Original Iwihub.com transcript by Michael Collie

Private 25 Tapes
Proving Carnal Mind No Power
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 294A

 294A Proving Carnal Mind No Power

Another time you have the grip and flu season. And another time you have the polio season. And another time you have a cancer drive on the air or a tuberculosis drive on the air. Now there’s nothing wrong about sending them a cheque and helping them at their level, because in order to love our neighbour as ourself, remember we have to help our neighbour at his level, that’s alright. Suffer it to be so now and don’t turn a hungry man away and just tell him God is love. Give him a meal first and let him see some evidence of it. But, don’t accept the cancer drive, the polio drive, the tuberculosis drive as if it needed to be. And so these serve as reminders to you that the only existence they have in human consciousness is because carnal mind, the belief in two powers said so. There again, you don’t refute, you don’t fight, you don’t argue, you don’t battle. Quietly you know the truth. Carnal mind isn’t a power. It is the arm of flesh, or nothingness. And so you begin to witness the evaporation of these epidemics.

You see, these tapes of the 25, you are asked that if you have one of them, or if you ever come into possession of one of them, that you do not permit anyone to hear them except those that are of these groups or who have come sufficiently far along as to be ready to be admitted to these groups, for this reason: You don’t want this talked about publicly. You don’t want to make yourself look ridiculous and tell the human world you are going to stop a hurricane. You don’t want them to believe that we are crack-pots and that we are going to stop epidemics. And that’s all that the world can believe about such things. Let’s do it without telling them. Let’s obey the Master and pray in the inner sanctuary where we can’t be seen of men and let the God who seeth in secret reward us openly, because we are not looking for the adulation of mankind.

Always remember this, above all try not to forget it. Anytime anyone places a crown on your head, just look behind it for the cross, it’s waiting for you. Anytime they pin a medal on you, just look behind them and you’ll see a knife in their hand. Don’t accept the adulation of man whose breath is in his nostril. Don’t look for thanks, even if by this principle you do wipe out an epidemic or stop a storm from destroying a city. For God’s sake, don’t look around for any man’s thanks. You won’t get it, but your apt to believe for a moment that you can get it and enjoy it, but you can’t and you won’t. The work that we are doing we are not doing for today. And we are not doing it for your sake or for my sake. Whatever we are doing is merely that the kingdom of God be established on Earth, that’s all. And, we don’t need any thanks for it, we don’t want any thanks for it, and above all, we don’t want any credit for it. For every ounce of credit you get you will drink many bottles of gall. So don’t look around and hope that your neighbour is going to thank you because you stopped the storm. He’s going to ridicule you and report you to the police department or the health authority.

This work is a secret work and a sacred work. We don’t want pay for it, we don’t want credit for it, we don’t want monuments built to it and above all things we never never want any part of the world to say the Infinite Way benefited the world to this extent. That would be fatal. That would be fatal. The reason is this. Human nature isn’t constructed on such a basis that it wants to permanently acknowledge anybody or anything for any reason. Therefore, you build up antagonisms that interfere with your work. Don’t you know that the finer work that a group does, a church group, or any kind of a group, the closer they are to being torn down by the public. We nearly in Hawaii lost all the benefit of that Hawaii University, University of Hawaii, for lack of support, for lack of recognition and for public ridicule in the press. We nearly lost it. It was just one of those things, and now of course everyone is enthusiastic about it and the powers that be in Washington all want to rush 88 million dollars down there to it, for your sake and mine I guess. But the point is that every institution that become known for doing work ultimately becomes a target. Let us please forget all such things as thanks and recognition. All we want is to be obedient, not for obedience’s sake, no no no. Heaven forbid. We want to be obedient because in his experience and mine, I have found that what I do secretly and sacredly, flourishes. And I haven’t missed my picture in the papers or a parade down Broadway. And don’t build a tomb or model for me on 40 second. My wife is going to do something for me, have a statue built with George Cohen, but that will take from the religious aspect.

Now, I would like to see these groups flourish. And I don’t mind how small they are because we have already witnessed that just two or three or four of us, even one, can do wonderful things. I may be foolish enough to believe that all the work I have done for five years on this has brought this beginning to the United States and Canada. I really believe that carnal mind has been lessened to such an extent that this could gain recognition. And I believe that everyone of us can do the same thing. Not by might or by power, not by anything that will enable us to deserve plaudits, but simply by knowing this truth. Quietly, sacredly,  secretly. Carnal mind, there wouldn’t be a sin, disease or death in the world if it wasn’t for carnal mind, and carnal mind is the belief in two powers, and there aren’t two powers. And it’s as simple as that when brought to realisation. And that’s our function.

Thank you.