1955 Johannesburg Closed Class
Joel S Goldsmith
The Inner Meaning
Tape 705A

705A The Inner Meaning

Now, so with us. This means of spiritual living does not result in frustration and it is not escapism. It is the most practical way of living in a practical universe that you can possibly know, because when you have attained the ability to live through this realization of the Christ, live it and have it with you on all occasions, you’ll find how practical it is in helping you meet your bills, and keep your body well, and keep your home in order. Oh, you’ll be surprised when once you see it operate, how practical it is.

Q: Will you please explain the subconscious mind and the part it plays?
A: No, I’m sorry I can’t explain it because I don’t know what it is. I have never learned anything about the subconscious mind and don’t know even if there is one, so I’m not in a position to explain it. I know of only one mind and that is God. And I know that we, when we live without this conscious realization of the presence of the Christ, are not living through that mind, but rather through our finite concept of that mind. And therefore we are never attaining our full capacities, but I do not know those divisions called subconscious, conscious, super conscious; I’ve never come into experience with them.

Q: How am I to know my purpose and plan in life if I am to cut out all desires and ambition?
A: Now again that is a misunderstanding. If we desire to be a businessman when actually we should be a professional man or artistic man, we may thwart our life plan. Whereas if, while we perform our everyday functions that are given us to do, if we in our prayers, in our communion, turn to the Father within, and in the sense of “reveal the plan for me, reveal my purpose in life,” keeping on doing right now what we are doing, while we are doing it. And yet praying this inner prayer for guidance, the way will open to lead us out of what we are doing into what we should be doing.

Now that doesn’t mean giving up ambition. On the contrary, it is indicative of the fact that we are ambitious to be fulfilled. We are ambitious to see ourselves functioning in a rightful order. When I speak of desires and ambitions, I’m speaking of the false sense of these that lead men to become dictators, or lead men to positions in and out of government, in and out of business, that takes them into high places without due regard and consideration for the rights of the world. In other words, false ambition I speak of as being erroneous, not a rightful ambition.

Certainly it is a rightful ambition to be successful. It would be a wrongful ambition merely to be successful to acquire a million dollars. And so one has to understand what they mean by desires and ambitions. It’s right to desire the realization of God. It is right to desire that God fulfill Itself in harmony in our daily living. But to go into God in prayer with a specific desire that we want God to fulfill, results in failure, because God does not fulfill our desires, God fulfills Itself in us.

Q: Do you think when passing from this earth, earth plane, we would recognize our dear ones who have gone before us?
A: Well that term ‘dear ones’ would be subject to interpretation. We are always brought into union or oneness with those, who for some reason should form part of our consciousness. Now, if there is a reason for us being re-united, we will be. And if there isn’t a reason, we will function some other place. The same law prevails there as here.

You will find that for three years Jesus was not united with his mother or his family. Why? They lived only a few miles away from each other, but their lives had nothing in common. And so their path did not cross. When it came to the point of Crucifixion the family were all united again. And in that moment his mother attained her vision of the nature of her son. And therefore the Master indicated that from there on in they would be united, and he turned her over to his disciple for care, which must have meant not so much for support as for spiritual teaching. In that consciousness they would be united. Had either one passed on before that there would have been no reason for them being united, because they had no conscious interest in each other.

So it is, we right now on this plane, some of us, do not see our own families, do not see our own brothers and sisters for years and years and years and years, and they live right down the street from us. But why should we meet? When the only bond there is between us is that we had the same mother and father? There’s no other bond. We have no interests in common. We have no thought in common. We have no life in common. So why should we clutter up each other’s time just because we accidentally were born to the same mother and father. And if that relationship continues unto the departure from this earth, I can’t possibly see any reason for meeting them somewhere else. Certainly I’m not meeting them here, what would I want to meet them there for? (Laughter)

But on the other hand if you and I are united in this work, in this teaching so that we have a common bond; we love this work, we love this concept of God, we love this life of Christ together, I doubt whether the grave is ever going to separate us. As a matter of fact I’m sure that it is not going to separate any of us who finally attain a common bond in this spiritual relationship. Not even the grave will sever us from each other, but it may well sever us from some of our friends and relatives.

Now if you mean dear ones in the sense that I mean it right here, those who are a part of my spiritual household and whom I always want to know and meet, if there are those who are a part of your life and you are a part of theirs, not even the grave will separate you. And I can go a step further and speak with authority, that if either you or your dear one depart from this experience, that you won’t have to wait for the other one to depart, to meet. You don’t ever have to be separated. The relationship can continue just as if there were no interruption. And the reason is this; your dear one is not dead. Your dear one has not gone any place, unless you eject them from your consciousness. And I began this evening by saying to you that nothing happens except that which happened in your consciousness. If you drop someone out of your consciousness, they’re gone from it. And that means whether they’re still on this plane or not. But on the other hand, those whom you hold in your consciousness remain there forever, and even the experience of the grave will prove to be no separation. My mother’s right here!

Q: When you say that prayer is not an asking for anything, but purely a realization of God, how would you regard a prayer for increased ability to realize God, increased ability to love and trust and so forth?
A: I would agree with that form of prayer. I would agree with any desire or request of a spiritual nature. If you will turn to the Lord’s Prayer you will find that it says, “Give us this day our daily bread!” But if you study the writings of the Master you will find that he did not mean baker’s bread. He didn’t use the word in the meaning of baker’s bread. When he said, “I am the bread” he wasn’t talking about a loaf of baker’s bread, and you know it. He was talking about the spiritual substance of life. And so when he prayed, “Give us this day our daily bread” he was praying, “Give us this day Father, the realization of Thy presence. Give us the conscious realization of spiritual substance. Open our eyes to the presence of divine grace.”

In the same way when he said, “I have meat ye know not of” he certainly wasn’t talking about butcher’s meat, you know that. He didn’t carry around a package of butcher’s meat with him when he said, “I have meat ye know not of”. (Laughter) No, he was talking about Meat with a capital M, the spiritual substance of life, the spiritual food. When we have enough of that we require much less of material food. We can often miss meals and not miss them, or cut our meals in half if we have enough spiritual bread and spiritual meat.
When he said to the woman at the well of Samaria, “I can give you water, living waters” he didn’t need that bucket to get it with, because he had it within his own being. You don’t think that water was material? And so when the Master prays, “Give us bread, meat, wine, water” he is talking about the activity and substance of God, the life of God, the love of God. And so when we talk about the blood of Jesus we’re not talking about these red and white corpuscles, we’re talking about that immortal sense of life that Jesus so well knew. Then when we talk in that sense we’re talking correctly.