Original Iwihub.com transcript by Michael Collie

Private 25 Tapes
Proving Carnal Mind No Power
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 294A

 294A Proving Carnal Mind No Power

Now, some of you I’m sure are aware of the fact that in the United States we have a very serious problem of drug addiction and the illicit sale of drugs. And it is a problem of such a nature that it the police departments and the health departments stumped. There seemingly is no solution to the problem.

Last year I received a letter from the Young Men’s Christian Association asking for a special subscription because the problem has become so widespread among youth in the YMCA that they need a special fund to handle it, to do something about it. I’ve always been a aware of this as in New York we read it in the newspapers continuously. But some years ago, my very first or second trip to England with this message, I was shocked to read in the newspapers that they don’t have any such problem, it’d been solved. But I find out that in a population of 40 million people they had only 167 drug addicts. We have that on one street here in New York, not counting all the rest of the 50 States. And it really shocked me, because I never dreamed that this subject which over here was such a major problem had already been solved and met and almost you may say, forgotten. As so I looked into it and found it was actually true, they did have a solution, and it was one that is so simple that  we have to be fools to have overlooked it this long  and the conclusion is that we must be knaves to have permitted it. I’m speaking now not of people but the authorities. And so I came back to the States and I spoke to a few people about it who were in a position to do something about it. But I found no interest. One of those things I guess the police would take care of or something of that nature. And so went to work with this principle. Because, if this principle of the Infinite Way is true, this evil does not have its source in Man. It is nothing to with crooked politicians, or legislators or lawyers, or doctors, it has to do with the carnal mind. It has to do with the belief in two powers. It has to do with the belief that evil can find an outlet through man. And there is no use trying to reform the men who are responsible for this condition, but rather, to lay the axe at the root of the tree. That is, handle the carnal mind as nothingness, as no power, as having no person, in which on which or through which to operate. And from that day on I have never missed a week, and very few days when I have not worked consciously for the realisation of this. And I don’t believe this is coincidental.

Yesterday we started this British system, in New York and in Canada. Now it’s going to have a tough battle ahead of it. Because it’s going to cheat a lot of very comfortable people out of some very beautiful income, they don’t like that. As a matter of fact a complaint has already been made with the President of the United States, asking for the removal of one of his appointees as being partly responsible for the condition of drugs, showing that this thing goes into high places. But with this far  along that the city of New York will permit adult narcotic addicts to obtain hospital treatment without having to commit themselves to jail as they have had to do in the past. A new treatment centre will be opened this morning on an experimental basis by the department of hospitals in conjunction with the New York medical college. The centre will use 25 beds at Metropolitan hospital. Addicts admitted for treatment will also receive psychiatric service after they leave the hospital. In other words, the idea will be to bring complete healing to them. But, the point is, that the principle that removes drug addiction and the illicit sale of drugs from England was that addicts no longer have to buy drugs. As long as they have a need for them, the hospital will provide them free, at the city’s expense. And then while they are receiving these drugs while they need them, receive treatment at the same time. And so it is, after I don’t after how many years, England as had this in effect, but their final year’s figures showed only 167 drug addicts in a 40 million population.

Now, for this to succeed and to spread throughout the United States in the face of the opposition it will bring, it will be necessary for every one of our groups to remember at least once or twice or three times a week, that the carnal mind manifest in such experiences as is called evil, is not power. Is impersonal and therefore has no person in which, on which or through which to operate and by not fighting the condition as a problem and by not fighting the men or women who are concerned, but by living in the consciousness of the non-power of that which would operate as mortal mind you will see it drop out of existence while these senses increase until eventually we will be free of another one of these evils. Now you might wonder, what is the importance of such a thing? Well it goes far beyond whether or not we have drug addicts. It goes far beyond whether or not we have some gangsters. It goes into the fact that once you have proved this in a direction like this, you will proved it for every government everywhere on the face of the Earth that the mortal mind or carnal mind, can’t operate. You will have proved it in industry, you will have proved it in government, you will have proved it in commerce in finance.You will proved it that as a principle the carnal mind can only operate because no one is realising its nothingness. And in proportion as the nothingness of the carnal mind is realised, it can’t function. It can’t function on a board of directors of a company, or the board of directors of a church, or the board of directors of a city, or the board of directors of a nation by whatever name they may be known. In other words the principle of the Infinite Way is rendering impotent the carnal mind, which is the belief in two powers. Whether the carnal mind is producing a pain in your body or an appetite or an unhappiness or a poverty or old age. Or whether the carnal mind is doing it in your family or in your community, the moment that you can begin to prove that the carnal mind isn’t a power you have begun to set the entire world free from the only things that’s binding it, the carnal mind or a belief in two powers. When that doesn’t operate Earth will be Heaven. It will be just as heavenly to be on Earth among all the peoples of the world as you saw here last night. That was a heavenly experience to be here in this room with all of these students. There were no fights here, no arguments, no lust, no mad ambition, no greed, there was just joy peace and harmony, but we were still human beings. Only human being devoid of the operation of carnal mind. That is the only difference between us here last night or this morning and us before we came to this consciousness. We are the same people. We look in the mirror and look the same as we did then. Only a few years younger I hope. But otherwise, we’re the same people. But we’re the same people without that degree of carnal mind operating in us that is usual in the human world.