Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.

The Truth I Am Is The Truth
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223B

 Tape 223B The Truth I Am is the Truth

That’s such a man as Plato. Plato who could live up there in the soul and yet vision a government. See that? So it is with us. We don’t go out campaigning. I did to my sorrow once, but we don’t have to go out campaigning. What we have to do is make campaigning unnecessary, and you know we’re succeeding, because from the old days of barnstorming around the country, we’re getting gradually to where they’ll just be a few speeches on the air and eventually that’ll be done away with; but we, we are the ones helping to make that possible by the ideals of government that we live with. But while you’re doing that on “cloud nine,” remember there are people on “cloud three” and so send them down some of those crumbs from your cake. May want to check regularly every month for something or other, and don’t neglect your family. Send them the check, too, or whatever it is they need, but keep yourself, keep yourself for yourself. Remember that eventually you are rising above living in your body or living in your mind; and if you’re going, if you be lifted up, you’ll draw all those others with you, but you’ll never if you come down to living in their bodies and in their minds. You will never raise them up out of them.

So, never attempt to reach Masters on the other plane. Never attempt to reach any consciousness but your own. Your own is infinite. And, that’s the only one you have to contact is your own. It may be that in contacting your own, it draws to you some temporary teacher on this plane or some other plane, but it won’t be a man or a woman who’ll give you human advice. It will be a state of spiritual consciousness that will illumine you with Truth. Never be any harm if you contact Jesus Christ, only don’t try to. Don’t try to. That may not be your teacher. You may be wasting a whole lifetime. Contact your own soul. Just close your eyes, and go within, and realize the Father within me, he doeth the work. I and my Father are one. All that the Father hath is mine. I am about my Father’s business. God is my teacher. God instructs. God illumines. God leads, guides, directs and where’s God closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, and I need be satisfied with nothing less than God. Then, of course, God may appear to us as the consciousness of Jesus Christ, because God is the consciousness of Jesus Christ. God may appear as the consciousness of Buddha, or Lao-Tzu, or Shankara, or John, because God is the consciousness of those individuals, and they are not two. They’re only One appearing to us as.

And so it is that you when you go within and you say, “I’m absolutely pure in my desires. I want nothing but God, the realization of God, the experience of God, God contact,” you may be picked right up and put down in an Infinite Way class, because that is the level of God appearing to you as. See that? And, that is why it has been that some students have come to me, and I have been their teacher; and the reason is that they haven’t known me and don’t think of me and couldn’t think of me. All they thought of was God. Then, they walked into a library and picked up a book by Joel Goldsmith, or somebody came to them the next day and mentioned it, or they dreamed the name that night.

I have had three people come to me in my lifetime who didn’t know me who dreamed the name “Joel,” and then found out afterward about me. The first one didn’t dream Joel dreamt “Goldsmith.” That was right here in New York City. For all I know, she may still be here. Her name was Mary, Mary Smith, and she was the chairman of the Christian Science Prison Committee. She had charge of all the prison activities for greater New York. She never knew me, never heard of me, had never came in contact with me in any way; and this night she dreamed the name. Oh, I’m getting ahead of it. Her first reader over on Riker Island Prison had told her that he was moving out of the state, and he would have to give up, and she would have to get a substitute; and evidently in those days, it wasn’t easy to find first readers for this prison work. Firstly, they had to be a general practitioner, and secondly, they had to have passed through a lot of tests.

Now, when she learned that she had to have a first reader, she went to her room that night before retiring and what we call “did her work,” went to bed, and dreamed the name “Goldsmith.” Never heard the name, didn’t know who it was or where or what, but, “Well, I suppose in due time I’ll find out.” Two days later a man came to me and he said, “I’d like to go on vacation, and I am an usher in the Christian Science services. Will you substitute for me?” I said, “I never heard of any Christian Science Prison services at that time,” and then he explained about them. And, he was ushering down at the Tomb. “So, yes, that would be quite an experience.” Well, he went down to Mrs. Smith and he said, “I want to go on two weeks vacation, and I found a substitute who will usher for me, and he’s a general practitioner.” “What’s his name?” “Goldsmith.” “Oh no you don’t, no you don’t. He’s no usher. He’s my first reader. I dreamed him.” See that? He called me on the telephone and gave her my address. She called me and said, “Report Sunday morning at Riker Island Prison to be first reader,” and then she told me afterwards that she had broken every rule in her own rulebook. You’re supposed to go before a Board and read. The Broad is supposed to check you with your church. Then, you get a one-month, temporary appointment. If you’ve proven satisfactory, you’re given a three-year appointment, and all I did was report Sunday morning, never saw anybody, including Mrs. Smith, and I had a three-year appointment right from the start. See that?

