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Private 25 Tapes
Proving Carnal Mind No Power
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 294A

pdf-49px 294A Proving Carnal Mind No Power

Now, when that happens, you have a lot of free-time on your hands. When you are not concerned with your body, your pocket book, your human relations, you are allowing them to fall into place of their own accord, you have a lot of time left on your hands. And that increases the hours of study, and of meditation and of demonstration. So it was that inevitably this principle which has revealed itself to me and has been clarified now in the 1959 tapes and the June, September, October letters, and the new book. Those are the principles that really made my demonstration, first as a Christian Science practitioner and then in the Infinite Way. But as I saw how simple healing is and how much fine healing work can be done. My thought began to turn to the larger things of life, not just people’s bodies and pocket books but some of the larger problems of life and I gradually began working with these and as you know evolved into much more widespread work. And so it was that the day inevitably came when I hoped that a group of students would evolve, sufficiently free of their own personal problems as to want give, at first some of their time and eventually all of their time to the work. And so this group began. Well needless to say wherever these groups function it is true that one or two develop who have enough interest, or have really lost enough interest in their own affairs, to take up work on a broader scale. The success of the work cannot be measured because we have no measuring stick. There is absolutely no way to know the extent of the success, that there has been some, that I know but to what extent I don’t know. For instance it was soon after this work was started that we began with the Asiatic flu epidemic, and I have an idea that the work of some of the students in many parts of the world has been responsible for the fact that as a student body we have been almost immune from that claim. And not only that but even those of our students practising have had very few cases even outside the student body, that is among those any way open themselves to the message to work with. In other words, I think we’ve kept the student body pretty free of that particular thing.

Now another thing is this. When you stop to think that this work has been going on something into the thirteenth, fourteenth year, some of our students have been with us right from this very beginning, you would be surprised by how little of really serious problems have developed in our student body. I don’t mean there haven’t been minor ills here and there and probably a major problem here or there, but considering the extent of this student body around the world, not only as a student body have we been remarkably free of major problems, major diseases and so forth, but actually the degree of harmony and health and supply in relationships that exists amongst the student body is remarkable to watch. I am sure that if you could take an equal number of people out in the world you would not find a body of people who have progressed in health, within themselves and their families to the extent that we have progressed out of lack and limitation, progressed into more harmonious inner life which reflects itself in outer life. This of course is partly due the principle itself which will do that. But the principle won’t do that without something and somebody functioning. That was brought out in the November letter. You cannot separate Christ from Jesus. Christ is, Christ always has been, Christ always will be, but without a Jesus to function it, it stays up in the air where automobiles and submarines and television and all these modern wonders have been for centuries.

In other words, they are wonders but they are unexpressed wonders, like my singing ability. Inside it’s beautiful. But, in the same way, let us face it, all of the principles which have been used for the benefit of mankind since Mrs Eddy started the Infinite Way, since Mrs Eddy started Christian Science – well she did start the Infinite Way too, without what she started I doubt there would be an Infinite Way. Don’t forget that all of those principles existed too before Mrs Eddy, but they existed also in the unmanifest. And so it took a Mrs Eddy to bring Christian Science to light and how can you separate Christian Science from Mrs Eddy, or Mrs Eddy from Christian Science and the world better not try it. A lot of books have been written, even by authorised teachers of Christian Science, trying to discredit Mrs Eddy. Even one with the approval of the board of directors of the mother church. But it can’t be done. You can’t separate a person from their work. You can’t separate an individual from their demonstration. You can’t separate Christ from Jesus, you can’t separate Christian Science from Mrs Eddy. And, you can’t separate my demonstration from the individual with whom I meditated who lifted me out of human consciousness.

You can’t leave him out of the picture. He didn’t realise what he was doing, eventually he passed-on, but nevertheless, can’t forget him. He has to live as an immortal being, because you can’t separate him from the immortality of the work for which he must have been a tremendous instrument. So it is then, that if we have a record at all of accomplishment in the way of lifting our student body as a whole, above whatever level they would have been as humans, then you can’t separate that achievement from those who acted as practitioners or who acted as parts of the group of 25 to bring it about.

Now, we will never have proof that these experiences are inter-related. But we do not sufficiently believe in coincidence to disregard them. One of our group of 25 was meditating one day, in this function of the 25, when the thought of vision, sight came to her thought, and her meditation consisted of her pondering that idea. Which of course led eventually to spiritual vision. But in her town the next day newspapers reported that a blind Negro student was walking across the campus of the college of the school and all of a sudden his eyes opened and he had his perfect vision and he saw everything. And the next day morning, or that afternoon or evening went to a doctor, was examined, was taken to the hospital and examined and was told he had perfect vision. And it happened out of nowhere, and it happened in that very hour, 4.00 pm, when this woman was meditating and having her vision of vision. To me that is not coincidental.

In another city one of these same students was meditating, in this case I don’t know the subject of the meditation, but in that city a young child was given up by the doctors to die that night from leukaemia, and the parents had been notified. The doctor came into the hospital next morning prepared to a make out the death certificate and found the child completely healed. The case attracted so much attention that the doctor called a press conference and asked the reporters please announce that he was not responsible for the healing, as a matter of fact he had done nothing for the case different from what all doctors do in those same cases, and that he had left the hospital that night after having given up the child. So he had no knowledge of what happened, no awareness of it, and please parents, don’t send to him for any cure for he doesn’t know any. And I don’t believe that is coincidence.