Original Iwihub.com transcript, transcriber Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser.

Let It Flow Out
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223A

223A Let It Flow Out Tape
Now, if you see any form of error as a person or condition, from the standpoint of The Infinite Way, you’re licked. You can’t heal. You can’t improve. You can’t change. You can’t reform. The minute sympathy or pity enters your thought you might as well go back to some other work. Get into some other activity or some other religion, because you’re not going to go far in this work. In this work, person has nothing to do not even with their own troubles. They didn’t cause it. They didn’t bring it on. They’re victims of it. You see, what about the person who insists on drinking alcohol or spending more than they earn? They’re not cause. They’re effect. The carnal mind is still operating in them. When it isn’t, they won’t be that way. There’s no use trying to change them, because even if you changed them and you haven’t touched the carnal mind, they’re going to get that way again. In other words, the Master said, “You sometimes get rid of one error to make room for seven,” or “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” In other words, even if you remove an erroneous effect from any person’s life and you don’t change their consciousness, you’re just leaving them victims for the same thing, or some other thing, or twice as many things to come back on them tomorrow or the day after. So, in no case is healing your main object. It is the change of consciousness that is your main object. The healing is a natural result.

Now, when you begin to understand this and you learn to do your daily protective work for yourself, and if you’ll notice that throughout our monthly letters, in every single year there’s at least one important letter on the subject of “protective work” and this year probably more, because I have observed now in my travels that most of our students completely ignore this work. They would rather have a nice, absolute teaching where you sit on cloud nine, flap your wings, and say, “There is no error.” Then wonder why you fall off and hit the ground. You can’t do that with any spiritual teaching. This is not a teaching of blind faith. This is not a teaching where you have a nice, personal God all your own taking care of you, because you’re a metaphysician or an Infinite Way student. This is a teaching where “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

This teaching doesn’t say anything about God. God’s already doing Its work. God’s already about Its own business. God is already functioning beautifully, maintaining two times two is four, do re mi is do re mi, grass from grass, apples from apples, peaches from peaches. Oh, God’s work is going on beautifully. You can’t find any lack or limitation in God’s world, not even in the physical world. There are just as many blades of grass in depression as in a boom, just as many apples, just as many oranges, just as many of everything. Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with God’s world. What’s wrong is with our sense of God’s world. Therefore, the entire responsibility is up to you and me to govern our lives in accord with God’s laws.

Now, the first thing we have to do is this daily protective work, not in the sense that we’re protecting ourselves from evil. Heaven forbid that anyone should do that but protecting ourselves from this universal belief in a power apart from God, protecting ourselves, in other words, opening our consciousness to the truth that I in the midst of me is the only power, and that this carnal mind is not a law, not a power, not a presence, not a cause, can have no effect. That the carnal mind is inoperative wherever it is recognized as no substance, no presence, no power. That goes back to the Allness of God but with a specific realization that we are not demonstrating the Allness of God as long as there is a trace of sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, or even aging in our bodies, minds, lives.

Now, the second part of our work is in living the principles of The Infinite Way. For instance, we understand from our work that good does not come to us. There isn’t even a God to give us good. The God that we understand is a God of grace that’s always functioning. It’s always giving, sharing, bestowing. Not in any personal sense but the same sense that the Sun is always pouring out light and warmth, and nobody has to pray about that. Don’t give any thought at all to the Sun. It’s always about its own business of giving light and warmth. You’ll notice the tides come in and go out without anybody praying for it. You notice how all of these things of God keep functioning. Only man seems to think that he doesn’t function, that he sits and lets something else function to him. And, therefore, whatever he thinks of love, he thinks of love coming to him. And, of course, by that very belief, he shuts out any possibility of love ever reaching him. There just is no way for love to reach the person who is looking for it, or seeking it, wanting it, or desiring it. There’s no way. It doesn’t operate that way. It’s just as if the Sun were to stand around waiting for light and warmth. It can’t get them. It has to express them.

So, our discovery has been that the only love that’ll ever come into my life is the love that I let flow out from me. The only supply that I’m ever going to enjoy is the supply that I let flow out from me. Heaven forbid if I should sit around praying for supply to come in, or expecting it, or even to look to anyone for gratitude, or cooperation, or appreciation. That’s all a denial of God, because my good comes from God. Not tomorrow. Million, billion years ago in the beginning, it was incorporated in my being. All I have to do is to keep pushing it out; and the harder and the faster I push it out, the harder and the faster it pours in. Whether we’re thinking of supply of dollars, or supply of love, or supply of gratitude, or supply of health, or supply of anything else, the very belief that any of these can come to me puts me back into old theology where all I’ve got is threescore years and ten and a resting place out in Forest Hills. But, life eternal is demonstrated by knowing God, and the only way I can know God is to know that God constitutes my being, and, therefore, my being is infinite, and now I have to act it.

Now, if I follow the Master—and I try, even when I fail I’m still trying—but when I follow the Master, I find out that prayer is of no avail when it’s limited to my friends, relatives, patients, or students. That if I’m not praying for the enemy, I’m not praying. If I follow the Master, I learn that if I gave away every dollar I have in the bank and somebody knew about it, it would do me no good spiritually. My alms must be secretly done and not only to my friends and relatives but universally. If I follow the Master, I know that I can’t seek anything that inflates my ego, even to be caught praying is to be building my own ego, because men will think I’m good or religious. If I follow the Master, I understand that I’m not loving God supremely while I’m not loving man; therefore, “inasmuch as you’ve done it unto the least of these my brethren, you’ve done it unto me.” So, it is only, then, in proportion as my life is a life of givingness that my life is a life of Godliness—goodness in health, harmony, wholeness, completeness, perfection.

Now then, this poses two questions for us. The first one is: Am I training myself never to judge, criticize, condemn person but to realize that I’m not dealing with the errors of person? I’m dealing with the errors of universal sense, so that when I do see a person in some negative position, whether it’s sin, lack, limitation, disease, death, old age, that instead of letting my thought go to them, I instantly go to the fact, “Ah, this is a product of the carnal mind, or mortal mind, or the arm of flesh, which is nothingness. There’s no power here. This is only the result of somebody, especially the world itself, believing in these two powers—good and evil. And, when I nullify the belief of power in the carnal mind, I find it nullified in the experience of the individual who has come seeking that help.”

Now, when we begin, through our daily protective work, our daily meditations, to impersonalize both good and evil, realize whatever good there is, is really God. It isn’t personal. It hasn’t anything to do with person, even though they may be the instrument for it. In other words, I’m in the position very often of receiving very generous checks from some students, and I thank them, and I am deeply appreciative that they are so receptive to the divine impulse that I never forget that it’s really God supporting The Infinite Way activity around the globe. It’s God doing that. The receptive individual is an instrument. Well, you’re in the same position when you’re witnessing me at work out here. So, you can’t help being grateful and appreciative that it’s happening, but you’d lose the whole demonstration if you didn’t see that I was but an instrument through which or as which this Infinity was operating in your consciousness. And, it wasn’t me being good to you. It was your own consciousness drawing to you your own. Therefore, if I want to retire anytime, it’d be no loss to you, because your consciousness will draw unto you your own. So, it would have to be somebody else, or some other book, or God Itself. It’ll always be.