Now, twice since then I have had students who have come to me who have dreamed the name “Joel,” and then a few days later came across a piece of, both literature, Infinite Way literature. Now, they were not looking for Joel or Goldsmith. See, they were seeking God, and that’s the way God appeared at that particular instance. Let’s call it that’s the way fulfillment appeared, the fulfillment of their needs.

Now, it is in that same way that God has always been my particular goal. I had no side issues. Nevertheless, if you read that piece of work in the Letters the what [a lady responds from the class saying “The Inner Self”]. Originally, it was called “The Mystical Christ,” but my Christian Science friends didn’t like the term “mystical,” but we call it “The Inner Self.” Now, where did that come from? Read it, read it, and see if you can tell where it came from, because you will know in reading it that I do not know such language, that I do not know how to write in that way. You will know that that had to come right from where it says it came—the Master. It came right through from the Master, wasn’t any question in my mind when it was happening, and the whole style of it will tell you that that wasn’t done in the 20th century.

Now, you may have experiences like that, but remember don’t go round looking for them, because they don’t come every day—once in a lifetime, twice, three times in a lifetime, some special occasion it might pop up, never if you look for it. You can count on it most assuredly when you want no side trappings, when you seek the kingdom of God within your own being, then it can appear to you as your teacher. It can appear to you as a book. It can appear to you as any form, but you always know when it’s right. It won’t waste any time talking to you about human things. It will only speak to you divinely, of spiritual things, of spiritual impulses.

Oh, you know there was such an occasion as that in Mrs. Eddy’s life—“so ye might save you.” That’s a direct inspiration. No man or woman could write that thing. Never, never, never. That has to come forth out of inspiration itself. That answers that.

Question: “What do they teach in the Christian Science Metaphysical College?”

I’ve never been there. I imagine it doesn’t differ much from other class instruction, because it’s all based on Mrs. Eddy’s writings. There are a few things told in that college that are not told to students that come out of the life of Mrs. Eddy. I’m thinking of one at this moment that my teacher told me when he went through metaphysical college. He went through with Mr. Gilmore, who was one of the great editors and lecturers, and they had about one of the least inspired and inspiring teachers that’s been known in the movement. And, it reached the fourth day; there were only six days, but they had reached the fourth; and my teacher and Mr. Gilmore walked out and said, “Will you tell me what we’re doing in this class? I could have picked people out of my practice who could have done better than this.” And Mr. Gilmore said, “I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re here for, but I did my work thoroughly. I know something good is going to come out of it.” And, the very next day, their teacher read from a letter that Mrs. Eddy wrote to a student, and this letter said, “Always remember that God is not to be used as a greater power to get rid of lesser powers.” And, they both agreed that’s why they were there in that class. They were forever freed of trying to use God for something. See that? And, you can see that that was inspiring to me, because that’s never been forgotten in The Infinite Way. “God is not to be used as a greater power to get rid of lesser powers.” God is the only power. You see that?

So it is, when you don’t have the ambition to go to metaphysical college, when you don’t have the ambition to be a teacher, or a practitioner, or leader, and I’ve said over and over again that it’s sin to desire those things. When your only ambition is “to know Him aright whom to know aright is life eternal,” then these other things happen and sometimes in the most unlikely places or through the most unlikely individuals, but you must keep free of desire. This desire to be a teacher, this desire to be a practitioner, this desire to heal people, I tell you it is the sin of the ages. It’s the “do-gooder sin.” It’s the crime of good humanhood. There’s only one rightful goal for a spiritual aspirant, and that’s to know God. Now, what God does with you after you know God, just think how many things God could do. God could remove you out of this entire human experience, I mean out here in the world to some faraway island, some faraway mountaintop, some far away seashore and seat you there for the benefit of prayer to be an instrument to which God comes into human consciousness. You may never have contact with a human being. You may never directly heal a human being, but if you were doing nothing more than letting that flow somebody out in the world is being healed, saved, redeemed, uplifted.

