Original Iwihub.com transcript, transcriber Hilda Soon, proofread by Zane Maser.

Let It Flow Out
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223A

pdf-49px223A Let It Flow Out Tape

Good morning.

All right, we’ll start with New York City, and this is our morning “group of 25.” It is called the “group of 25,” because the very first meeting consisted of 25 students, and it began, incidentally, right here in New York. By now, this group is about 250, instead of 25, and it functions around the clock. That means if it is 10:30 in New York City right now where we are functioning, it’s 9:30 in Chicago, and somebody is functioning there; and it’s 10:30 further West, and somebody’s functioning there, or 8:30 rather, and 7:30 still further West. And, it’s 4 o’clock in morning somewhere else, and somebody is functioning; and so completely around the clock, some members of the “group of 25,” which really is over 250, is functioning somewhere in the world and functioning for a specific purpose.

To understand that purpose, you have to understand, first of all, the basic principles of The Infinite Way. And, the first is this. We have discovered why there is sin, disease, and death in the world. We have discovered why there is lack and limitation and why there are wars. And, we have discovered something more. We’ve discovered how to eliminate these errors. Now, we haven’t proven it on the level of the world. We haven’t proven it on the level of the major world problems, but that isn’t of any more significance than the fact that when the Wright brothers sent up their airplane for 57 seconds they proved that you could go around the world in an airplane. The mere fact that it could stay up 57 seconds under control meant that it was only a question of time when they could stay up 57 hours. And, when they went 100 miles an hour, they proved for all time that you could go 1,000 miles. It just was a matter of construction, of engineering.

So it is, when the first metaphysical healing took place, if it was only a simple headache or indigestion, it proved for all time that any and every disease in the world could be met. It was just a question of developing the principle and then developing the consciousness necessary to bring it about.

Now then, the first thing that advanced students of The Infinite Way must know is this. It would be good if beginners could know it, but they can’t receive it. They can’t grasp it that the personalization of error or the personalization of good is the major cause of all error in the world. Or, we could put it the other way that impersonalization of good and impersonalization of evil is the secret of bringing harmony.

Now, the world for thousands of years has been praying in a personal way, trying to address an infinite, spiritual God to heal your or my body, or your dog or my dog, and, of course, the only answers that it gets are the accidental ones. There is no principle of prayer that’s ever been discovered by a church that actually works. The nearest is the metaphysical work that’s being done. Outside of the metaphysical field, the prayers of the rest of world are just so much wasted time. It makes no difference what their denomination or religion may be. The reason is that their prayer is a personalization both of God and of man, and there is no such God. God cares just as much for a blade of grass, as It does for a million dollar crop of cotton. God cares just as much for one lone pear tree in your yard, as for an entire orchard of fruit trees or an entire state of oil wells. God is no respecter of persons, and God is no respecter of your conditions or my conditions. God is infinite Being, and God is no respecter of persons. God isn’t going to heal your person or my person, or your child or my child, unless God could heal every person and every child. Then, you could talk about prayer being effective, but so long as it’s aimed only at doing something for you or me, you’re certainly operating outside the realm of God. You’re operating in personal sense.

Do you think for a minute that God can be molded to do my will or your will? You can mold your will to the Divine and find that you will never in your life have a discord in proportion as you can mold your will to the Divine. But trying to mold God’s will to your need or my need is just the same type of stupidity that’s been going on in the religious world for thousands of years. And, if anyone thinks it isn’t stupidity, just look at the results out in the world.

Now, it is true that in the kingdom of God there’s neither sin, disease, nor death, but that must mean that in the kingdom of God there are no persons either to experience sin, disease, or death. As long as you have persons who can experience sin, disease, or death, you’re outside the realm of God. And, you can’t bring God down to that sick or sinning person. All you can do is lift that person up out of personal sense into God. Then, you really see the results of prayer.

Now, what binds us, then, to sin, disease, death, lack, limitation on the personal, individual level but this personal sense, false sense of person, limited finite sense of person; and above all things, we’ve discovered how that came into existence through the belief of good and evil. The minute there is no belief in your mind of good and evil, the minute you are making no distinction between good and evil, or in proportion, since there isn’t anybody that has completely overcome that belief of good and evil. Jesus Christ said he had. “I have overcome the world.” But, we haven’t any record since then of anyone saying that they have completely overcome the world. It means you’ve overcome the sense of good and evil and no longer say this is good and that is evil.

Now, and we’re applying this at this moment in individual experience. This is your experience and mine that we’re interested in at this moment, because there’s no use trying to save New York City, or Los Angeles, California, or the world, until we have at least demonstrated we can save ourselves. If we don’t have 57 seconds in the air, don’t try to go around the world. Let’s be sure we have control of ourselves for 57 seconds; then we can start out with the world. So, our demonstration becomes an individual one on the level of myself or yourself. And, how do we go about it? In The Infinite Way, we don’t have sympathy, and we don’t have pity. We don’t allow any personal sense to enter our thought regarding any person or situation, because we’re dealing with a principle.

That principle says that all error may be summed up in certain words or terms, and we have used, for instance, the term “carnal mind,” the term Paul used—the carnal mind as a blanket word for all forms of evil, whether it’s some false desire, false appetite, some sin, some disease, some lack, some limitation, unemployment, fruit flies. Whatever it may be, we have learned to impersonalize. Therefore, we do not say ever that you are sinful, or he or she is sinful, nor do we say that you are sick, or he or she is sick; or that you, or he, or she is responsible for your sickness by wrong thinking or that you can correct it by right thinking. Our entire work is based on the fact that the sum total of error, of evil of any name or nature can be included in that term carnal mind or the one that Mrs. Eddy gave us, “mortal mind.” Jesus used the term, “your father the devil.” But what he actually demonstrated was that your father the devil is a nothingness without power. On that basis he healed. “This is of your father the devil; therefore, it’s nothing. Get out.”