Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser.

1958 Chicago Private “25” Continued
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216B

Tape 216B Chicago Private _25_

And so, he conceived the idea of setting this free government up on a new continent, and he chose this American continent. And, it was here that he sent the first Masonic Lodges, and it was here that they prospered, and it was the Masonic Lodges that formed our original government in the states. It was the Masonic Lodges that fought the American War of Independence. It was the Masonic Lodge in Boston that staged the Boston Tea Party. And, it was a rule under George Washington that no one could rise above the rank of major, unless they were a Mason, because he had to be sure that he had men who had ideals of freedom, ideals of liberty, ideals of justice for the individual man, not only for the groups of higher ups.

And so you see that if you start with a mystical religion in which you realize “I and my Father are one,” there are no limits to my development, no limits to where I can go, because it isn’t myself that I go. It’s by virtue of the grace of God that I am infinite—infinite in expression, infinite in being. And then, out of that religion, you form groups. And, they’re either groups like these and our class groups, or they can be fraternal orders, like the Masonic and the Eastern Star in which these same ideals are cherished; and then when people go out from this religion and out from those lodges, they go to the voting booths. And what do they carry into the voting booths? These same ideals of infinite individual freedom, infinite individuality, the sanctity of individual being; and that’s their guide when they vote. What party am I voting for? What individual am I voting for? Where do they stand in the line of individual freedom, individual sanctity? Do they represent come kind of a collect belief that they can herd us into a social security or herd us into a socialistic form of government in which a few great fathers sit at the top determining what kind of a life we shall have or even what kind of an automobile we shall drive.

Now, just as Jesus Christ formed around himself the 12, the 70, the 200, and later those that went out from it to spread this very teaching of the sanctity of the individual, not collective sacrificing to an unknown God, but worshipping the Father in spirit and in truth. And so, as Francis Bacon sent out these groups into the world to found Masonic Lodges to carry the ideals of the sanctity of individual being, the integrity of individual being, so do we start with a mystical, religious teaching, which is “I and the Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine.” In my spiritual identity, I am the child of God. Therefore, I am infinite in being, infinite in expression, infinite in joy, peace, harmony, wholeness. I can be infinite in sharing, infinite in giving, infinite in forgiving.

Then, we carry that out into our social lives among ourselves as students. Whether we have actually a fraternal organization isn’t important. We do have an invisible, fraternal organization. That’s exactly what is at the front of every single one of our writings. There is an invisible bond. We are members of a secret, fraternal organization. Only it isn’t organized, and it is a spiritual bond that unites each one of us, so that we are as much bound together as if we actually took an oath of allegiance to each other. Only we didn’t do it by being asked to do it. We came here voluntarily of our own accord to unite with this group. All right.

That’s carried out, then, in your social life. Well, don’t forget to carry it into your political life, too. Don’t get hypnotized into voting for parties. Don’t get hypnotized into voting for individuals, because you like them or don’t like them. But be wise. Carry your religion into the practical things of your life, and when you find something that represents freedom, represents individual identity, and that’s what you support. Then, you are a full person—spiritual, mental, physical. Do you see that? Until then, you’re not a full person. If you don’t take the spiritual ideals into your mind and body, which means also into your home and body politic, you’re not a whole individual; and we must become whole individuals, because that’s what we were in the beginning as children of God.

And so, I wanted to give you this to show the picture of The Infinite Way and to show you the way in which it is going and that even though we have no memberships and even our little group of 10 at the top and our little groups of “25” are not organized. There’s no legal entity, and they have no obligations to each other. They can drop out when they like. Do what they like. We are united in that spiritual bond, which was visioned in 1937 when that little thing was written.

Now, we come to a question. “When we get a call for help, we have to drop the patient and the disease from our thought.”

[Joel responds] “That’s correct.”

[Back to the question:] “Supposing we have several cases.”

[Back to Joel] And now, I’m going to take, I’m going to stop right there for a minute. We do have several cases. Not supposing. We do have several cases, and you never give a mass treatment. There is no such thing. You just can’t give a blanket treatment to a lot of people, and yet here is a seeming contradiction. You are 25 people sitting here, and I am giving a mass treatment. Actually, I’m not, but that’s what the appearance is. Why? You touch my consciousness not as an individual but as a group, and my response is now not to any individuals here but to the appearance. Now, apparently I see 25 people, but spiritually I know that there are no people. There is only God. The life of God is here. The mind of God is here, the soul of God, the spirit, and even the temple of God, which is your body. I know this, too, that your body is not affecting your life, but the life, which is God, is affecting your body. Now, I’m not aiming that at anyone in this room, but that’s the Truth that’s going through my mind. And, you have brought yourself here, and you’re getting the benefit of it, whichever one is tuned in.

We had a perfect example of that last night when a student wrote a question: “What is illusion?” Now, I don’t know who wrote that question. And all evening I kept looking at that very individual and practically addressing the whole hour’s class to her. I didn’t know it. I didn’t know why I was doing it, and I didn’t know that she had written the question. Not only she wrote it but she got the answer that she was looking for and had a beautiful experience. Now, I was addressing a group, but an individual who had singled themselves out drew back the response.

Now, as you are sitting here as a group, you are presenting yourself as a group, and my response is the realization of God infinitely and individually expressing Itself. This does not, oh yes, this would be the same thing then if I’m in a regular, closed class, or if I’m on a lecture platform, or if I’m addressing a group of women’s clubs like I did yesterday morning. This same way would be taken into the work. I’m standing there. As far as I’m concerned, they’re not people. It’s now a group that has come together. That’s the appearance. My answer is, “No, I’m dealing only with God.” God alone is the Life here no matter how infinitely it’s expressed. No matter how many times it’s multiplied, it’s still God. It’s still the one Life. It’s still the one Law in operation in this room. So, there’s no law of disease in this room. There’s no law of accident. There’s no law of infection or contagion. There’s no law of anything except the Law of God infinitely manifesting Itself, and then each one of you or each one of them respond to that. They’re being loved, and they can feel it. They’re being spiritually loved, and they feel it. The Truth is being known, and they respond to it. You do, too.

Now, that does not apply to our practice as practitioners. That only applies when we are in groups, whether we’re with three people in an automobile, or a hundred people in a restaurant, or 3,000 people in the theater. This is the way it works, and this is the way you work. You have the appearance of numbers, but you have the realization of One. God is One, and only One is here. There is only one Selfhood. That’s my Selfhood, and my Selfhood is your Selfhood. And the Truth about me is the Truth about you. And, in as much as I know this Truth about you, the same as I know it about God, the same I am serving you. In serving you, I am serving myself, and so forth.

Now, when it comes to our practice, that’s entirely different. I open my mail, or before I open it, I’m handed my mail; and you will see I’ve gotten a whole bunch of envelopes here. They’re all representing people, and I open them one by one. Now, remember, I’m not opening them collectively. I’m opening them one by one. I’m reading them one by one, and the moment I read it, I respond. You have written the letter, and I am responding to you. You see that? That’s an individual and a personal contact. You are the one writing. There’s nobody in my mind now but you. There’s no claim in my mind but the claim you’re presenting. There’s no teaching or no one to be taught, no student in my mind but you. And, therefore, you are now part of my consciousness, and the Truth that I know is specific to you and this claim.