Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.

The Truth I Am Is The Truth
1958 New York Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 223B

pdf-49px Tape 223B The Truth I Am is the Truth

Good morning.

Question: “We have two students who are invited to speak to Methodist and Baptist churches. I understood you to say that we must never give churches the principles of The Infinite Way.”

Oh no, I never said anything like that. No, no, no, I never said anything like that. Heavens! The only reason that I have for living on earth—only reason—is because The Infinite Way is the one way that has been discovered of getting these principles into every church on earth. There is no other teaching that can do it, because this is the only unorganized teaching. This is the only teaching that isn’t exclusive that somebody doesn’t own a specialty to. And now that the books are in the Baptist bookshop, the Methodist bookshop, the Pentecostal bookshop, the Episcopalian churches, it’s The Infinite Way that has to carry those principles there. The Infinite Way is in Unity. The Infinite Way is in Religious Science. No other teaching can do that, because with any other teaching you have to embrace the whole works that go with it, but with us nobody has to raise anything but principles; and that is the reason that magazines in India carry Infinite Way articles. That’s the reason that magazine in California is carrying Infinite Way articles. That is the reason why Mr. Hamblin recommends The Infinite Way, because it is available to anybody and everybody, and they don’t have to adopt us in order to have those principles. They’re absolutely free. They don’t even have to pay a royalty on them. There they are. Take them. They’re yours.

And so it is that what we are actually hoping for is that the principles of The Infinite Way will be practiced in every religious teaching on the face of the earth. As you know, I speak the end of August under the auspices of the Queen of Holland, and the reason is that they want to know about the application of spiritual principles to human affairs. Now you see, that’s our principle. And, we’re not claiming it, though, as a right; and they must join us in order to have the benefit of using it. No, we’ll go there and offer it to them. It’s a three-day conference, and they’ll have it free and can do what they want. Well, they may have to purchase a book to read it in, but it won’t break them.

Now, and in the same way, we had a letter recently, and we were told that the Consulate General of Japan says that he would like, feels that Mr. Fulton will have to someday give these principles in Japan. See that? Oh no, we want them to have the principles. We only want to be sure that a student who’s called on to give them knows them and doesn’t mislead them or doesn’t give them their concept of what the principles are. That’s what we’re particular about. We don’t want our students accepting invitations to speak for Baptists, or for Methodists, or for anybody else, unless it is a student who so thoroughly knows these principles that when they voice them that they’re so absolutely correct that there cannot be a comeback. That’s what I’m careful about. I’m careful that our students do not get up on platforms and talk what they think The Infinite Way is.

Could you close that [the tape recorder] for one minute?

Now, you see then that we want these people to have the principles, but we want to be sure that they’re the principles of The Infinite Way. The best way to give them those principles, at this particular time, is to read them to them out of a book or to be sure that whoever it is that goes on the platform knows whatever principles they are voicing and don’t think that that’s an easy thing. It’s a difficult thing. It’s easy for me, because it isn’t mine. It’s coming through, but when you try to take what’s out of my mouth and get my interpretation, you’ll find that very often you’ll miss entirely what I am thinking, and then it takes you after you’ve heard it take ten times to say, “Now, I understand what he means.”

And so it is, the next question: “If meditation only was the preparation before these addresses, is it not possible that these principles might come through? Would it not be necessary to make a blessing, something, [then Joel says in trying to guess what the person is asking] anyhow, what someone was trying to say a list probably, a review.”

Yes, never, never, go, never try to explain The Infinite Way from a standpoint of inspiration, because The Infinite Way isn’t your inspiration. It can’t come to you through inspiration. It’s impossible. It’s an impossibility. When Truth touches your consciousness, I mean when the Spirit Itself has awakened you, if It means to give a message through you, you can give that message; but it won’t be The Infinite Way. Oh no, it will be whatever message that Spirit wishes to voice through you. Now, the Spirit is voicing The Infinite Way through me, and if you wish to repeat it, you will have to learn what The Infinite Way is and then repeat it. Now, I don’t mean that you have to quote it in my words, but you’ll have to know the principles. Once you know the principles, you naturally put them in the right words as they come out. But inspirationally, you can’t bring forth The Infinite Way, because The Infinite Way is already a set of principles. All you can do is, in your own words or language, present those principles but look how careful you have to be that your words are revealing those same principles.

Now, none of you will ever be inspired to spontaneously bring forth the message of The Infinite Way. You may be spontaneously inspired to bring forth Truth. The Spirit is infinite. There’s no limit to the message Spirit can send forth into this world. There can be a hundred more Christian Sciences, or Infinite Ways, or Unities. There can be a thousand more, but each one will be so unique and different, even though the basic principle will be “I,” that there are going to be revelators until the end of time, just as there have been revelators from the beginning of time. The way in which the original Sanskrit documents present “I” is entirely different than the way Gautama presented it, and the way in which Gautama presented it is entirely different in the way Jesus presented it, and John is entirely different than Matthew, Mark, and Luke, but the “I” is the same. You see that?

Now, once you know these principles, you don’t have to write out a written speech and memorize it, any more than if you know, let us say, the history of the United States, except for a little memorandum of dates. You don’t have to go up and read a written speech on history. You can get up and spontaneously teach the subject of history if you know it. You each put it in different words, but it’ll be the same history, and you’re not going to get it inspirationally, because you can’t get the history of the United States inspirationally. You’ve got to have facts, but you can present it in an inspirational manner. Is that clear? But, you can’t speak United States history inspirationally. You have to speak it factually but with inspiration.