Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.

The Truth I Am Is The Truth
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223B

 Tape 223B The Truth I Am is the Truth

Now, they’re living on a higher plane that recognizes good and evil as impersonal. They’re living on a higher plane where they recognize that health and disease isn’t personal. It has nothing to do with you. It’s this universal belief. It’s this universal concept of being. It’s this subliminal perception that’s continuously, invisibly, and inaudibly knocking at the door of your consciousness. That’s why Mrs. Eddy was led to say, “Right, stand porter at the door of thought, admitting only such conclusions as you wish made manifest in your body.” That’s living on the mental level of life where you can close your mind to error, and you can open your mind only to good, dwelling in it all the time. When you’re at that level, you are in the mental level of life.

If you pass on in the material state of being, even if you make contact with anyone, it’ll only be on that level, and it’ll be probably to tell them, “Do you remember when I fell down and hurt my leg, or when I wore a red dress or wore a scarf?” Ah, but if you pass on in the mental level, you may start communing about art, literature, or something else. As a matter of fact, an artist or a writer or somebody finds an instrument on this plane to become a hand for them and a brain. And, that’s where we have “automatic writing,” and that’s where some of our artists and writers come from. Somebody on the other plane is using them. See that? Therefore, it isn’t their own. They are just the tools, and they give you what’s given to them. And, very often you will find—and this is especially true in the occult realm—where they have Masters, or they have an Indian guide, or they have some other kind of a guide, that they’re absolutely a nothingness. And, this person over on the other side is using them and telling them what to do, and what to write, and what to teach, and so forth, or even using their hand. They’ll hold their hand still and something will start to move it, called “automatic writing.” Now, there’s “automatic writing,” and there’s “automatic thinking.” There’s “automatic painting.” There’s “automatic poetry,” which an individual just listens, and somebody over on the other side does the dictating and virtually you become an … You become a dictaphone. You become a tape recorder. You see? You just take down that which comes to you. Now, all of this is on the mental level of life.

Now, to the spiritually illumined, you pass out of both—the physical sense of life and the mental—and you begin to live in what is called “the soul.” That’s your true being, “I.” And, when you are living in there, you have a mind, and you have a body, and they are your instruments. You’re not somebody else’s instrument, but your mind and your body is your instrument. And, you’re living in the soul. That is why you can be in this world. You can enjoy good food. You can enjoy a nice automobile trip. You can enjoy a nice vacation, but they’re absolutely unimportant, because it makes no difference what you’re doing with the mind or body. You’re only doing it as suffer it to be so now. That’s not your life at all. Your life is up here in the soul, and when you tabernacle, you’re tabernacling with the soul of a person. You don’t care about their mind. You don’t care about their body. You don’t care about their art. You don’t care about their literature. You feel in them an integrity. You feel in them a soul, and even if they’re not awake to it yet, you know it. You can feel it. You can see it. And, that’s why very often you say when you meet a person, “That’s a great soul,” or “This one has potentiality. Oh, this one must be on the path.” You have contacted their soul and recognized it. Sometimes, you meet a child you say, “Oh, that’s an old soul.” How do you know? All you’ve seen is the body. No, no, no, your soul has perceived their soul. See that?

And, that’s what I meant last night about recognizing literature. How do you know when a book is truth and when it isn’t? Now, if you had only your mind and your body, you’d never recognize truth. If you yourself haven’t got a soul—I mean by that if you haven’t consciously gotten into your soul—you will no more recognize the message of truth than the college professor who said to me, “Oh, mysticism, there is no such thing. I know that that’s only bunk.” He knows that he’s living in his brain, right, and because he’s living in his brain, he has no way of recognizing a soul. There’s no way of recognizing a soul teaching, or a Jesus Christ, or a Buddha. That is why one Christian Science teacher said, “Oh, this Joel must be crazy. He uses the name Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Mrs. Eddy all on the same page.” You see he’s looking out from where? From his mind. He hasn’t ever felt the soul. He talks about all Orientals as pagans. He hasn’t ever felt the soul, doesn’t know anything about it, looks out from the mind. You see that?

So it is. That’s what I referred to last night. Why are you following “The Infinite Way”? Why has it drawn you to itself? It’s only another book. You at your level have felt something of its level, and you want to get up there. That’s what’s drawing you. You already feel it, and you know it’s right, and you know it’s ultimate, and you want to get there.

That’s exactly the way it is when you’re living in the soul you meet people, and you want to tabernacle with them. Those are the ones you want to be with. The Master says, “You leave your mother, and your brother, and your sister.” Human relationships are nothing, absolutely nothing. Who wants to be around a friend or relative, unless they’re on this level? See that? And if that isn’t your life, you’re not that interested in your soul. You’re interested in the other. This is not a blanket license to throw your mother in the ash can. No, but you can take care of your relatives financially or some other way without giving yourself to them.

So it is with this. Let it never be said that a student of The Infinite Way neglect a human duty, or a human obligation, or tries to close their eyes, not only to their family, to their community. I’ve written this in the writings. If you are living in a community, you have a right to see that your Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are supported or your something else, because if you want to love your neighbor, you have to love them on their level, too, as well as on yours, because all of them can’t reach yours. And, therefore, you have to provide for them. But, don’t go out knocking on doors to raise funds for them. Don’t give yourself to them; give that level of them that they want. That’s your check. See that? That’s what they need, that’s what they want, because that means life and death to them; and they can get a thousand people in the neighborhood to do that work, but you can’t be spared from living in your soul, because you are the one that makes all that unnecessary eventually. You’re the one that’s ultimately going to make it possible for them to do away with benevolences, because such a high state of government’s going to evolve in your soul that when men adopt it they won’t need charities anymore.