Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.

The Truth I Am Is The Truth
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223B

 Tape 223B The Truth I Am is the Truth

So, please, don’t tell the principles of The Infinite Way, as we are talking here, but give it as a milk of the world, explain that meditation is the way to find contact with God or the practicing always giving acknowledgment to God, acknowledge Him in all thy ways, that these are the ways to develop spirituality. All of those little baby steps with which our writings are filled. Then, when it comes to the deep principles of the nature of God, and the nature of error, and the nature of prayer, avoid them as you would the plague. Let them discover them gently, gradually in the writings. As a rule, when I talk to mixed groups, you’d be surprised how I can even adulterate the milk, because it has to be that way.

Now, we have a question. “On that higher plane of consciousness, you will never meet those who have lived and died. They have always been immortal,” from “The Master Speaks.”

When a person passes from this experience, I mean the average human, they are no different after the experience of passing than they are here, and so, if you contact them, you will contact them as human beings. That’s called the “spiritualist plane” or the “psychic plane;” and, as a rule, if you do contact them, they’ll probably tell you, “Do you remember when we visited grandmother together, or the red dress that I wore when we went to the picnic, or the day it rained?” The conversation, if you have one, will be on that level or the case that I told about where the man was told to buy stock in a company. Now, there wasn’t anything more noble or spiritual about that than if the man hadn’t passed on. It was just all on the human level.

And so it is that when you do, if you ever do make contact with a person who has passed on, as a rule, it will be someone who is just as human now as they were when they are on earth, and the nature of your contact will be that human. They may tell you not to go on vacation, because there’s going to be danger. They may warn you not to take this airplane trip, because it’s going to fall down. That’s all on the human plane. They may advise you to buy stocks or sell stocks. They may advise you that a boom is coming or a depression is coming. They may tell you who’s going to be the next President of the United States, because they may have a deeper knowledge of the activity of the mind. They may see deeper into the picture of the human mind, and so they may well tell you not only of events that are passed but events that are to come, but it will still be on the human level, just as you can find people on this level right now who can tell you of coming events.

I remember in one of our class trips to Portland meeting a man who was very psychic and he said, “Oh, this will interest you.” “It will?” “Yes, in April, you’re going to have a new source of income. You know, it’s not anything too large, but it’s very nice, and you’ll want to welcome it, and it’ll start in April.” “That’s very nice.” And you know what turned out to be the tape department opened in April, and the first income came in, in the month of April from the tape department, so he was absolutely correct. See that? Now, he had no influence on making it happen, no influence on stopping it happening. He just saw a little ahead in time. Well, we have people who, Mr. Baruk, who knows when the stock market’s going to jump up or down intuitively. There are people who know when cotton is going to jump up or down, wheat is going to jump up or down. Intuitively, they know that, and if they’re in the business, they develop that intuition. Will they still have it if they pass on, and they’ll find somebody back here to tell it to. Now, that’s the human plane.

Now, we come to something entirely different. When an individual is spiritually illumined, and we’ll go all the way back to whether it’s Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, John, and, in our modern days, I would include Mrs. Eddy. If you ever make contact with them, you will never, never get anything of a human nature. Never. They’ll not be concerned with you as a human or what you’re doing as a human. They’ll never recognize you as a human, and you won’t know them as a human, but from them or through them you will receive inspirational truth, spiritual truth. You may even hear, “God is Love,” or “Know ye not, I am always with you.” It’ll always be something on that plane that you expect to receive from your teacher or from your ideal of what a teacher should be. It’ll never come down to the level of blaming you for yesterday’s faults or talking to you about tomorrow. It’ll always be just “I am with you,” or “Trust the Spirit,” or “There is a Spirit in man. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways.” And, then you’ll know that you’re not dealing with anybody on the human level but someone who has left the human level and doesn’t live in it.

Now, there are three stages of man—the body, the mind, and the soul. The materialist lives in his body. He gets all his pleasures and his pains out of his body. He gets his strength and his weakness in his body. He gets his health and his disease in his body. He gets his life and his death in his body. That’s where he lives. All the sensations come from the body, good and bad.

Ah, but then, civilization evolves, and we come to the individual who lives in the mind. They study books. They study music. They study art. They study literature. They get their pains and their pleasures up there in the mind, and they get their health and their sickness there, too. They commence to realize, now, that it isn’t my body that’s sick. It’s my mind that’s sick. If I clean my mind, I’ll have a clean body. See that? And, they begin then to exchange their old concepts of materiality for these higher ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking. See that? Now, they’re on a higher level, and they keep going on in that level up to the place where they recognize the impersonality of evil and of good, and they don’t live in personalities anymore. They don’t call you good or bad. They recognize now that good or bad is functioning, and you’re merely an instrument. Today it may be for good health and tomorrow for bad health. Today for friendship and tomorrow for hate, but they’re no longer personalizing. They’re not living in personal sense anymore.