Original Iwihub.com transcript, transcriber Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser.

Let It Flow Out
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223A

  223A Let It Flow Out  

But, if you personalize it, as some of them did in the old days and the Master had to say, “If I go not away, the Comforter will not come to you.” You’ll never realize, then, that this good that’s coming to you through this person is the good that your own state of consciousness is drawing to you, and no persons are going to stay on this earth forever. And so, in the logical course of events, there may be loads and loads of people who in course of time will have to keep realizing that God Itself appears to them in whatever form is necessary—human, book, or whatever.

Now, it is in the same way, that just speaking as a group, that any of us could make mistakes. Any kind of mistakes is possible to us. But, our ability to impersonalize it brings about healing, brings about forgiveness; and the only time when we stop with each other is where we come to a place where the individual, in his human obstinacy, says, “No, you’re not going to change me or correct me. I’m going to keep doing what I want to keep doing.” Then is when we have to withdraw from them. We still won’t criticize or condemn them, but we’ll certainly recognize that you’re now no part of my demonstration. I have to go on, even if I leave behind mother, brother, sister, father, and all the rest of the family. I must go on. Now, so we forgive seventy times seven, but we may only forgive once or twice the person that we find or rather keep going with them insistent on their own way.

All right, now we’ve come to a place where we see two things. First of all, we must recognize all evil, regardless of its form, as this universal hypnotism, or carnal mind, or mortal mind; and then we must be sure that we do not set it up as a power opposite God. Don’t go back to God and devil, good and evil. Don’t go back to believing God as a great power over this evil, or that we’ll do something to this evil. Be sure that you stand firm in this. Evil isn’t a power. Evil hasn’t a law to maintain it. Evil hasn’t a consciousness to sustain it. Evil can only exist as long as there is personal sin to continue it. Then, the second part of our work is the ability ourselves to live in the state of forgiving seventy times seven, live in a state of give, of life, of mutuality, of cooperation, not only with each other but now in our relationships—as far as they permit it—with rest of the world.

Now, when we have done these things, we have not only eliminated a great many of the evils of our individual experience, but actually we find that we’re doing healing work for ourselves and for others; because all there is to healing work is the impersonalization of error. That’s all there is to it. The ability not to hate, love, or fear the appearance of error and understand that regardless of what form it assumes behind it is the substance of it, which is a fabric of nothingness. There are lots of tapes on that subject of the fabric of nothingness. And so it is, whatever form of evil you behold is merely a form of the substance of which is this fabric of hypnotism, mortal mind, carnal mind, the arm of flesh, nothingness, which we have learned to hate, to fear, or to love.

Now, here you have the life that is supposed to be led by The Infinite Way students with some knowledge of its principles. Those that take The Infinite Way that seriously as to make an effort to live this life eventually come to the place where you are, where your life is, in some measure, dedicated to The Infinite Way—not to a cause or movement, because we don’t have any but to the principle of living The Infinite Way, which you wish to spread abroad in the world. Now, we don’t spread it by proselytizing. We don’t spread it by missionary work. We spread it only by the degree of harmony that we show forth in our own lives and the attention that it attracts those it draws to us for whatever it is we have; so that our entire work is, more or less, that of a spiritual underground.

Now, by our living this way, by our support of the activities of this work, we have announced ourselves as being a part of that invisible bond that unites all of us. And so, we are led then to this group, which started with “25” and which now goes around the world, which is dedicated to a higher purpose than meeting your needs or mine. The purpose of this particular group is the meeting of world problems with the principles, which we are learning and which we are applying in our individual experiences.

Now, let us see how this operates, because by your being here, you have made yourself a part of this work, and you have an obligation. The first obligation is secrecy. There is nobody—supposedly there is nobody—in this world who knows of our work except ourselves. That is, if you have been faithful, you have told nobody about this “group of 25” or its activity, or what it does, or even that there is such a group in all the world. Nobody outside of ourselves is supposed to know this. The reason is, like everything else, once you announce something, you draw the antagonism of the entire world upon yourself and upon your activity; and if you hope to succeed in a spiritual work, you can do it better by not being crucified and having your work brought to an end.

Now, in a local way, supposing that your newspapers, radio, television announces that an epidemic is on the way to your particular community. That’s where you would immediately begin to function. You and anyone living in your vicinity who is a part of this group should get together. Now, of course, your work is done alone every day. I’m speaking now of a specific instance where something of a public nature comes to light, like an epidemic on the way, or a tornado, or a tidal wave, terrific storm, threatened war. You individually do this and, as fast as you can, collectively with anyone around you in your community who you know to be a part of this group. And, you begin right there and then to nullify this experience that’s due to strike.

How? First of all, by realizing that whatever its name or nature, it has its origin in the carnal mind, or mortal mind, or the arm of flesh; and it is not a presence, and it is not a power. Actually, it is a mind creation, not a God creation. It’s a creation that comes out of the mind of men. God never started an epidemic of anything. God never started a tornado. God never started a volcano. Elijah saw that. God isn’t in any of those things. But, there is a remedy. There is an antidote for them. That is the still, small voice, so that all you have to do is to sit and begin the conscious remembrance of your principles. “What am I faced with here? An appearance, an evil appearance, a form of evil, any form, epidemic, storm, war, animality in the human mind. Yes, but where does it have its rise? In the human mind, in the carnal mind, the mortal mind. Is it ordained of God? No. Has it God’s blessings? No. Does God prosper it? No. What then is to maintain it or sustain it? Nothing but the belief in the fears of man whose breath is in his nostrils, and that isn’t a power. For all power is God power, and only God is power. Only the still, small voice is power, and it’s sufficient power to still any storm at sea, or on land, or in the air.”

Now, recognizing this, I sit back, and in a few minutes, I feel God’s peace upon me. Or, the Voice really gives me a message, a Bible passage. In some way or other, I have the realization that God has spoken. Nothing left now but for the earth to melt.

Now, because of the tenacity of universal belief, I may have to return to this an hour from now and do it again. I have to send for three or four friends who are part of this group and let all sit and realize it together. Two or more gathered together, you know, support each other, uphold each other, make it easy for each other to settle back into peace; and we persist in this until the danger is past, until the situation has been met. And, I want you to know how effective this is that throughout the epidemic of Asian flu last year, not one of our practitioners anywhere around the globe reported a single case among our students. Not one. Not one has come into my mail and from everyone who has written me, not one has brought forth a case of Asian flu; and in the very few cases where some of our practitioners met it outside of our student body, they met it usually in a few hours instead of days.