Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.

The Truth I Am Is The Truth
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223B

 Tape 223B The Truth I Am is the Truth

So it will be with The Infinite Way. If you really learn the principles of The Infinite Way, you can present it inspirationally. It doesn’t have to be a dead letter, but it’ll have to be factual. The principles of The Infinite Way, what are they? There’s one power. This nature of error—non-power. This realization of God as I—not something to be prayed to out here. The nature of prayer as we understand it, not as the world understands it. Those are the principles that constitute and above all, what’s the highest principle? That nothing in all of our books will ever heal a headache. That these are only statements until you go back inside and feel “that,” and then when “that” comes—the Spirit Itself—you’re a healer.

Where else do you read that? Where else do you learn that that no teaching can be true. No teaching can be true. A teaching can only be the truth about the Truth, which sends you back within yourself, until the Spirit of the Lord God is upon you. Then, you are ordained to heal the sick. Not by virtue of a diploma from The Infinite Way; not by virtue of the fact that you went through ten classes. That does not qualify you to either heal or teach. You are not qualified until you can sit back and with your few basic principles, so that you don’t go off on a tangent, you sit back and say, “Wait a minute, wait a minute now, I’m not trying to change humanhood. I’m not trying to heal. I’m not trying to change, or improve, or reform. I’m not monkeying around with this picture out here. First of all, I know that there’s only one power, and that’s the power of God or Spirit. And, I also know that I am not power, but it’s all embodied here within me; and I know that what is appearing to me as the sin, disease, death, lack, limitation of this world is a suggestion or a temptation coming to my mind, coming to me through my mind for me to accept. I know that I mustn’t judge by appearances. I mustn’t accept appearances. I know that all of this that’s coming to me as a picture, as a suggestion, whether it’s good or evil, is the human scene. It’s not of the substance of God, has no law of God to sustain it. There are no material laws. There are no mental laws, for God is one, and God is law; therefore, law is spiritual. Spiritual law can’t cause disease or perpetuate it. There’s no material law, and there’s no mental law. There’s only a law of God, of Spirit, the law that I am. The law that I am is the Law unto every appearance and every suggestion.”

[Joel continues on here with this “self-conversation” of knowing the principles] “What is the nature of error? Why, we know it’s but the belief of good and evil. Yes, but that’s two powers. There are not two powers. And, there’s nothing in and of itself can be good or evil, so the quality of everything is in its substance, and I am that substance. God is the substance of all form. I am the substance of all reality. I. And, this person that’s coming to me, ah, but it isn’t a person coming to me. It’s a concept of a person. What do I know about that person? They’re only a name to me, not even that sometimes. Who am I to judge them? All this that I’ve learned about them, that they’ve told me about themselves, all this represents concepts. How do I know this? Because I know that I am that person. There’s only one I, so there can only be one person. I am that person, and in as much as I think this of that person, I’m thinking it of myself. Ah well, I’m certainly not going to think sin, disease, death thoughts about myself when I know that I’m sitting right here talking, thinking, being. No, I’m not dead. I’m not diseased. I’m not in sin. I am about my Father’s business, and I am the only Self there is, and I’m the Self of me; and I’m the Self of he, and him, she, it. I am that I am, and the truth I know about myself is the truth about you, and the truth I know about you is the truth about me, and the only truth I want to be truth is the Truth that I already am. In the beginning, I am. Before Abraham was, I am, and I will be with me unto the end of the world; and I will be with you unto the end of the world, for I am I.”

Now that I’ve known all these principles of The Infinite Way—and they are exclusively principles of The Infinite Way—applied to healing, now I haven’t done a thing except prepare myself. For now, I have to be still. Now, I’m ready for the still, small voice, and all the power that there is, is in the still, small voice. There’s no power in the sin. There’s no power in the disease. There’s no power in the hurricane. There’s no power in the volcano. There’s no power in the dictator’s mind. There’s no power in wars or rumors of wars. All power is in the still, small voice; and now let’s have the still, small voice. You see that’s where I have to be still. “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” Now, when the feeling comes, when the release comes, now God is on the field.

Now, there’s the principles of The Infinite Way, and you see how necessary they are as a foundation to lift you to the healing consciousness. But, do you see how useless they are if you don’t sit there and wait for the still, small voice?

Well, there are no other teachings that give you this. They all give you a lot of truth in books, and then you’re to believe that those truths will do something. They won’t. Now, these are the principles that we are teaching, and do you not see that you cannot give these to those who are unprepared, for the only reason that what I’ve said this morning makes sense to you is, of course, all your past reading and background. Try to visualize what I’ve said going out into a room full of Methodists and Baptists. And, you’ll find out why you’re going to get crucified in a hurry the minute you would say anything like this to them. How can they take it? They’ve never heard anything like this. They’ve heard about hell and damn fire, and they’ve heard about punishment for sins, and they’ve heard about what happens if you violate the Ten Commandments. And, they’ve been told that you’re a groveling worm or something like it. So what happens when you say, like, “Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the living God.” Whoa! You really set something off.

Now, to present our message to the world outside of us, you have to do it in the form of milk, milk for babes, and that’s why I recommend for these purposes “Practicing the Presence” and “The Art of Meditation.” Not that there isn’t dynamite in them, but they’ll never recognize it, because they’ll be reading it through their own background, and they’ll have to grow to where they understand our interpretation. See that? Whereas, if you give them “The Infinite Way,” which was never written for the world, that “Infinite Way” was just written, because I thought that my own patients, those who had been with me for a long time, would like to know what it was that my healing work was founded on; and I knew that only those with a background could understand and prove to be true. You can’t get, you can’t hand this to a Methodist or a Baptist and have them understand it. It shocks them. Why, even “The Art of Meditation” had shocked some ministers and certainly that’s gentle, very gentle from our standpoint; but I have had lots of comments from ministers about “he says, ‘God is it.’” You’d think that was something shocking, wouldn’t you, that God is it. Well, believe it or not, they think God is a male. You wouldn’t think so at this stage of the world, but they do. They think God is a male, and you come along and say, “God isn’t a male,” and you’d be surprised at the look in their faces and the comments. Oh, I have some reviews of “The Art of Mediation.” “This person says that God is it.” This person says. He doesn’t even have a name.