1955 Johannesburg Closed Class
Joel S Goldsmith
The Inner Meaning
Tape 705A

705A The Inner Meaning

Now, I would like to bring to your attention this point. God is and God fills this room. That is available to you and to me only in proportion as we open our consciousness to It. Otherwise it can be in this room, it can be sitting on your lap, but it will bring no benefit to you, because nothing can come into you except through an activity of your consciousness. In other words your body can’t admit anything to you, your eyes, your ears. There has to be consciousness before any part of the body functions. In the absence of consciousness there’s a corpse. Do you see that?

Now, just as you cannot study music except through your consciousness. You cannot study art, literature, mathematics; these can only enter you through entering your consciousness. So it is with God. God is available. “But,” the Master says, “Do you have eyes and do not see? Do you have ears and do not hear?” In other words, can’t you admit into your consciousness, into your inner vision this thing called God or are you blind to It’s presence? Are you deaf to It’s presence? And the answer for most of us most of the time is, “Yes, we are not listening and we are not looking for it.” We are so busy going ahead with what we are doing, and how we are doing it that we leave no room for the transcendental and invisible presence and power that can transform our lives. We make no room for it.

Now then, if any benefit is to enter your experience, it must enter through your consciousness. It must enter through an activity of your consciousness. So that if you hope eventually, to be guided by the still small voice, to be led, to be directed by infinite intelligence, you through an act of consciousness, must open your eyes and ears to that invisible.

Now that must become a daily practice. And I don’t mean once a day, I mean a daily practice all day, because it’s very, very difficult at first. We are just accustomed to jumping out of bed, and under the shower or into the tub, into our clothes and down to breakfast and out to the office. And it won’t do in the spiritual world. In that time between bed and leaving the house for the office, there should already have been twelve opportunities for opening that ear for the realization of the presence of the Christ. You can imagine how many hundred times it must happen during the day until that day comes when it is no longer a conscious activity, a thought activity. When it is something that takes place as automatically as our digestion does. Do you see that?

Now never believe for a moment that just by saying, “Oh, I leave it to God!” that you really and truly are leaving it to God, because you aren’t. If you really were, it would always be perfectly done. No, no, very seldom are you leaving it to God when you say you’re leaving it to God. You are just evading the issue and hoping that it’ll come out right and justify you. Actually, when you can truthfully say, “I leave it to God” is when you have come to the place where thirty, forty, fifty times a day you actually do open your consciousness and say, “All right Father, take over!” or just blink the eye in recognition of the activity of the Christ or presence of the Christ. Then you can say, “I’ve turned it over to God.” But don’t think for a minute that once a week you can turn something over to God, you can’t. There’s no God waiting. God is only on the scene in proportion as we consciously open our consciousness to It’s activity. Otherwise you are living under the law. This wise you are living under grace.

Now, without this opening of consciousness to God or the realization of the Christ, you are living under the law, and you may be affected by weather, or you may slip in the bathtub, or your car may run into a telegraph pole, or any one of the thousands of things that happen to human beings can come nigh your dwelling place, while you’re under the law, while you’re leaning only to your own understanding, while you are trying to navigate your life alone. But from the moment that you agree with yourself, from the moment that you agree to admit the Christ into your relationship with everyone on earth, admit the Christ into your meal time, admit the Christ into your business life, home life, marketing, shopping, purchasing life, from that moment on you move out from under the law and begin to live under grace.

Why under grace? Because having admitted the Christ, the Christ is always going before you to make the crooked places straight. The Christ is always walking beside you as protection, as it were. Actually there’s nothing to be protected from. It’s a term meaning that in the realization of this Christ the discords and inharmonies of human experience evaporate. And so it is that we live under grace when we live through the spirit of Christ. Paul gives it to us in this way that I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me. Do you see that?

Now, we might say the same identical thing that, if before coming to this desk, I have opened myself to the activity of the Christ. Then I can be assured that the class will be well taken care of, because the Christ has been admitted to care for it. Not my memory of something that I knew yesterday, not my memory of something I’ve read or written, but actually whatever the presence of God wishes to deliver to this class will come through if I have admitted the Christ into the experience. It won’t come through if I try to live by memory or what I’ve known before or read before, or something of that kind.

And so it is in every business transaction, when we rely on our own understanding, on our own judgment, on our own capacity, we may have lots of success and some failures, and sometimes the failures will outweigh the successes. But whether or not we do have all successes, we will not have the complete satisfaction and permanence that will come to us through admitting the Christ into our experience. Because then under all conditions, all circumstances we can rest in peace knowing that this invisible God is on the scene.