Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser.

1958 Chicago Private “25” Continued
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216B

Tape 216B Chicago Private _25_

Now, later in the day and wherever possible, it’s the same day. Occasionally, it has to be the next day. I pick up that same letter to answer it, and now I’ve got you again all alone. You are again my patient, and I’m working with you; and I have to read that letter again, or scan it, go through it, and now I am. That’s why once in awhile you’ll notice I overlook some question that you’ve asked, and you wonder why I didn’t answer it. Well, it wasn’t intentional. It’s never intentional. It’s only that in going over the letter the second time I’ve missed it, because I probably don’t go over it carefully enough to pick out every line. Therefore, I occasionally slip up, and some question you’ve asked doesn’t get answered. Well, it never was intentional. It’s just because now I’m answering the mail, and I’m just glancing at the letter, rather than carefully reading it. But in glancing at it, remember, I know it’s you, and it’s your identity, and it’s your claim; and I’m working specifically with you, as if you were sitting there in my office.

Now, I go to the dictating of it or sitting down and writing the answer, either way, and again I am working with you as a specific treatment. If I dictate the letter and it is typed, then when it comes back to me I have to read it again, and once more I am with you in an individual treatment. You didn’t know you were getting that many treatments but you were. Now, in some cases, you get more than that. In some cases, you come back to my mind again. You intrude yourself into my mind an hour later, two hours, five hours, or a day later; and that’s a call for me to get busy again, because it means there’s something hanging fire that has not yet been dissolved, some realization has not been attained. And that is why a lady wrote me some few months ago asking for help for her husband, and he evidently had a very quick healing; and so she wrote a letter of thanks and said, “I’d like to send you a check, but I don’t really know how long you were working on it.” So I wrote back, “28 years.” I don’t know what, I can’t imagine that you’d accomplish much healing in five minutes. Every healing is the result of our accumulated consciousness, isn’t it, our built-up consciousness and those whole 28 years went into it. I didn’t count the 13 years before I was in the practice, but I was building up that consciousness.

Now, it is the same way. You never know when you ask for a healing whether you got it in one treatment or no treatment. Some of you get healed without even my getting the letter or the cable or anything else, and that’s because there was no conscious activity, no conscious work. It all happened even before I got the letter; and, as a rule, you don’t know whether you really got a treatment or you didn’t, or whether you got one, or whether you got 21, because I never speak of it. All I’m interested in is the result of proving God.

Now, the same way you have to do that when a case comes to you. At the moment that it comes to you, whether by mail or telephone or by a person calling you or coming to you, they are an individual. And their problem is an individual one, and you handle it as an individual thing, and you handle it at the very moment it comes to you. You don’t lay it down and say, “I’ll come to that tonight.” No sir, right there and then. If you’re not prepared for that kind of work, don’t go into it; but you must be prepared that when the call comes that at the moment of it touching your consciousness, you dissolve it. Now, in some cases, you may have to sit down specifically and give treatments. In some cases, you won’t have to. Just as it touches your consciousness, you’ll realize, “This isn’t person; this is hypnotism.” And that ends it. You may have the healing right there and then. If that person comes back to your mind, you again have to resolve it, until you come to the place of freedom. That’s how you know when a treatment’s ended is when you have come to a place of freedom, of release. If that person comes back to your mind or their claim, you have to do the same thing again. You don’t take them in, and you don’t take their claim in. You go right to God and Truth and resolve it. You don’t sit thinking about an illusion, and both the person and the disease is an illusion, remember. The Truth is God’s Being, God’s Law.

Now, every individual case that comes to you is met at the point of its contact with your consciousness; and if it isn’t met at the first point of contact, it’ll be met the second, or the third, or the 91st, or the 120th; but each time that it’s brought to you, you have to do your specific work in resolving it. In that way, you see, you never have a mass practice, and you never give mass treatments. Every individual, even if you were sitting at a phone, and I’ve had this experience. My last year in the Christian Science practice, I averaged 135 cases per day, seven days a week for one whole year. It’s almost an impossibility. The only way it was handled was I had four telephones—two in my desk all day and two in my bedside all night. And that’s how I worked that year, and for many years before that the average was anywhere from 80 to 105 per day. Now, the only way that that can be done is the minute it hits consciousness, that’s where it’s dissolved. Right there. So if a phone call comes in here, you met it; and then comes in a phone call here, and you meet it; and this one comes in, and you meet it. As fast as they come in, they’re individual cases individually being met at that time. Well, if they’re not all healed, they’ll call back in an hour, or two, or six, or 24, and again every case must be individually treated.

There are no mass treatments. There are no collective treatments, except in a case like being in public where the patient isn’t a person. The patient is the group consciousness, and so and even then you have to witness some individual things, as sometimes you’ll hear when people are coughing or sneezing or whatever, and I’ll say, “Keep it up. Don’t stop it.” They always try to repress it, but if I become aware of it, I will say to them, “Don’t, don’t repress it. You can’t heal anything repressing it. Let it have its way. It isn’t power.” And then, in a very few seconds, you see we prove it isn’t power, which we couldn’t have done if they had tried to repress it.

And that’s what’s behind those experiences that take place in class or lectures when there is illness presented in front. I say, “Leave it, leave it. Just don’t bother. Don’t go outside. You won’t annoy us. That’s what we’re here for to ‘unsee’ these things, not to close our eyes to them or have you run away from us.”

