Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser.

1958 Chicago Private “25” Continued
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216B

Tape 216B Chicago Private _25_

And so it is that this work has spread in that way. And now, of course, since Bessie Anderson moved from Detroit out to Hawaii, she has come into the picture, and she has a great big department out there now; and so that’s a further spread of the staff. And then, of course, we have to have stenographers to do the mail, and then we have the place called “The Office,” which is owned by a Miss Fusfeld, and she does all of the actual production of the Monthly Letter, that is, after Lorraine gives her the finished manuscript edited. Then, Miss Fusfeld takes over and makes it into her ready-for-type, and then it goes to the printer. And Miss Fusfeld buys the paper and buys the envelopes and takes care of the printing of the stationery, the stamping, the folding, the mailing, all of these things. So, that’s another department that has sprung up.

And then in London, Mr. Eastman came along, and there we had Eileen and Walter. That’s where they started in the picture. They started the work in London after one of the classes, and then when they had the groups organized over there, then Mr. Eastman came over and took them over. And Eileen went back home. Walter went back home, and Mr. Eastman took over, and he became active in conducting the tape recording work. Then, he took over the foreign letter department, and then he opened a book department for the sale of books, and he opened a library for the distribution of books. Then, he took over the work of supplying public libraries and institutions; and oh, he became a one-man institution over there, too; and he still functions in all those different capacities. He sends out the monthly letter throughout England, the continent of Europe, Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand; and he has the sale of books in all those places, not exclusive sale, but he does quite a business there; and he has a loan library that goes to all of those different places; and then he has Mrs. Anthony working with him making transcriptions and doing mail for me and different things over there. So, not a religious organization has formed but a staff carrying on The Infinite Way work in all of these different places.

Then, of course, the work of the tape recording groups has sprung up, so that Mrs. Foster over in England has one, and somebody else somewhere else has one, and then here we have the different groups here. Ann Darling has had one a long time. You know the rest of you. All of that has evolved. No planning, nobody planned it that way. Nobody wanted it that way. It has evolved. And Walter and his work in New York has evolved. Now, and his hasn’t been limited to New York either. He’s worked in Texas, and he’s worked in California, and he probably will work many other places. It’s evolving, though. Nobody willed it that way, and nobody picked out these people and said, “Here you do this, and you do that.” It evolved that way. It just fell into line that way, and so everyone who’s coming into this work is not coming because I sit up nights planning or reach out and say, “I want you to do this, or I want you to do that.”

There’s another girl over here, Betty, and she’s busy almost now into her spare time, too, her jobs. And, these things are evolving. It’s a beautiful unfoldment that way, because each one evolves into a place in which they can fit and fulfill a function. You see? Whereas when somebody projects themselves into the picture, as a rule, they don’t last, and the first thing you know they find themselves out. Or, if I were to try to pick them for one reason or another, they probably wouldn’t last. I did pick a couple in San Francisco. They aren’t with us anymore. My picking isn’t too good. We have to evolve into this work, and each one has to evolve into their own place; and, as they do, they fit into it beautifully, and it blesses not only them but all who are concerned. Some of you know Joyce. You’ve met Joyce from Australia, and there, too, I had nothing to do with it. It was a friend of Ann Darling who she interested in The Infinite Way, and then Joyce came and visited us in Hawaii; and I don’t know, all of a sudden, one thing after another until Joyce is, she owns the territory of Australia and New Zealand. Now, and not in any possessive sense and not in any exclusive sense, because there are other fine workers, fine workers, in Adelaide and Melbourne and Perth, but she has just taken over the contacting of people all over the place there and doing a beautiful work.

And again, not by being picked, evolving into this thing, and that’s why I’m trying to keep human will out of this building of The Infinite Way. I’m trying to keep human desire out. I’m trying not to have any pictures in my mind of what’s going to happen to The Infinite Way, or who’s going to be where or what, and let this thing evolve of its own self, and let each one fit into the pattern. However, through this evolution, we do have a set up, and there are ten of us very closely knit together; and spiritually we work with each other and for each other, and spiritually we undertake wider activity, like the healing of these baby cases, these cases of babies that come into the world mentally or physically retarded. We’ve taken up a very important work in that line, a good deal of it experimental, because none of it’s been done successfully until now; and we only have our little measure of success.

And also, we have it so that we understand. For instance, if for any reason at all I should retire or step aside from this activity, it is provided for that Emma and Lorraine and this little group will be in positions of authority to continue every one of the activities, that is, the publishing of the books, and the manuscripts, and the continuing of the tape recordings. Well, we have enough material to go down the next 25 years, if nothing more is added to it. And, there is provision made with the trust company for seeing that bills are paid and necessary work is continued, and so forth and so on. But aside from that, and even that is a fluctuating group, because some may drop in and some may be added as this evolving picture takes place. And, as you can see, we’re considering not only ourselves, but here we’ve got a Walter Eastman in London, or a Joyce in Australia, and whoever else may evolve into this activity, which is gradually taking on worldwide nature.

So, I’m telling you this for these reasons. Number one, that you do see that there is a little group of ten who are very closely knit, who work very close together, very harmoniously, who have dedicated not only their lives, their pocketbooks, their everything to this activity, whether it’s day or night, or whatever the nature of the work may be. Then, out from that fans what we call this group of “25” who would be the—you might call it—the “second group,” the “second circle” who to some extent at least are engaged in the activity or are dedicating themselves in their work, in their supply, in whatever way it may be necessary for them to, to support this activity spiritually, physically, financially. And, above all things—and that’s the major responsibility of this group. You have two major responsibilities. One is that you support this round-the-clock activity in reducing material sense to its common denominator, nothingness. And secondly, that you constitute yourselves “The Infinite Way Staff,” that is, as having dedicated yourselves to The Infinite Way and take upon yourself the active support of it, whether in giving tape and having tape recording meetings, or tending to these library projects, doing healing work, fitting yourself for more and more and more healing work, because it’s on groups of this “25” that we have to look for the healers.