Original Iwihub.com transcript by Michael Collie

Private 25 Tapes
Proving Carnal Mind No Power
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 294A

 294A Proving Carnal Mind No Power

Now, the whole revelation that constitutes the Infinite Way is this: That the more power you bring to bear, the worse off you’ll be in the end. The harder you fight, the more power you bring to bear on evil or error, the more the reaction will be on yourself. That the secret of harmonious demonstration lies not in the use of power, but in the absence of power. Not building up more and more material power and physical strength and physical might, and certainly what some of the schools are doing now and building up mental power and mental might, but the opposite of these. Abiding in the word that material power and mental power is the ‘arm of flesh’. That material force and mental force are not power. I alone am power. I alone am. I in the midst of me is mighty so that nothing and nobody else is mighty. Without the use of power, without projecting thought, without trying to heal somebody, or improve somebody or change somebody, but abiding faithfully, secretly, sacredly, at the centre of your own being and just looking out there and smiling at what claims to be more power than we have. We don’t have any power. We have the understanding, we shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. And we know that material force and power and mental force and power is the ‘arm of flesh’.

I in the midst of me am mighty. And it isn’t a power I can use, it is a power that can use me. It isn’t a power I exert over anyone. But is a power that draws unto me my own. It is the power of silence. But a silence in which there is no trace of desire, ambition, wanting, achieving, accomplishing. A complete relaxing into the realisation, I in the midst of me is mighty. And unto it I surrender myself and the belief in two powers. The belief that carnal mind is power. Now purposely I have avoided saying that greed, lust and ambition aren’t power, because these are effects and if you overcame those effects you still have the cause of them. Just like assassinating dictators is a waste of good ammunition because you don’t eradicate dictatorship. And as long as there is dictatorship, there will be someone along to manifest dictator. The thing to do is to nullify dictatorship, wipe it out of human consciousness and then it doesn’t find any individuals in whom on whom through whom to operate. How is that done? By the recognition of the fact that all that makes for dictatorship or tyranny is actually an activity of carnal mind. And carnal mind isn’t an actor or a power or a be-er or a doer, it is the arm of flesh or nothingness.

Don’t try to lop-off the branches of a tree. Don’t try to heal a little sin here and a little disease there, and a little unkindness there, and a little unhappiness there, because while the source remains the effects will go on. And even if the person suffering from it dies, the next generation is being born right away. We have to nullify out of human consciousness the qualities that take hold of the infant the moment they are born and makes some of them dictators and others gangsters and others this or that or the other thing.

We begin in a small way with ourselves, first by realising that whatever the nature of the sin, the disease, the lack, the limitation, the unhappiness, whatever its name or nature its source is carnal mind, the belief in two powers. And then go on from there and realise that since God is infinite  and is Omnipresence in the midst of me, there are no other powers to function. There are no other powers. Therefore this carnal mind, mortal mind, which is the belief in two powers, is dead. I have died to the belief in two powers. Then gradually you find that the erroneous traits and their results begin to fade out of our experience. Then we turn to those who are closest to us. We are more aware of their faults than we are of our own so we have a good playground there. But instead of indulging the usual family squabbles about you are this and you are that, you are the other, and he is this and she is this, we should be far too advanced to indulge that. Far too advanced to personalise any of the evil qualities that we are finding in our friends or relatives. We should be far enough along to say that his isn’t you, not them, heaven forbid, to ourselves: this isn’t you, this isn’t a quality of you. All I am faced with is the temptation to believe in two powers. A divine mind and a mortal mind. A good and an evil. This is me, this is my problem. This is being presented to me. Do I believe in two powers? Do I believe that carnal mind is a power? Do I believe it can create sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, or do I see it for what it is, the arm of flesh? As you impersonalise and nothingise, their response to you has to change, it has to change. In some few cases when it is too deeply in-ground in them, they will just be taken out of your life and in many cases you will fight that too. You’d rather have them back with their evil, but the principle won’t let it be that way.

Now, it only takes a few little instances of healing through that, of changes of character, of changes of habit until you realise you’ve got your hands on a real live principle. You have been battling evil in people. You have been battling their disposition. You have been battling their nature, their character and the causes of their diseases. And you have perpetuated them and sometimes increased them. Whereas, this whole principle from the beginning has been, resist not evil for it isn’t power. Recognise the source, this isn’t a person acting, this is carnal mind acting. And carnal mind isn’t an actor, it’s a belief in two powers, it isn’t even a mind. There is only one power. Then do you not see that you are ready for this next step which I so in hope that these groups of 25 will undertake? That is in handling the evils that appear on a larger scale in your community. It may be that you are threatened with a cyclone. And we have proven five times that when the tidal wave or the storm, the hurricane was due to hit, it was dissolved. Or in one instance or two, that it was deflected and went so far off of its course that it threw itself out into the sea and that was that. In other words don’t ever believe that there is anything such thing as bad weather except as the activity of the carnal mind. Weather can’t be bad of its own accord. It has to have a start. In other words, the air can’t stir in this room unless you introduce a fan. And depending on the size and the power of the fan, you could really stir up a hurricane in here. But remember, without it, this is the way it is going to be. Now weather is just like that. Weather is always ideal, and the very moment that it changes its nature it is because carnal mind has been set in motion. And what is carnal mind? A belief in two powers. And when you sit down and recognise that you will see that storm dissolve, disappear. That doesn’t mean, remember that we are to stop it raining today if that is nature. We’re not trying to change weather. We are realising the unreal nature of destructive weather, as manifest in tidal waves, cyclones, hurricanes, so forth and so on, typhoons. They need not be. They exist only because of a universal belief in two powers. And the only reason they exist, and the moment you sit there, not battling the cyclone but realising there are not two powers, God in the midst of me is the only power. All of this is carnal mind, but carnal mind is the belief in two power, whereas there are not two powers. There are no powers, there is just divine being. Divine being always being.