Now, that goes all the way down here. Don’t make a list. Don’t make a list, because all you’re doing is saying, “Here’s a nice list of sick people that I’m going to make well.” You don’t have any sick people to make well. When they impinge upon your consciousness, that’s when you have to deal with them, and the minute you’ve dealt with them, they’re no longer sick people; but if you’ve got them on a list, you haven’t dealt with them at that moment, and you haven’t disposed of them. You’ve just given them some temporary help, and you expect that an hour from now or a day from now you’re going to have to do it again. This way when you have met the case in your mind, it’s through until it comes back into your mind again.

Now, when we are working on these cases, babies and so forth and so on, it isn’t possible that we can ever forget them. There’s no possibility of it. We wouldn’t have taken this activity, and that’s what our life’s devoted to. But, how can we forget that which we’ve devoted our life to? And so, we know that as long as there’s a need, they’ll keep coming back into our consciousness, and if a day or two or three goes by and they don’t, there’s no harm. They weren’t sick to begin with, and they’re not going to be sick to end with, and that two or three days we didn’t do it may have been the very period necessary for something to take place within them to lead up to the next step. It doesn’t necessarily say that you have to give everyone a treatment every day. On the other hand, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you don’t have to give some people ten treatments in a day, but you don’t determine that by your personal, human will. You determine that by their coming to your consciousness and then what happens after they come to your consciousness.

You will have this experience that sometimes you’ll have such a complete realization, you’ll say, “Ah, that’s completely healed and completely met.” And you’ll be surprised tomorrow to find out that they didn’t even know they had a treatment. They thought you forgot them. Nothing happened in their experience. Well that had to do with their receptivity. That just means you have to keep doing it over and over and over again until their receptivity responds. You had your healing, but somehow or other they didn’t have the radio tuned in, and they didn’t get the benefit of it.

Now, since this is the last of this tape, as you know, we made one of these tapes last week, and we’ve made one this week. This is one full tape—Tuesday and Friday. Last week, we have one full tape from last Tuesday and last Friday. I mean of the last class. And if you wish this tape, just order it. If you wish both tapes, order them, because they’re not the same. They’re covering different points as they come up like this individually, and these are the things that are necessary, because the use of these tapes, as you know, is not to be shared with the public. These are not to be shared with anyone except those whom you know already are part of this group, not necessarily sitting in this room now but who have been in the previous groups of this kind, or someone whom you know is sufficiently, solidly in The Infinite Way, so that you are no longer concerned about the fact that they are today, and they won’t be tomorrow. While anyone can leave at any time they want, at least we, by being here, are sufficiently sure of ourselves that under ordinary circumstances we do know that we are Infinite Way students, and we’re on this path, and we’re part of the inner group that’s working for the whole Infinite Way.

Don’t share these groups with anyone else, until you find someone that you feel the same way about that they really enlisted themselves in The Infinite Way world activity and feel that they’re really in it for keeps, and that they won’t drop out the first time they don’t get the healing they expect on the day they expect it, or the first time they hear some rumors or gossips about somebody in the work. When they’re at that stage, they’re not yet ready for taking part in this work. When they are enlisted for this corps, like the old Christians were, when they say, “Well, if you want to throw me into jail or throw me into the den of lions, go ahead. This is my path, and I can’t do anything else but stick with it.” Then, that’s somebody that you can share these “25” group tapes with, but otherwise don’t; because I’m telling you things that the public cannot possibly be interested in. I’m telling you things in these tapes that have no possible interest for others. As a matter of fact, this world work that we’re engaged in could so easily be misunderstood by those who do not realize that we’re dedicated not to crusade for causes but to break material sense in whatever form, even in the good forms that it sometimes assumes, and in breaking material sense establish the kingdom of God on earth.

Is there anything I can add to that for you?

And you understand, don’t you, why in some of the writings you’ll find that I’ve used the term “spiritual underground.” That’s really what we are. We’re a spiritual underground. We’re a fraternal organization bound together with a spiritual tie, a spiritual bond exists between us; and we’ve really entered a conspiracy and that’s to break the hold of material sense in human consciousness. It isn’t aimed at a person. It isn’t aimed at a group. It isn’t aimed at a church. It isn’t aimed at an organization. It isn’t aimed at a political entity or identity. It is aimed at the destruction of material sense.

Then, you know that a letter of truth in and of itself is not the healing agency. After we’ve known all this, there still remains a necessity to sit back and attain our realization, just as in our healing work. The most important part of your healing ministry, of the hours that you spend in silent communion and meditation without any patients, without any students in your mind, without anything except your own love of God and desire to commune with that inner Spirit where it is that that prepares you that when a call does come and you say, “Oh, that’s the arm of flesh or nothingness.” That statement becomes the Word, which is quick and sharp and powerful. If it hadn’t been backed up with those hours of meditation, it would have had no more power than it usually has when it’s recited from an altar. It is the same way. There are no statements of Truth that are really true. If they were, they’d all heal. They’re only Truth when they’re realized.

And so it is that it is the realization that does the work. When I come to class or to a lecture or to a group like this, the words that I’m going to speak have no power except for the degree of the meditation that went beforehand. If I am given sufficient time for hours and hours and hours of meditation before the class or group, the class becomes transformed. It has one of those experiences like the other night and many other such that have taken place, and it is only in proportion as I keep in that degree of meditation that the words I speak have power. And so it is that I must have hours and hours and hours every day and night, and I don’t seem to get enough of them anymore, as many as I should have to stay at that top level. That was why the Master went away 40 days at a time to fill up and fill up and then come down to the level of the multitudes and heal them.