Original Iwihub.com Transcript by Zane Maser.

1958 Chicago Private “25” Continued
1958 Chicago Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 216B

Tape 216B Chicago Private _25_
Some of you remember a few years ago when I was here in Chicago and was interviewed on television, and it was such a tremendous success that we were offered the opportunity to go on radio and television on a 52-week-a-year basis. And there wasn’t even, you couldn’t even call it a temptation. We didn’t even consider it, but the main reason was that we would have had thousands of letters within a week. “Oh, you’re talking about healing. Your books mention healing. We want to be healed.” We didn’t have enough healers for that.

Now, a few weeks ago, a man came to us and asked me what I would do if I had unlimited money into the millions. I said, “I suppose I’d have to give it to the YMCA, because we don’t have any use for it.” “Oh no, what would you do in The Infinite Way if you had millions?” “But right now I have no use for millions.” “What about television?” And here we were with the proposition again to have us financed in television. Now, you know we’re not ready for that. We haven’t enough practitioners. We haven’t enough people that I can say, “Look, go over there. I know you’re going to get healing. You’re going to get benefits. You’re going.” We don’t have enough for that to take on even a national activity, much more international.

But, it is the responsibility of this group that we call the “25,” which is actually about 250. It is your responsibility to become healers, and if you are healers become better ones and to really understand this, to engage in the tape activity, to engage in library activity, and to feel that The Infinite Way now isn’t just Joel’s pet or Joel’s baby. It’s an international, religious teaching—not organization or religion—but a “religious teaching” that is to be placed in human consciousness, and you are part of the responsibility.

And again, I didn’t pick you. You evolved here of your own accord. Therefore, you yourself are members of this Infinite Way activity and must feel a necessity in each way by healing, by your tape recordings, by your financial support, by your metaphysical support of the activity, by the round-the-clock activity. You have to feel that you are Infinite Way; and, in that way then, we will have not a religious organization to foist on the world with a specialized God, but we will have a set of principles clearly written in the writings and clearly stated in the recordings, which anyone may follow who is spiritually equipped and practiced; and then by the work and the activity of these “25” groups, the world will be encompassed.

Never underestimate the value of one person. Now, I’ve brought this out to you before that it was just one Lao-Tzu who still remains a world teacher after 2,500 years, one Buddha who remains a world teacher after 2,500 years, one Jesus Christ, one Mary Baker Eddy, and here is one Joel Goldsmith starting with nothing and nobody and already has The Infinite Way activity recognized in many high places in a great part of the world. One person starting; can’t end that way; one person can’t do it all, but just one person starting from where they are fans out into what you have seen all of these movements or teachings become. And so it is, one lone “you” starting wherever you are, even if you started like I did; and I’m sure none of you will in an office without furniture, without a carpet, without curtains, just a board with four gas pipes for a table, one kitchen chair, and a bread board on a radiator for the second chair. That’s how my office started in the healing work and not many of you are going to start that way. It was four months before there was any furniture in the office. Beyond that, two years before there was a carpet or a curtain.

Now, one individual, just one, with humanly nothing and then, all of a sudden, here we are in this way. Now, you are that same individual if you realize your oneness with God, for “I can of my own self do nothing,” but my conscious union with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea; and then what happens I find myself with one more and then two, then four, and then eight, and the “25” in New York, and now 250 around the world. Do you see that? And all this happens starting with an insignificant one, with nothing of the world, none of the world’s goods, none of the world’s weapons, none of the world’s reputation, none of the world’s name or fame or equipment.

Now, that’s why I say I know that the system of life that is evolved in the United States, that of freedom in every walk of life is the right one. It’s the highest one. That’s why I can love these forms—original forms—of government that were given to us by our founding fathers and live for them and be willing to die for them. It’s why I love Masonry; because it’s entire, basic teaching is that same thing of the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and the sanctity of the individual. And to me, that is the greatest point of all—the sanctity of the individual. Every individual must be an honored, respected member of himself and of his community, and it is only under governments of this nature that that type of individual can achieve anything. You can’t do it under Socialism. You can’t do it under Communism. You can’t do it under any form of collective bargaining. You can only be a robot or a slave, but under the forms of mystical religion every individual can be consciously one with God and have all that God has, be heir and joint-heir to all that God has. Only a mystical religion can give you that, a religion which teaches the ability of each one receiving impartations from God and making conscious contact or having conscious union with God. Only that kind of a religious teaching can make us individuals able to rise from nothing, from nothing to wherever we want to be in or wherever we deserve to be in the spiritual order of life.

This, of course, is carried with us from our religious life into our fraternal life. Only a group of men or women in fraternal organizations that teach the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, and man’s infinite individuality, the sanctity of individual being, only such fraternal organizations can be rightful offshoots of mystical religions. Now, when you have a mystical religion teaching man’s oneness with God and you have fraternal organizations carrying that out into human experience, the next step is free government. And, that was the original vision of Sir Francis Bacon who conceived the idea of the freedom of individual man, the freedom I mean the freedom in the Middle Ages. Of course, Greece originally gave us this, but in the Middle Ages it was Francis Bacon who re-conceived this idea of individual freedom, individual, the sanctity of the individual being; and he knew that it couldn’t be given to the world in Europe, because men knew nothing of what the ideal of freedom was. Therefore, they wouldn’t fight for it. Not knowing what it was, why should they fight for something they couldn’t visualize?