Why do you think it is that at this very moment I am working with three men and three different penitentiaries? Whatever made them reach out and write me letters? I don’t know anymore than you do. I only know that I received the letters. I haven’t the faintest idea what prompted them or where they heard about me, just not in Hawaii. This is here in the states—Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California prisons. Why? What made these men reach out? Well, basically, there must have been something within them reaching out to God. That’s where it must have begun. They were reaching out to God; and then, because they were reaching out to God, in some way or other, they probably either got a hold of a piece of Infinite Way literature or somebody wrote them, and then the contact was made. But basically, do you not see that it would have done them no good to want Joel? No, it wouldn’t have done a bit of good. They had to basically want God; then, because at this particular point they cannot open themselves to receiving God direct, they are led to receiving an intermediary.

That’s where mediation comes in. I have letters from people all the time telling me they don’t believe in it. I had one the other day from a woman who said, “Of course, no one person, no matter how spiritually illumined, can help another. Of course,” she said, in her ignorance. So, and that’s what I wrote her, “I can well understand that in your present state of ignorance you would say, ‘of course’ to that, but oh how different it’ll be someday if you ever are illumined.”

So it is. There are many people who go to Lourdes and are not cured. And, do you know why? Because they go to Lourdes to be cured. They forget that what they’re going to is God. There are some who do get cured, and I bet if you could examine what controls their desire is that they’re really going to God and merely feeling that God can be better localized there than somewhere else—and they’re right. God can be better localized in a church than in a brothel, not that God is absent from the brothel, but it’s so much easier to realize in the church.

Now, if we keep ourselves completely pure inside, by which I mean make God our sole desire, the realization of the kingdom of God. Be sure that we don’t want it for a purpose, not even the wonderful purpose of healing people; because, after all, you’ll find that isn’t as wonderful as it seems after you’re there. It’s only one of those “way” places. It’s a necessary one. I wouldn’t be without it, until I’m lifted out of it. I love it, but I recognize it not as a goal. It’s only one of those things that help me show myself and others that this is the spiritual path. This is the “way,” and that’s all it is. The goal is that “ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly” by finding God, by having the God realization, the God experience. Then, when you have no other desire and are sure that you don’t want it for any purpose, then when you attain what you’re seeking, you will be directed into the purpose that you are to fulfill. And, you may be just as shocked as I was to find out the “way” it is, because little did I ever dream that my “way” would be as a practitioner; and even when “The Infinite Way” was written, I certainly never dreamed that I’d be a teacher or a lecturer. That’s furthest from my thoughts, yet that’s the “way” it evolved. You wonder, “Is it the best way?” And know it, I can tell you I can think of a much better “way,” only I haven’t been given the grace to attain it. And, I have to sit on a mountain peak and just be the instrument through which God’s grace flows impersonally, but evidently this is the time for it in my experience, so I have to carry it through in this “way.”

Now, many times people say, “Why don’t you sit in Hawaii and let people come to you there?” There aren’t that many people that can break their family ties or that can spare that amount of money at a given time, and it is for that reason that I am sent out to where people can find it without money and without price, or at least with so little that it’s no inconvenience to them. And so by going around the world, there are people that can find it without money or with certainly a tiny, tiny, little bit of it. Whereas if I sat in Hawaii, only the few who could arrange to get away from business, or get away from their family ties, or had enough money could reach there, and that’s not really fair. That’s not really right, until the time comes when God says, “Your time out in the world is through. Now, sit here for those few.”

Well, here we are and our, now wait, I have another word and that is this. Please remember that the healing work takes place at the point of contact, so when you wake up in the morning, if there’s an air raid alarm, that’s the point of contact for your realization that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” And, if the news report isn’t what it should be, that is your point of contact, and that is where you bring the Spirit of the Lord God into expression. And so it is that whenever anything—I’m speaking now for this group—that is to touch your community, your state, your city, your nation, or the world touches your consciousness, it is at that minute that you are supposed to bring the impulse into manifestation that dissolves the picture.

Thank you. Thank you.