Original Iwihub.com transcript, transcriber Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser.

Let It Flow Out
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223A

  223A Let It Flow Out  

Now, this is the power of what has happened. We, of course, can’t offer proof that our work was effective in this following case, although we believe that it was. But, we sat in Hawaii when we were threatened with a hurricane that the weather bureau plotted for us to hit us smack in the middle of the island and at 97 or 99 miles an hour, and it was going to just tear things loose. Well, they really tied down the whole island and everything on it to be prepared for this great tragedy. They even closed the schools, but our little group kept meeting all day and into the night. And, on the second day, first place it was postponed 24 hours by not catching up to us. And then, as it got nearer, we learned that they’d made a mistake. It wasn’t going to hit in the middle of the island. It was going to hit the tip of the island. Well, I should know that when it hit it hit 175 miles away from any island. None of our islands was hurt, and the school children had a holiday. Sammy says it’s a “Goldsmith holiday,” because they all went out and had their fun all day. There wasn’t a bit of a storm outside on the day when schools were closed, and everything was tightened down with anchors.

Now, you’d have a hard time convincing us that the realization that took place up in Hali Cove for 36 hours there didn’t have something to do for this reason that when the newspapers went to the weather bureau. And remember, they had not only charted it there but they sent airplanes out to go into the heart of the storm to chart it and then ask what was wrong. They said, “We can’t understand it. It just turned off, but there’s no reason for it. We can’t find a reason for it. It just happened that way, and that’s the end of that.”

Now, you see what we’re driving at is this. This was indicated last night. There’s only one real secret that The Infinite Way has and that is that what we’re up against in the entire world is temporal power or spiritual power. Which is the real? That, that’s the whole basis of Jesus’ teaching. When he came to this plane, the only powers were known were temporal powers, whether it was the temporal power of swords and spears, armies, or the temporal power of governments, the temporal power of dictatorships, the temporal power even of the synagogue, of the temple. Everything was temporal power. And now he comes along, and he announces the most startling statement that’s ever been made in the history of the world. “My kingdom is not of this world.” You can search the literature of all the peoples of all times, but you can’t find a more startling statement than that. “My kingdom is not of this world.” “Put up your sword. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”

“Now look, if we’re going to put up the sword, what do you want us to do? Die?” “No, I just told you that if you don’t put up the sword, you’ll die.” “Well then, what do I do, if I put up the sword?” “You resist not evil.” You don’t blame the world, do you, for saying that it’s crazy, and it can’t be done. It’s impractical. You have to be of spiritual illumination before you can really believe that there is a power greater than temporal power. And, in the face of this other power, temporal power doesn’t even exist. It isn’t even a power anymore. Even the grave can’t contain him. He is risen.

Do you see why it takes spiritual discernment to understand and to demonstrate The Infinite Way? The Infinite Way says with Jesus Christ, “Put up your sword.” Temporal power isn’t power. There is another power, which is no power, and no power is the only power. The still, small voice just what Elijah said, “The still, small voice.” This little thing that’s whispered in here stops storms out here, deflects epidemics. Oh, I know this that we could do it on a much wider scale, if the world were receptive or responsive to it; but the world is putting all its faith in temporal power. And, if it knew what we were doing, even while our whole motive is to save the world from its own follies, it would do more to destroy us than you can believe. It wants to be saved, but it wants to be saved in its way. It wants to be saved but in its way, not in a spiritual way. Spiritual way involves givingness, not gettingness, not in its human nature. So a person can’t have givingness until their human nature has been overcome.

Now, if you are working this way, impersonalizing good and impersonalizing evil in your own experience, you’ll find that when you come to the handling of these situations on a wider scale that they operate. But be sure of this. Don’t wait for storms to come. Do your work so that they can be dissolved without ever coming up. Don’t wait for epidemics. Ours is a daily work, and those who have come to these groups have virtually promised that not less than once a day they will give a meditation period to this work for the world. And in this period, they will not think of their own lives, or their families, or their business, or anything that’s personal to them. They will devote one period each day to the realization that the carnal mind isn’t power, that material sense isn’t power. That if God hasn’t ordained it, it has no existence. If God isn’t its Father, it doesn’t live. And you see, in handling it on this broad scale, you’re at the same time handling it for your personal self, because the lesser is always included in the greater.

But, the main thing is to drop all sense of self during this period and act as though you really believe that this principle can stop wars, can change the nature of dictators. I don’t mean only foreign dictators. We have domestic ones, too. All of the evils of the carnal mind, remember, aren’t Russian, or Japanese, or German, or Polish; and they’re not Jewish, and they’re not Christian. The evils of the world are human sense, and you’ll find them in any people, anywhere. Fortunately, only in a minor degree but it’s that minor degree that upsets the whole balance of the whole world, because they seem to take the initiative in control. The point is that we’re not fighting Republicans or Democrats. We’re not fighting Socialists or Communists. We’re not fighting churches. Don’t ever be guilty of going on a crusade. Don’t ever be guilty of espousing a cause, because if you do, you lose your own demonstration.

All evil is impersonal, and it has to be handled in an impersonal manner. And when it is handled in that manner, then your causes can prosper. In other words, your United Nations, as such, can’t do any more for the world than the League of Nations did. As a matter of fact, a little bit less because the United Nations was really born in sin, created in inequity; and it was empowered to be powerless from its beginning by right of its veto, so that anybody that doesn’t like what’s going on all they have to do is veto it; and that makes it inoperative. And so, it was really strangled before it was born, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be effective. Oh, yes, they can have the right of veto and never use it, but that isn’t going to be while personal sense governs or the carnal mind. That will only be when the carnal mind is so obliterated, that even though they have the power of veto, they’re not going to use it except for a righteous purpose.

It is in the same way that the mere fact that we’re Infinite Way students is no guarantee that we aren’t going to rob, cheat, and defraud each other. There’s only one guarantee of that, that is, of the overcoming of the carnal mind. Once that’s done, now then you can rest assured then there’ll be no robbing, cheating, defrauding. But the mere membership in a group, or an institution, or a church, or a religion is absolutely meaningless as long as the carnal mind remains present, functioning, operating.

So it is, if we, through our realization, can in this instance, in that instance, in this instance, prove that we can nullify the activity of the carnal mind, prove its nothingness, not by fighting it, not by going on campaigns for or against; by sitting quietly waiting for the still, small voice to assure us that it is on the field, then you will find that eventually our influence will be felt around the globe. That it isn’t an accident that the weather changes when the right spiritual atmosphere is created. It is no accident that the ranches, or the orchards, or the farms of those with metaphysical or spiritual understanding, they are much greater fruitage than others. It isn’t by accident that businesses conducted by spiritually minded men and women prosper more than other businesses. There are no accidents to that. That’s all part of the Divine Plan.