this country could be free of any additional drug addiction and then could go on gradually to healing those that they have on hand. But, they could stop the continuation of it in any 24-hour period that they want, only they’re not permitted, not even the government is permitted, because the forces that want that continued prosper too much by it continuing.

Shall I tell you that England has no drug addiction? They’ve discovered how to wipe it out of the land. England has a law that no drug addict has to buy drugs from anybody. If he’s an addict, he can go to a hospital and get a shot for nothing. And, the result is there are no dope sellers anymore in England, because they have no customers. Nobody needs a dope seller. If you’re an addict, you go to the hospital. When you go there, you are told, of course, that it’s expected that in so far as it is possible you accept some treatment to the ultimate overcoming of it. And, of course, in time many of them are healed. Others aren’t. They pass on. But, there’s no new ones coming in, because there’s no dope selling. Nobody, nobody’s encouraged to sell it. Nobody profits by selling it. Why should you sell something you can get free? Why does anyone want to buy something you can get for nothing? Do you see that? They have wiped it out. We could, too. All we have to do is say that, “Don’t buy it anymore from your dope seller. Go to the hospital, and we’ll give you a shot.” And, your dope racket’s ended.  Do you see that? There’s no use crusading. No use. Women crusaded for prohibition, and they got it. They got more headaches with it than they had before.

Don’t crusade. Turn to the spiritual principle and begin to nullify the carnal mind where greed comes from, lust, animality, injustice, so forth and so on. And, don’t campaign against the carnal mind as if it were an entity that had to be overcome but rather treat it with a gentle smile. “I know who thou art, nothingness. Some of your father the devil, and he never existed.” That’s the purpose of this “group of 25” that functions around the globe. In time, it’ll be 500 or 1,000 but that, too, depends on the degree of success that we obtain. In our work, you’re going to find a great secret. There’s no glory in it. There’s no fame in it, and there’s no profit in it. No one will ever know whether you stopped a tornado or not; and if you tell it to them, they won’t believe it. And nobody’s going to pay for it, and nobody’s going to build a monument. You’re a complete, anonymous person, and so it is in all of our Infinite Way activity.

You will never really have big groups, any of you. You’ll never have big audiences, any of you. The only way that you’re going to fulfill yourself is in your healing work. Tape recording groups, little teaching groups, they’ll evolve in time; but they’d be only feeders for the one great activity, which is healing. So, the activity that will both be enjoyable and profitable will be healing work. The rest of it will all be small. You may have a big practice. You can have a practice like one man I knew who had 3,000 patients that he worked for every day, and he found a way to work for them and do good healing work, too. Others with 1,500, and you can find a very satisfying life in the healing work and teaching and a very profitable one, because there’s nobody more grateful than a person who’s been spiritually healed. It seems to bring out every bit of gratitude and thankfulness in them.

But aside from that, it won’t be fortunes. No one in this work will ever make a fortune. No one will ever gain fame; and for every little bit of pleasure, call it fame if you like, that you get, you’ll get an awful lot of knocks from the world, so that you’ll gladly exchange your little fame for anonymity. And, you’ll find out why, down all these years, that as far as possible, I hid away from the world. I don’t seek notoriety or fame. I don’t seek public adulation. I don’t seek numbers of followers. I seek to hide away in a hotel somewhere where nobody knows that I’m there. And, the most that’s known about me is the hotel’s mail clerk who says, “Nobody ever gets as much mail as you do. You must be very famous.” And I say, “No, no, I’m not famous. People are just trying to borrow money.”

The more we can keep out of the limelight, the more we can hold our spiritual integrity. The more that we can keep away from name and fame, the more spiritual power we will embody, because the minute it gets known that’s when we bring the antagonism and the hatred of the world upon us. That’s when crucifixion begins and all of the rest of these things that really hamper your activity.

Thank you. Thank you.