Original Iwihub.com transcript by Michael Collie

Private 25 Tapes
Proving Carnal Mind No Power
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 294A

pdf-49px 294A Proving Carnal Mind No Power

Good Morning

This group, and there is one like this in every city where we hold classes; this group was given the name ‘The 25’. The reason being that there were 25 at the very first meeting of this kind that was held here in New York city. And wherever a group is formed it is called ‘The 25’, although it makes no difference if there is only three in it, or if there should be fifty or a hundred, it would still be ‘The 25’. And that name, ‘The 25’ will designate its function rather than its numbers.

The reason that, well probably among the reasons that this group was started was first of all that we were holding two classes instead of one. One was called an open class and one was called a practitioners’ class, but everyone insisted on being in both and we had no closed class and we had no practitioners’ class, we just two classes instead of one. And that that meant was there was a lot more work involved and students were spending more money, but there was still no practitioner class being held, it just became a matter of two classes instead of one. And then secondly, it was inevitable that the Infinite Way function, in accord with the original idea that sent me into this work, and we can’t function that way as a class and we can’t function that way as a large group of students.
If you remember, the only reason that I ever was heading in this direction was that seeing the iniquities of human life, the evils of human life, the injustices, the inequalities, and having a conviction that there is a God, the question arose, is there a way out of these difficulties for an individual or for the world? Is there a way to avoid what really is the horror of human existence? I suppose you could narrow it down and say is there a principle of life, or is there a principle of harmonious living for an individual or for the world?

Now, I am more convinced than you will ever know that we have that principle. A principle that with which an individual can work and make out of his life anything he wants it to be, or, bring it into accord with the harmonies of God and live a completely God directed life. None of you can realise to the extent, or realise the extent of my conviction that we have that principle. But I go a step beyond that. I am convinced that we have the principle that can rule out sin disease and death off the Earth. I know it as well as I know that we are sitting here in this room.

Now, in all the years I have been in this work, I have learned this, that an individual’s problems are so real to them that they lose all interest in living and they come to a place where they exist for only one purpose, getting rid of their own particular sins diseases or lack. Life just becomes a matter of can I get well or can I get more supply, or can I get out of my trouble? And all the rest of this beautiful world passes it by. Most people don’t even know there is a world going on around them. They’re living inside their own mind and nothing interests them and nothing bothers them but their body or their pocket-book or their human relations. That’s a world-wide complaint.

So it is that when students to a work like this, most of them have in mind finding a principle or a something that will affect their own lives and make their human life more tolerable. Some go so far as even to hope for happiness. But that’s not a widespread hope, very few will go quite that far. If they can just get of a few pains and aches and lacks it will be a beautiful world. That is one of the reasons that we can have the type of leadership that is so prevalent in every generation, the type of evil leadership, because the world is so busy with its problems, those who have enough ambition to forget their own problems and go after what they want get it. I think Hitler proved that wonderfully when he set up the system of Sunday boat rides: just give them enough boat rides to keep them happy with popcorn and hotdogs and they’ll let you have the government and the treasury and everything that goes with it.

Now, as students come to our work they attain a higher sense than that because they are brought into contact with God experience. It’s through meditation that that happens. As long as you are appealing only to the mind of students you cannot get them any further than an interest in their bodies or purses. But the very moment that meditation is introduced to them it lifts them to another elevation, it opens up to them another area of life beyond the physical and mental. And the moment they catch a glimpse of this interior world and this higher atmosphere they know no rest then until they find what it is all about. That of course should be the natural and normal procedure. It should be that once we have perceived that there is something called my kingdom which is not of this world, or my peace which the world cannot give, then it must be inevitable that if we have tasted one moment of it, and we do usually when we are under spiritual treatment, if a practitioner is doing their work well, the student will feel momentary glimpses of another world of another kingdom of another realm of another peace. And their own problems will lessen in importance, even those that don’t immediately drop away.

Now, it isn’t given to us to lose all of our problems quickly. Not any of us. There are some that are deeply rooted in our consciousness and remain with us for long long years. The thing I would like to say is that that is not important. It really isn’t important if they went on for thirty years or forty years. What is important is that they lessen in importance to us, that we become less aware of them, more able to ignore them until eventually the do fade right out of consciousness because the only reason for their persistence is that they have become deeply ingrained in consciousness and it takes an awful lot of spiritual developing to root out some of them.

I remember when I first started reading, doing lessons, that although I had corns and calluses on my feet that had to be treated every three or four weeks by a chiropodist; you know within three or four months they completely disappeared and I have never had a sign of anything on my feet since then. Not a sign, not a corn not a callus and in spite of walking, as travelling men walk.

But you see, it never was a deep problem, just something to run into a chiropodist with and he fixes it up and it’s out of your mind. And so it dropped out very quickly, dropped out of mind, dropped out of body. But there were other things so deeply rooted in consciousness that they just wouldn’t disappear and with some of them it was a matter of years. And I guess with others it is going to be generations. But the main point is that as you see more and more of this light, as you feel more and more of this presence, the problems becomes less, or they do not intrude as much and you learn to disregard them.